Survivor 32 Episode 10 “I’m Not Here To Make Good Friends”


I make no apologies for having been critical of Aubry in the past.  While I know that she has a legion of fans (especially on twitter, where they tend to be so worshipful of her that I worry that they’re going to form a cult), I’ve always found her to be a little bit annoying, with all of her  bragging about how she’s using “logic” to win the game and the constant whining.  “Why didn’t Neal give me his idol!?”  “Why didn’t I win the challenge!?”  “Why are all the boys talking to Julia?”  “Why didn’t I have any friends in high school!?” Blah blah blah…

But you know what?

Aubry totally owned last night’s episode of Survivor.  Not only did she emerge as a competition beast (she came very close to winning immunity) but she finally used some of that intelligence that she’s always bragging about and managed to do something that, last week, would have seemed impossible.  She convinced Tai to abandon his safe alliance and to work with her.  When she talked to him, she made the perfect pitch.  Instead of making a bunch of empty promises about how she would take him to the final three or trying to convince him that Scot, Jason, and Julia were plotting to stab him in the back (though, of course, they were), Aubry directed her pitch to who Tai is as a human being.  Aubry realized that the gentle and soft-spoken Tai would never be truly comfortable with two cavemen like Jason and Scot.

(Now, of course, I still think Aubry made a few mistakes last night.  She’s still obsessing on Julia who, whether you like her or not, is relatively harmless.  And, as inspiring as it was to watch her nearly beat Jason, she’s running the risk of emerging as such an obvious threat to win the game that nobody’s going to want to run the risk of having her anywhere near the final three.)

Watching last night’s episode, it was impossible not to cheer Aubry on.  Of course, it helped that she was competing against Jason and Scot, two of the most loathsome castaways in Survivor history.  As usual, Scot and Jason spent this episode talking down to everyone and boasting about how they were untouchable.  After an hour of listening to their BS, it was especially glorious to see the look on Scot’s face when he was voted out.

For the record, here’s how the votes went at Tribal:

Scot and Jason voted for Aubry.

Julia and Michele voted for Tai, in an attempt to force Tai to play his idol.  (Before Jeff read the votes, Julia turned around to Tai and said, “Play your idol.”  That was a dumb move on her part.)

After telling Julia that they would vote for Tai, Aubry and Cydney voted for Scot.  Joe also voted for Scot.  And finally, after telling Scot and Jason that he would vote for Aubry, Tai also voted for Scot.

The final vote: Scot — 4.  Tai — 2.  Aubry — 2.

Scot, who was holding Jason’s idol, smirked and asked Tai for his idol so that Scot could form a super idol.  Tai shook his head and Scot looked shocked!  It was wonderful!  What made it even better was that Scot left tribal council with Jason’s idol in his pocket.

(If Tai had allowed Scot to have his idol, Scot’s votes would have been tossed out and Aubry and Tai would be tied.  There would have been a second vote and Tai could very well have been voted out.  Even if Aubry hadn’t convinced him to switch alliances, it wouldn’t have made any strategic sense for Tai to sacrifice his idol to save Scot.)

So now, there’s only one idol left in the game and Tai has it.  Also, as a result of the reward challenge, Tai has an extra vote that he can cast at a future tribal council.  For now, Tai may very well be the most powerful person in the game but he has to be careful.  Next week, both Jason and Julia will be looking for revenge.  And, much like Aubry, he’s emerging as a real threat to win the game.  If I was trying to win this season of Survivor, I wouldn’t want either Aubry or Tai anywhere near the final three.

But for now, I’m happy that we got to watch one of the greatest tribal councils ever.  This is really shaping up to be a great season of Survivor!

Here’s hoping everyone had a great 4/20,

Lisa Marie


Bye Bye, Idiot Manchild.

Bye Bye, Idiot Manchild.


10 thoughts on “Survivor 32 Episode 10 “I’m Not Here To Make Good Friends”

  1. williamswarriorkb

    That was one of the most satisfying tribal councils I’ve ever had the privilege to watch. Maybe Jason and Scott have not watched too many previous games but, the rule is never gloat at T.C. because there is always one or two players regardless of their alliance, that are sitting on the fence and the breeze of what’s being said can easily blow them off the fence and onto the other side. I’m trying to think of any players that have been as arrogant and cocky as Jason and Scott have been and I’m coming up blank. Even the troll king Russel Hantz wasn’t this bad. Unfortunately I think that Jason will make it to the finals, so there will be the one person that can’t win thing in play now.

    According to my math, since Scott makes the fourth jury member, to not have an even number there will have to be nine members with a two person finale. What do you think Lisa?

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    1. Lisa Marie Bowman Post author

      Hi, Keith! Sorry for the late reply. I hadn’t noticed about the number of jurors but now that you point it out, that’s very interesting. It could very well be a final two, instead of a final three. I know that, since going to the final three format, there’s been one other time when they surprised everyone by doing a final two. Hopefully, they’ll do it this season and catch everyone off guard. 🙂

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  2. waxfairy

    Great recap, Lisa. It was sweet to see Scot’s torch get snuffed

    Did you or anyone else catch what appeared to be a tablet or possibly a picture frame (that’s what hubby thinks) in a two shot of Jason and Tai, sitting on the edge of the shelter? It was next to Tai. Looked out of place.

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  3. bobovnvet

    Thanks for this write up Lisa💜 So glad to see Scot’s face when Tai said nooooo….. So funny for a big bully like him almost cry 😆 I just found this post, I was having some computer problems 👿 Thanks again my friend…………… …………… :mrgreen:

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  4. deb

    Good move Tai! I wonder if he realizes the impact of his move. My guess is he doesn’t but I’m glad he made the move. Jason is on an island all alone now with no idol to save him. That’s just wonderful news. Aubry is becoming a good player and a beast at the challenging. Great job as always LM.

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