Some Late Thoughts On The First Episode of Survivor 32!


Hi, everyone!

I have to start this post out with a big apology.  My plan is to offer up a weekly recap of the 32nd season of my favorite reality show, Survivor!  However, I was extremely busy last week and, as a result, I am only now getting a chance to sit down and write about the first episode of Survivor: Kaoh Rong.  I apologize for the late start.  In the future, my Survivor recaps will always be either on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

As I sit here typing this, we only have a few hours before the 2nd episode of Survivor 32.  So, I’m just going to offer up a few quick thoughts on the first episode and what we’ve seen of the various castaways so far.

First off, I have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed when I heard that this was going to be another Brains, Brawn, and Beauty season.  The last time they tried this, the game ended up being dominated by whiny Spencer, annoying Kass, even more annoying Tony, and blissfully unaware Woo.  I understand that each season of Survivor has to have a gimmick but hopefully, they will not go as overboard with BB&B as they did with the whole Blue Collar vs. White Collar vs. No Collar thing.

As is typical for the start of the season, last week’s episode largely dealt with everyone getting to know each other, building a camp, and learning that it’s not going to be an easy 38 days.  We’re starting out with three 6-member tribes, with membership determined by the traits that the members use in their everyday life.

The Brain Tribe (Chan Loh):

During the first part of the episode, The Brain Tribe seemed pretty hapless but they came together during the immunity challenge and won decisively.  The Brains Tribe is made up of:

  1. Peter Baggenstos — Who?  Peter did not make much of an impression on me.
  2. Aubry Bracco — Aubry was dehydrated and having a panic attack after just one day.  It’s a good thing her tribe won immunity or Aubry probably would have been sent home.
  3. Joe Del Campo — Joe is a former FBI agent.  At 72, he’s the oldest competitor this season.  Joe seems like a hard worker and I assume, with his background in hostage negotiation, he’ll be a capable strategist.
  4. Neal Gottlieb — Neal seems like he should be a strong competitor.  Not only does he have a background in the Peace Corp but he’s also a very successful businessman.
  5. Liz Markham — Liz, like Peter, didn’t make much of an impression on me.
  6. Debbie Wanner — Debbie comes on very strong and seems to know what she’s talking about.  However, that might be her downfall because, to judge from last week’s episode, she never stops talking.

The Beauty Tribe (Gondol):

My favorite tribe!  The last time that Survivor did the whole Brains, Brawn, and Beauty thing, the Beauty Tribe was a huge disappointment.  This season, they appear to be a lot stronger.  Along with the Brains Tribe, they won immunity.  The members of the Beauty Tribe:

  1. Michele Fitzgerald — Michele and the other girls in the tribe quickly bonded.  Will this be the year that the fabled All-Girl’s Alliance actually last more than two episodes?
  2. Anna Khait — I like Anna because she reminds me of someone I know.  At this early stage, that’s the easiest way to judge these players.
  3. Nick Maiorano — Nick seems like he could be a strong player. At the very least, he’s nice to look at.
  4. Caleb Reynolds — Oh my God, beast mode cowboy!  I honestly could not stand Caleb when he was on Big Brother but I actually enjoyed watching him in last week’s episode.  Survivor is probably a better showcase for him than Big Brother was.
  5. Julia Sokolowski — At 18, Julia is the youngest competitor this season.
  6. Tai Trang — I hate to say it but I’m not sure why Tai was on the Beauty Tribe.  He seemed more appropriate for the Brains Tribe.  Anyway, Tai is going to be voted off as soon as the Beauty Tribe doesn’t win immunity.  He simply does not fit in with the rest of the tribe and he pretty much shot himself in the foot by being so obvious about searching for the immunity idol.

The Brawn Tribe (To Tang):

God, I hate this tribe.  With all of its arrogant Alpha Males, it reminds me of the Blue Collar Tribe from Survivor: Worlds Apart.  The sooner most of these jerks get voted out the better,  The Brawn Tribe lost immunity, went to Tribal, and basically acted like a bunch of jerks.  Bleh.  Get rid of them all.

  1. Darnell Hamilton — Darnell was the first person voted off of Survivor.  He seemed like a nice guy but he was blamed for the immunity loss.  He nearly made it.  The first time they voted, it was a tie between him and Alecia.  But, when it came time for the revote, everyone in the tribe voted for Darnell.
  2. Cydney Gallon — Cydney is one of the more tolerable members of To Tang.
  3. Alecia Holden — Poor Alecia.  Not only was she nearly voted off the island but the jerks in the tribe refuse to even learn her name.  Instead, they just call her “blondie.”  I was torn during tribal council because I didn’t want to see Darnell voted out but, at the same time, I was infuriated by all of the sexism that was directed towards Alecia.
  4. Kyle Jason — Jason is this season’s obnoxious alpha male.  Get him and his tattoos out of here!
  5. Jennifer Lanzetti — Jennifer got a gigantic insect trapped inside of her ear.  It totally freaked me out!  AGCK!
  6. Scot Pollard — Scot is this season’s former athlete.  He had the quote of the episode when he proudly declared, “We’re not beautiful, we’re not smart, but we’re strong!”  Can we vote off Scot as soon as we get rid of Jason?  Thanks!

Anyway, Darnell was the first to voted off the island.  Who will be voted out tonight?  We’ll find out in just a few hours!

Stay supple,

Lisa Marie


Beware of Earwigs!

Beware of Earwigs!







13 thoughts on “Some Late Thoughts On The First Episode of Survivor 32!

  1. star227

    Hey Lisa!! Glad I found you here! Followed you over From FB! I wondered if you were going to do Survivor this year.
    As usual, I , agree with you all the way. Wish Survivor would come up with some new ideas, but this isn’t going too bad so far. Beauty is my fav tribe too. I agree about Caleb. He was far too outdoorsy and athletic for BB…especially the season with Zankie on it!!lol Tai doesn’t belong on the beauty tribe at all!! He just wants to get closer to Caleb and the producers knew it! He does nothing during challenges! Caleb has been winning them almost single-handedly! I hope he does go ASAP. He creeps me out!!!

    I hadn’t thought about the Braun team….who I can;t stand either…being like the Blue Collar one but that hit perfectly!! They definitely do get TYPES on here. They suck and may force a merge sooner than later!

    Darnell deserved to go. He SH*T on his team in more than one way!!lol

    Cya next week!!!

    BTW…..what’s with the earwigs??


    1. Lisa Marie Bowman Post author

      Hi, Star! I’m so happy that you made it! I’ll be curious to see if anyone else comes over. 🙂 Oh well — I just like writing about Survivor! 🙂

      The earwig is in honor of that thing that crawled into Jenny’s ear. That was a big AGCK! moment. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. bobovnvet

    Hey Lisa, question for you….how do I stop getting everyones comments in my E-Mail? All I wanted was just to be notified when a new post comes out …NOT all this other stuff, did I hit the wrong box?…….. :mrgreen:



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