The Amazing Race 28 Ep. 6 “Let the Good Times Roll”


After taking the previous two weeks ago, The Amazing Race returned last night.  The amazing racers flew from Switzerland to Armenia.  Among other things, they had to choose between making bread or a quilt and then they had to change the oil on a car.  It was pretty much a typical episode of The Amazing Race, one that featured the usual tears, frustration, and joyful shouting whenever a team saw Phil waiting for them.

And, as I watched, it occurred to me that I still don’t feel as if I know most of these racers.  That’s interesting, considering that this is the Internet All-Star edition and all of the racers were selected based on their social media popularity.  But, despite that, very few of them have really made much of an impression as individuals.

Instead, as often happens with the Amazing Race, I find myself categorizing them by their one defining characteristic.  Tyler and Korey are the gay team.  Brodie and Kurt are the jock team.  Scot and Blair are the old guy and perky girl team.  Dana and Matt are the arguing team.  Every season of The Amazing Race features at least one jock team, one gay team, one old guy and perky girl team, and one argumentative team.  Occasionally, the viewers will get lucky and a team will have so much personality that they will become something more than just that defining characteristic.  These are the seasons when we actually become emotionally invested in the outcome of the race.

So far, during this season, nobody’s really made a huge individual impression.  I feel emotionally detached from most of them.  I’m enjoying the season because I always enjoy The Amazing Race.  I like seeing all of the countries that the teams visit and I always enjoy the way Phil handles his hosting duties.  But, with all that said, this is shaping up to be a perfectly competent but not extremely memorable season of the Race.

Last night’s episode was a non-elimination, which is good because I really felt bad for Sheri and Cole.  I wouldn’t have been able to change the oil on that taxi either.  It may not have been good strategy for Scot to show Sheri how to do it but I’m glad that he did.  And, after all of the tears that Sheri shed, I was happy when Phil told her that, though she and Cole came in last, they were still racing.

How did everyone else do?

Coming in first, Brodie and Kurt.  They’re emerging as the team to beat.

Coming in second, Burnie and Ashley.  They came back from the back of the pack last night.  They’re such a strong team so why do I feel like I don’t know a damn thing about them?

Coming in third, Zach and Rachel.  I’m glad that Zach and Rachel finally had a decent finish.  Though neither had made a huge impression on the show, I’m a huge fan of Zach’s videos.

Coming in fourth, Dana and Matt.  Dana and Matt now appear to have settled into the middle of the pack.

Coming in fifth, Scot and Blair.  Scot and Blair used to really annoy me but I’m slowly starting to like them, especially after Scot helped out Sheri last night.  The show is determined to play up the Blair/Brodie showmance.  Or is it the Blair/Kurt showmance?  When it comes to jock teams, it’s difficult to remember who is who.

Coming in sixth, Tyler and Korey.  After consistently coming in 1st and second, Tyler and Korey came in second to last.  That’s a goof thing because Tyler and Korey were getting way too cocky for their own good.

And finally, coming in seventh, Sheri and Cole.  I’m glad they’re still racing but I just don’t see them lasting much longer.  There’s only so many non-elimination legs in a season!

Since this is the Internet All-Star Edition of The Amazing Race, let’s close this recap with a YouTube video on how to change your oil in five minutes!


2 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 28 Ep. 6 “Let the Good Times Roll”

  1. deb

    I’m with you as none of them are making much of an impression on me — no names just labels –the jocks, the gay guys, arguing couple, dad and daughter, mom and son, etc. I hope it doesn’t come back to bite Scott for helping Sheri. If you took a drink every time Blair says “Daddy” you would be drunk by the half hour mark. I think that is what drives me the most crazy with her.


  2. williamswarriorkb

    Most of the time the non elimination legs frustrate me because I want the race to have continuity and finish a team off each week. This week however, I’m glad because I like the team that was saved, even though they will probably be eliminated next week. I’m liking the Tyler and Korey team since their enthusiasm for having fun while running the race, but not being obnoxious like team green was last season. That said I like most of these teams and that is very unusual for me and I’m continuing to struggle to pick a team to root for.



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