Survivor 32 Episode 7 “It’s Merge Time”



Seriously, can we talk about that thing on Neal’s back last night?  Or, actually, let’s not.  As soon as Neal took off his shirt and turned his back to the camera, I was pretty much watching the rest of last night’s episode through my fingers.  It looked like a small creature was growing out of Neal’s back.

Interestingly enough, though, it wasn’t that terrible thing on Neal’s back that got him medically evacuated from the game.  Instead, it was the hole in his knee, which, deceptively, looked a lot less dangerous.  However, the show’s doctor was concerned that the infection could lead to Neal losing his leg and, as a result, Neal was medically evacuated.

Aubry got upset when Neal left without giving her the idol.  I can understand her being upset but, at the same time, I’m not sure how Aubry thought that Neal could giver her the idol without everyone else on the beach noticing.  If Neal had given Aubry the idol, Aubry would have become everyone’s number one target.

Plus, Aubry’s boring.  That really doesn’t have anything to do with Neal keeping the idol but I always feel the need to point out that Aubry is one of the most boring people that I’ve ever seen on Survivor.  She’s like the girl in high school who never wore makeup and would judge you if you wore a short skirt.

Personally, I think a lot of what happened last night has to do with the fact that Neal stopped wearing his magic bowtie.  For the previous few episodes, Neal always wore his bowtie and, as a result, he found the idol and always managed to avoid being voted out.  But during last night’s episode, after the two tribes merged, Neal stopped wearing his bowtie.  Suddenly, everyone on the Brawn Tribe and Beauty Tribe realized that Neal had an idol, he lost immunity, and everyone started to plot against him.  If he hadn’t been medically evacuated, he probably would have been voted out at Tribal Council.

Poor Neal.  He was the only member of the Brain Tribe that I liked.  Hopefully, along with Caleb, he’ll get another chance to play.

"I'm not Neal. I'm actor Jeremy Davies."

“I’m not Neal. I’m actor Jeremy Davies.”

As for the rest of tonight’s episode, things were dominated by the merge.  As I pointed out last week, the best thing that could have happened would have been for the Brains and the Beauties to team up and take out the Brawns.  Instead, the Beauties and the Brawns formed an alliance to take out the Brains.

And, to a certain extent, I’m okay with that because, with the exception of Neal, the Brains are all pretty unlikable.  Debbie is the Blair Witch and, therefore, responsible for a lot of bad things.  Joe claims to be a former member of the FBI and, if that’s true, it doesn’t give me much confidence in the abilities of law enforcement.  And then there’s Aubry.  I’ve noticed that Aubry actually does have a small and somewhat deluded online fan club, mostly made up of people who didn’t get to go to their prom.  But, seriously, Aubry is so BORING!

But, as much as I dislike the Brain Tribe, I absolutely cannot stand the Brawn Tribe and it upsets me to see the Beauty Tribe teaming up with them.  Scot was actually bearable when he was separated from Jason but, after the merge, the idiot man-child was reunited with the stinky bounty hunter and …. Bleh!

What can you say about Jason?  He’s the type of guy who brags about pushing smart people into lockers.  Last night, both Nick and Michele mentioned that Jason is obnoxious that there’s no way he would be a threat to actually win the game.  That worried me because I really hate to think that Jason would even get a chance to make it to the finale.  If there’s anyone who deserves to be blind-sided, it’s Jason.

(And, of course, Jason has an idol.  With Neal gone, he and Tai are the only two people with an idol.)

I'm taking the idol with me!!!!

I’m taking the idol with me!!!!

Post-merge, Nick has suddenly emerged as a power player, serving as the Beauty Ambassador to the Brawns and the Brains.  Obviously, I really underestimated Nick when this season began.  Meanwhile, everyone hates Jason and Debbie is coming on way too strong.

At the end of tonight’s episode, it looked like Nick and the Beauties were willing to team up with the Brawns but you know what?  Next week’s episode is called “The Jocks vs. The Beautiful People” so it doesn’t look like that alliance is going to last all that long.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

Forget me not!

Forget me not!



4 thoughts on “Survivor 32 Episode 7 “It’s Merge Time”

  1. williamswarriorkb

    I really hope Neal gets to play the game again as I think he had the stuff to get to the finals. I hope the meat heads really do turn on each other like the previews showed as it looks to be a hoot.


  2. bobovnvet

    Thanks Lisa for this write up♥ I was sorry to see Neal taken out of the game but his health is more important then money…………. :mrgreen:


  3. Deb

    Great blog as always LM. I’m not crazy about Nick. There is something about him that I just don’t like. I do wonder if he gets to keep the immunity idol next week too? Since no one when to tribal, will it carry over to the following week or does he just get screwed? Deb’s game was way off last night. Maybe it was off because she had a repeat occupation of Civil Air Patrol. I was starting to like Scot away from Jason but he’s back to being a douche now that he is with Jason again. I’m going to miss Neil. I think he might have gone far in the game. I liked his quirkiness. I was totally grossed out seeing all the wounds though. Glad I was done eating dinner at that point.


  4. bobovnvet

    Okay my friend Lisa I am going to get rid of this site……… Hope to see you soon for tonight’s show…………………. :mrgreen:



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