The Amazing Race 28 Episode 8 “I Have A Wedgie And A Half”


Hi, everyone!

I am so happy that it turned out that last night’s leg of The Amazing Race was a non-elimination leg.  It took me a while and there’s still a few times when I want to tell both of them to calm down but, over the past few episodes, I’ve grown to really like Sheri and Cole.  Of the 6 teams left in the race, they’re definitely not the strongest.  They were a team that I expected to see eliminated several weeks ago.  But through a combination of luck and a really good attitude, Sheri and Cole have survived and they’re still racing.

In a season in which the same three teams always seem to be among the first to the pit stop, Sheri and Cole have emerged as the underdogs and how can you not root for an underdog?

As I watched last night’s episode of The Amazing Race, I was convinced that Sheri and Cole would be eliminated.  After flying from Georgia to Dubai, Sheri and Cole had the worst luck.  It wasn’t so much the challenges that held them back.  (Sheri and Cole even managed to win that race against the two camels.)  Instead, their difficulty came from getting to the challenges.  They had the worst luck driving but even though they knew they were in last place, they still remained positive and kept fighting.  Though they arrived last, it turned out to be a non-elimination leg.

Just compare the way they behaved to Dana and Matt.  From the start of the race, I have been predicting that Dana and Matt were heading towards a meltdown and it finally happened last night, when Dana refused to get in the car and head to the pit stop.

It’s easy to criticize Dana and, to be honest, it’s perhaps a little bit too easy for some.  Meltdowns happen and they’re never pretty but it’s rare that they happen without a reason.  To be honest, if I was in Dubai and had just spent hours wandering through the hot desert and then, even though being exhausted, had to solve a potentially frustrating puzzle while struggling not to spill out of my bikini (all the while being filmed), I might be a little frazzled myself.  Dana and Matt are not my favorite team but, after seeing some of the truly misogynistic comments that have been made about her on twitter, I don’t really feel the need to add to the hate.

The episode was edited to make it appear as if Dana spent hours refusing to get in the car while Sheri and Cole were heading for the pit stop but, judging by how much darker it was when Sheri and Cole arrived as opposed to when Dana and Matt arrived, it’s clear that Sheri and Cole were running even further behind than the episode initially indicated.

(That said, if Dana pulls that crap a second time, then she totally deserves to be eliminated.)

Anyway, it was interesting to see the Race return to Dubai.  They even went back to the water park where, many seasons ago, another team of racers had a memorable meltdown.  (That was the season that a racer refused to go down a giant water slide and ended up getting eliminated as a result.  I have never forgiven Flight Time and Big Easy for the way they took advantage of her fear.  I’ve even talked to Flight Time on twitter about it.  He’s a nice guy but it was still a classless move.)  We got see all the racers in skin-tight, gold bathing suits, which is always fun.

Here’s how the six teams (and the Travelocity roaming gnome) finished things last night:

Coming in first, Brodie and Kurt!  I think they made a mistake when they wasted their express pass.  Brodie and Kurt seem to be the front-runners right now.  During the 1st leg of the race, they came in fifth.  Since then, they’ve had 4 1st place finishes, two 2nd place finishes, and 1 third place finish.  They’re not exactly the most exciting team in the history of the Amazing Race but you can’t deny that, up to this point, they’ve been running a very strong race.

Coming in second, Burnie and Ashley!  And, once again, I am impressed with their team work while feeling as if they I have absolutely no idea who they are as people.

Coming in third, Tyler and Korey!  At this point, I’m over Tyler and Korey.  Korey whining because the other teams wouldn’t help him solve the roadblock puzzle was kind of the last straw.  Tyler has used his internet fame to do a lot of good work and he deserves a lot of credit for it.  But, as far as the Race is concerned, I’m just like, “Stop laughing!”

Coming in fourth, Zach and Rachel!  They struggled a little last night.  If they hadn’t switched detours, they probably would have come in third.  But they work well together and, up to this point, they’ve probably done the best job as far as handling the stress of the race is concerned.

Coming in fifth, Dana and Matt!  Stop fighting.

Coming in sixth, Sheri and Cole!  Stay strong, Sheri and Cole!  Here’s hoping that next week’s roadblock doesn’t slow them down!

We’ll see what happens,

Lisa Marie









3 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 28 Episode 8 “I Have A Wedgie And A Half”

  1. williamswarriorkb

    Who would’ve thought that camels can run that fast!! Matt sure handled the situation with Dana better than I would. I’m afraid I’d give her back her passport and put her backpack on the ground in front of her and drive off in the SUV and tell Phil I’m outta here. Seriously, there was no justification for any of her tantrums that she’s thrown this entire race. That team so reminds me of the team that won season 2, now she was a real monster. I will say that Matt needs to listen better and not ask any dumb questions though.

    I think Burnie and Ashley have a real good chance of winning this thing, since all they need is Brodie and Kurt to make a mistake during the last leg or one of the last remaining legs.

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