The Amazing Race 28 Episode 3 “Bros Being Jocks”


I know that it’s never been as popular as Survivor or Big Brother but I have always absolutely loved The Amazing Race.

While it may not feature as many surprise twists as Survivor nor as many opportunities for snarky commentary as Big Brother, The Amazing Race does offer up the spectacle of a race that literally spans the globe.  I love seeing all of the different countries that the team visit.  I love seeing which teams manage to adjust to each country and which teams insist on acting like a bunch of obnoxious tourists.  I love the fact that, though annoying teams may get far, they rarely actually win the race.  (Rachel Reilly’s meltdown at the finish line of Amazing Race 24 may be one of the greatest moments in the history of reality television.)

Most of all, I love Phil Keoghan.  Just as the hyper-critical Jeff Probst is the perfect host for the ruthless and unsentimental game that is Survivor, hyper-sensitive Phil is the perfect host for a race around the world.

What I do not love is that The Amazing Race has been moved from Sunday to Friday night.  I am hardly ever home on Friday night.  Of course, I always set the DVR to record it but watching it late is just not the same as watching it when it originally airs.

For instance, when the 24th season of The Amazing Race started three weeks ago, I was on a plane flying to San Antonio for Valentine’s Day weekend.  And then last week, I was at the movies.  However, tonight, I have a cold so I was actually home to watch the third episode of The Amazing Race 24.

And what better way to start my coverage of The Amazing Race 24 than with this episode?

When I first heard that all this season’s racers would be social media celebrities, I was not optimistic.  It sounded far too gimmicky and, as we all learned from that season when half the teams were couples and half were blind dates, The Amazing Race doesn’t need gimmicks.  But, three episodes in, I’m happy to say that The Amazing Race is not going overboard with the whole internet celebrity thing.  Instead, The Amazing Race 24 is playing out like a pretty standard season of The Amazing Race, which is exactly what most Race fans were hoping for.

To quickly recap, the first episode of The Amazing Race 24 took the racers to Mexico.  For the first time ever, the first leg turned out to be a non-eliminated leg.  Scott and Blair were the last to reach the pit stop but were not eliminated.

The second episode of this season saw the teams racing to Columbia.  Scott and Blair had to do an extra task but still managed to finish in 9th place.  Flight attendant Marty and her daughter Hagan came in last and were the first team to be eliminated from the race.

That brings us to tonight’s episode.  The racers were still in Colombia.  After going through a claustrophobic catacomb (which would have totally freaked me out), the racers got their first detour and had to either work as a bus conductor or play a game where they had hit three explosive targets with a disk.  After the detour, the roadblock involved tracking down and collecting three matching backpacks.

All in all, it was a pretty typical leg of the race.  There were no great surprises about who came in first or who got eliminated but that’s okay.  We’re early in the season and right now, we are still getting to know the teams.  We’re still figuring out who we like and who we dislike.

Here are my impressions of the racers so far:

Coming in first were Brodie and Kurt.  Brodie is a professional frisbee player.  I had no idea there was such a thing as a professional frisbee player.  Anyway, Brodie and Kurt are this year’s jocks.  So far, they’re a strong team but they’re kind of boring to watch.

Coming in second were Tyler and Korey.  Tyler and Korey have quickly emerged as one of the strongest teams in the Race.  During the first leg, they finished in 2nd place.  They won the 2nd leg.  And then they came in 2nd again.  Tyler and Korey are a strong team and, outside of the race, Tyler has raised a lot of money and awareness for various charities that are dedicated to preventing suicide among LGBT youth so I hope they continue to do well.

Coming in third were Burnie and Ashley!  Burnie and Ashley are dating and so far, they’re working really well together.  They haven’t gotten much of a chance to show much personality but they seem like they’ll be around for at least a few legs.

Coming in fourth were Dana and Matt.  Dana and Matt are dancers and I was actually familiar with their YouTube videos long before I ever heard they were going to be on The Amazing Race.  In fact, I was such a fan that I am really disappointed to see they are shaping up to be this season’s couple-that-won’t-stop-fighting.  Dana and Matt won the first leg but finished both the 2nd and 3rd leg in fourth place.  If they keep fighting, they’re going to be eliminated.

Coming in fifth were Brittany and Jessica, who are Instagram models.  They finished the first and the 2nd legs in 7th place so tonight was something of an improvement for them.

Coming in sixth were Shari LaBront and her son, Cole.  While Shari and Cole aren’t a weak team, they’re still not particularly strong.  That said, they have moved steadily up the ranks.  They ended the 1st leg in 9th place, the 2nd leg in 8th, and now they’ve made it to 6th.

Coming in seventh, Erin and Joslyn.  The commercials for tonight’s episode made it sound as if Erin was going to have a massive panic attack in the catacombs but … no.  She was claustrophobic and I sympathized with her because I’m the same way when it comes to heights.  But otherwise, it really wasn’t that big a deal.

Coming in eighth, Scott and Blair.  I’m sure that Scott is a really nice person and Blair is adorable but if I’ve ever seen a team that is destined to be eliminated, it’s this one.  I hope I’m wrong because they really are likable but it’s just hard to imagine them lasting for another 10 legs.

Coming in ninth, Zach and Rachel!  I was actually a big Zach fan long before this season of the Race.  I’ll include some of his videos at the end of this post.  But, oh my God, is this team ever struggling!  They nearly got eliminated during this leg.  They need to start paying attention to detail or it’s going to be a short race for them.

And finally, coming in tenth, were Darius and Cameron.  They seemed like such genuinely nice guys.  I was sorry to see them eliminated.

That was it for this leg of The Amazing Race.  Next week, the teams go to Switzerland!

Here’s Dana and Matt dancing.

And here’s two of Zach’s incredibly cute Jedi Kitten videos!

Go Zach!  Or, at the very least, Go Jedi Kittens!

Happy racing,

Lisa Marie



3 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 28 Episode 3 “Bros Being Jocks”

  1. Keith

    I must not be as hip to You Tube celebrities as I think I am since I’ve never heard of any of these people before. Poor Darius and Cameron, they looked so lost and never got it together on any of the three legs that they ran. The bickering dancers won’t make it far and the girl reminds me of that witch that won the second season, constantly bitching at her partner who remained very calm throughout their ordeal and dragged her kicking and screaming to the finish line.

    Liked by 1 person


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