Survivor 32 Episode 11 “It’s a Me Game, Not a We Game”


I don’t know about everyone else but I was actually really sorry to see Julia get voted out at the end of last night’s episode of Survivor.  I liked Julia, even though I think she did make some mistakes along the way.  She allied herself with the wrong people and she was a bit too trusting, taking people at their word when they said they were going to vote a certain way at Tribal.  Julia tried to make big moves but Survivor is a game where you sometimes have to know when to lay low.

But really, the main reason that Julia got voted out is because Aubry is currently in charge of the game and Aubry looked at Julia and saw someone who would probably be more popular than her in high school.  So, Aubry got everyone to vote Julia out and then, after Tribal Council, she probably went back to the camp and whined about how she didn’t have any friends when she was a teenager.

Especially when compared to the past few weeks, last night really wasn’t that surprising of an episode of Survivor.  Jason and Julia tried to convince Cydney and Michele to join them in voting out Tai.  Personally, I think it would have made more sense, strategically, to blindside Tai and take a huge threat out of the game.  But, at the same time, I can understand why neither Cydney nor Michele felt that this was the right time to betray their alliance.  After all, if Tai played his idol, that would leave him in the game and Cydney and Michele on the outs with the majority of the remaining players.

And I can also understand why they voted for Julia instead of Jason.  Jason may be obnoxious but, if he does get to the final two, he’ll probably only get two votes from the jury — Scot and Julia.  Julia, on the other hand, could have actually made a case for herself.

That said, I don’t think that there’s anyone left in the game who can beat Aubry at this point.  And if the remaining players don’t hurry up and figure that out, they’re basically going to be handing Aubry a million dollar check.  Instead of going after Tai, Jason and Julia should have asked everyone at camp if they honestly thought that any of them had a chance of beating Aubry.  But Jason and Julia were so angry over Tai’s betrayal that they let it blind them to the fact that Aubry is a far bigger threat.

And soon, Julia was voted out and the game continues.

Here’s a few other random thoughts about last night’s episode:

  • Jason is upset that he lost his idol but it was stupid of him to give it to Scot to begin with.
  • Speaking of idols, Aubry should have told Tai to go ahead and play his idol.  At the very least, it would have gotten the last idol out of the game.  As well, Tai asking her what to do should show everyone that Aubry is pretty much in charge of the game right now.  If the remaining players don’t blindside Aubry soon, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves when she wins the game.
  • I know Aubry has a lot of fans but I’m not one of them.  I think she’s playing a good game but personally, she reminds me of one of those ultra-judgmental girls who get offended if you wear a short skirt.
  • It was sweet of Tai to try to apologize to Jason but also unnecessary.  Tai did what was best for his game and that’s what Survivor is all about.  Add to that, I’m sure Jason just saw the apologize as a sign of weakness because Jason is a jackass.
  • Was anyone else worried that Joe was going to drop dead during last night’s episode?  He was not looking well.
  • Scot’s death glare was creepy, scary, and actually rather pathetic.  It’s Survivor.  Blindsides happen.  Get over it and enjoy the Ponderosa.
  • I’m glad that Mark survived!  I just worry that Jason’s going to do something to him while everyone else is asleep.

Until next time,

Lisa Marie


4 thoughts on “Survivor 32 Episode 11 “It’s a Me Game, Not a We Game”

  1. williamswarriorkb

    It was a rather lack luster episode and to be honest, I was a little worried for Tai. I don’t think his personality is really cut out for this game. Jason can go suck it, since he stole the idol he had by physically shoving that girl out of the way and taking it from her during the early part of the game anyways. Scott’s a buffoon anyways and I’d have stared back at him at tribal council as well. I didn’t like Aubry at all at the beginning but, she’s playing a very good game. It’s too bad she doesn’t have any personality to go along with it. I really liked Julie but, she made her move way too early and with too much showmanship by jumping into Scott and Jason’s bed so quickly. She should’ve at least looked like she was talking to the tribe and reluctantly volunteered during that competition, then no one would’ve noticed. I think she’s another one that will get another shot at playing this game in the future. Right now I think it’s Michele and Aubry’s game to loose.

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  2. bobovnvet

    Thanks for this write up Lisa…… I don’t agree with you I am happy to see Julia go! A big back stabber I think she was a pretty girl but I did not like her……………. :mrgreen:

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  3. Deb

    I wasn’t sorry to see Julia go. She jumped ship way too early. I understand playing both sides but IMO she was firmly in the jackass camp and just getting info from the other side. I think my favorite line was Tai’s: I have to dot my Ts and cross my Is, or whatever that saying is.” I busted out laughing at that. Mark the chicken needs to play in immunity challenges. After all, he has outplayed, outwitted and outlasted several people and he is food!

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