The Amazing Race 28 Episode 7 “Welcome To Bloody Fingers 101”


Oh my God y’all, I was so jealous tonight as I watched the latest episode of The Amazing Race.  Like a lot of Race fans, I always imagine what it would be like if I was the one having to do the roadblocks and the detours.  I can say that I definitely would not have wanted to do the candy or the wine challenge.

But the Georgian dancing — oh my God, I would have loved that!  And, if I do say so myself, I think I would have been the champion of that roadblock!  I love to dance and I always love it when the Racers have to dance.  As just about everyone pointed out tonight, the Georgian dance was not easy and all of the racers deserve a lot of credit for managing to do it.

(Well, almost all of the racer.  Korey got so whiny about it that I have to admit that I got a little disgusted with him.  Tyler and Korey have gone from being the early favorites to being the middling whiners.)

I’ve been pretty critical of Dana and Matt so far and I still think that waste too much time yelling at each other but I was proud of Dana tonight and I was happy that she finally got her chance to dance.  As soon as she started to talk about how weird it felt having not danced in over a month, I was like, “I know exactly what she means.”  For a few minutes, it wasn’t about the Amazing Race.  I was just about a dancer doing what she loves.

I was also happy that, after spending much of the race in the back of the pack, Zach and Rachel finally got their first place finish.  Neither one of them have gotten a chance to show much personality on the show but I love Zach’s YouTube videos.  They’re cute, witty, and genuinely inventive.  Plus, a lot of them feature cats!

Scot and Blair were the last team to arrive at the pit stop and they were eliminated from the race.  If Scot hadn’t run back to the roadblock to give Tyler his bag, they probably would have come in sixth and would not have been eliminated.  But Scot’s a good guy and as soon as I realized that he had Tyler’s bag, I knew that he was return it and that he and his daughter would probably be eliminated as a result.

It’s unfortunate that Scot trying to do the right thing led to him being eliminated but, at the same time, I’m happy that we won’t have to hear anything else about the Blair/Brodie showmance.

Here’s how everyone did:

Coming in first, Zach and Rachel!  After laying low for most of the race, Zach and Rachel are coming on strong.  They’re working well together, they’re handling the stress well, and I think that they might make it to the end.

Coming in second, Burnie and Ashley!  Burnie and Ashley have been consistently strong through the entire race.  Oddly enough, I still don’t feel like I know a thing about either one of them.

Coming in third, Brodie and Kurt!  The jocks are still running strong and the fact that they will no longer be distracted by Blair will probably help them in the end.

Coming in fourth, Dana and Matt!  Great work by Dana tonight!  I have a feeling that tonight’s top four will also be the Race’s top four.

Coming in fifth, Sheri and Cole.  Out of nowhere, Sheri and Cole have become the underdog team that you can’t help but love.  They’re not the strongest team but they have a good attitude and, if Dana and Matt start fighting again, I think Sheri and Cole could move past them into the top four.

Coming in sixth, Tyler and Korey!  Tyler and Korey whined way too much tonight.  Watching them, I got the feeling that they never mentally prepared themselves for the stress of being in last place.  When they’re in first or second place, Tyler and Korey are extremely strong.  But whenever they find themselves in a danger of being eliminated, they seem to mentally fall apart.  That said, it would be foolish to dismiss Tyler and Korey’s chances.  You never know what might happen next week.

Coming in 7th and getting eliminated, Scot and Blair!  At least Blair got a boyfriend out of it.

As for me, I am officially rooting for Zach and Rachel!  Go Final Cut King!

Lisa Marie



2 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 28 Episode 7 “Welcome To Bloody Fingers 101”

  1. Keith

    That was a good race last night and I’ve no complaints about how the leg finished. I’m going to have to search You Tube and find me some Georgian Ballet to watch because that dance was awesome!


    1. deb

      Good show. I’m so glad we don’t have to hear “Daddy” anymore! That drove me crazy. Worried about Corey and Tyler. They seem to be falling apart. Next week’s promo looks like the contestants are actually driving. That always brings laughs because there is always a group or two that have no clue how to drive a stick. Good thing they didn’t have to drive up that “hill” tonight with a stick.



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