The Amazing Race 28 Episode 5 “We’re Only Doing Freaky Stuff Today”


I always worry about the future of The Amazing Race.  Despite being one of my favorite reality shows, it’s never quite become as much of a television institution, at least not in the way that Survivor and Big Brother have.  Some of that’s because there’s rarely any controversy on the Race.  The teams are usually too busy racing to say or do anything that would make headlines.  Unlike Survivor and Big Brother, shows where you really get to know that people over the course of the season, The Amazing Race is all about the race and, at the end, all we can usually say for sure is whether or not the racers won or lost.

In the end, The Amazing Race is a travel show.  I like to travel so I love the show.  But not everyone agrees.  Over the past few seasons, the Amazing Race has not been treated with much respect by CBS.  First, the show was moved from Sunday to Friday which means that people, like me, who enjoy going out on Friday night are often not home to see it when it originally airs.  Secondly, the show has run the risk of getting gimmicky in a way that’s more appropriate for Big Brother.  For instance, we had the season where they tried to turn the Race into a dating show.  We had a second chances season.  And now, we have an “Internet Superstar” season.  It feels a bit like there’s some network tinkering going on.

And finally, last night, it was announced that The Amazing Race would be off the air for two weeks while CBS hands Friday night over to basketball.  Bleh!  The Amazing Race will be back on April 1st.

As for last night’s episode, it was a brutal one.  Nearly this entire leg took place in the French Alps and the teams not only had to deal with the thin air and the cold weather but a few also had to deal with a crippling fear of heights.  (I happen to be scared of heights myself so I was freaking out during this episode.)  Not only did they have to zipline from mountain to mountain in order to get their clue, they also had to go paragliding before they could go to the pit stop.  Seriously, this was a long and difficult leg of the race, one that was only briefly lightened up by the adorable sight of a man in a Yeti costume waving a French flag.

In fact, this leg was so difficult that I was convinced that it would be a non-elimination leg.  But I was wrong.  After having considerable trouble with the paragliding, Erin and Joslyn came in last and were eliminated from the race.

Here’s how the rest of the teams did:

Coming in first were Tyler and Korey.  They are a really strong team but I have to admit that Tyler’s constant laughing is starting to get on my nerves.

Coming in second: Brodie and Kurt.  As of right now, it really does seem like the Race is going to come down to Tyler and Korey vs. Brodie and Kurt.  Last week, I made some fairly dismissive comments about this team but, during last night’s episode, I finally started to understand their appeal.  They’re strong competitors, they work well together, and they don’t whine.  Good for them.

Coming in Third: Dana and Matt.  I really should like these two since they’re dancers and I’m usually impressed with their videos.  But, as a team, Dana and Matt spend way too much time arguing.  They should be one of the strongest teams out there but I still predict all that arguing is going to eventually knock them out of the race.

Coming in Fourth: Scott and Blair.  Scott and Blair jumped from 8th place to 4th place and they did so during a very difficult leg.  At first, this team annoyed me as elderly father/perky daughter teams on The Amazing Race always seem to do.  But they are slowly winning me over.  If Brodie asked Blair to throw the race for him, would she do it?

Coming in Fifth: Zach and Rachel!  I love Zach’s YouTube videos because they often feature kittens doing cute things.  But, to be honest, neither he nor Rachel have really been that interesting on the Race.  They’re likable but, more often than not, they’re Team Forgettable.  Still, they went from finishing 9th two weeks ago to finishing in the middle of the pack two times in a row.  Here’s hoping the Final Cut King will be around for a little bit longer.

Coming in Sixth: Burnie and Ashley.  Burnie and Ashley are a strong team but they made a huge mistake last night when, instead of throwing the dynamite, they decided to set up a camp instead.  It cost them a lot of time and, if not for Erin and Joslyn’s bad luck, they could very well have ended up getting eliminated during this leg.  That said, I have a feeling that Burnie and Ashley will fight their way back to the front of the pack.

Coming in Seventh: Sheri and Cole.  Poor Cole!  When he was freaking out about how high up he was, I totally related.  I’m glad that Sheri and Cole managed to avoid getting eliminated (mostly because Cole would have blamed himself and his phobia) but I’ll be surprised if they last for many more legs.

And finally, coming in eighth: Erin and Joslyn!  They have been eliminated, which means that I will no longer get them mixed up with Brittany and Jessica.

And that’s where we stand now.  The Amazing Race returns on April 1st!  Until then, I’ll just keep myself busy with Survivor. 🙂

Lisa Marie

P.S. Here’s one of Matt and Dana’s videos.

And here’s another video from Zach King:



4 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 28 Episode 5 “We’re Only Doing Freaky Stuff Today”

  1. williamswarriorkb

    I’m really enjoying this season so far as I don’t have a favorite team, it makes it a carefree, fun hour for me. I do like the NCAA tournament but, I do wish they wouldn’t take up Friday nights for it.

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