The Amazing Race 28 Episode 9 “Salt That Sand”


Hi everyone!

I’m sorry for the late update.  I’ve been under the weather for the past few days and, on top of that, last Friday’s episode of The Amazing Race left me feeling really depressed.  I was so sad to see Zach and Rachel eliminated!

Now, I know that Zach and Rachel didn’t have the huge personalities of some of the other racers and they didn’t have a tragic backstory or anything of that other stuff that is usually required to make an impression on The Amazing Race.  But I really liked Zach and Rachel.  They were a sweet couple, they maintained a good attitude through the entire race, and they came so close to beating Brodie and Kurt to the pit stop.

Add to that, I actually knew who Zach and Rachel were before this season of the Race began.  I love the videos that Zach’s posted on YouTube!  Check a few of them out:

Here’s how the rest of the teams did during the last leg of the race:

Coming in first, Tyler and Korey.  After struggling for the past few legs, Tyler and Korey came back strong during this leg.  Will Tyler ever stop laughing?

Coming in second, Burnie and Ashley.  Burnie and Ashley are probably the most consistently strong team in the race but they seem to be forever stuck in 2nd place.  Of course last season, Kelsey and Joey spent almost the entire race in 2nd and, in the final leg, managed to come in first.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same thing happen with Burnie and Ashley.

Coming in third, Sheri and Cole!  I’m so glad that, despite having to deal with a speed bump, everyone’s favorite underdogs managed to make it into the top three!

Coming in fourth, Dana and Matt!  They managed to get through almost the entire leg without having a meltdown.  I was surprised.

Coming in fifth, Brodie and Kurt!  I have to admit that, up until this latest leg, I had absolutely no idea how much Kurt was basically carrying Brodie.  Brodie is now going to have to do every remaining roadblock and that could be trouble for the former front runners.

Coming in sixth, Zach and Rachel.  And sadly, they were eliminated.  (If only Zach had done the detour instead of Rachel.  Zach was able to make up for a lot of time by making that kite but I’m sure Rachel could have handled the kite as well.  Still, they remained positive and they finished things up with a good attitude and they should be proud of the race that they ran.)

I'm sad too, Kitty! But don't worry...Zach and Rachel will be okay!

I’m sad too, Kitty! But don’t worry…Zach and Rachel will be okay!

Since there’s only five teams left, I guess I might as well try to make my predictions about how the race will end:

Brodie and Kurt will be eliminated at the end of the next leg.

In a major surprise, Tyler and Korey will be eliminated at the end of the 11th leg.

At the end of the race:

Coming in 1st, Burnie and Ashley.

Coming in 2nd, Matt and Dana.

Coming in 3rd, Sheri and Cole.

Will my predictions come true?  We’ll find out!

Lisa Marie




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