The Amazing Race 28 Episode 10 “Monkey Dance!”


Hi everyone!

Well, I finally got to watch the latest episode of the Amazing Race and all I can say is that I must be psychic.  Last week, I predicted that Brodie and Kurt would be eliminated at the end of the next leg and I was right!  I also predicted that, to everyone’s shock, Tyler and Korey will be the next to be eliminated.  We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Anyway, there really weren’t any surprises during this latest leg of the race.  Brodie and Kurt were pretty much doomed from the start and, though they never gave up, they still seemed to realize that things weren’t looking good for them.  Both Brodie and Kurt dealt well with the apparent inevitably of their elimination.  They went out with class and good for them.

Speaking of class, that’s exactly what Tyler and Korey failed to show when they U-turned Brodie and Kurt.  U-turning another team when you’re that far in front has always been a bitch move and it was still a bitch move when Tyler and Korey did it last week.  But, at the same time, it didn’t surprise me.  That’s the way that Tyler and Korey have run this entire race.

I was far more surprised by Burnie and Ashley, who decided to waste the 2nd U-turn, specifically so that Brodie and Kurt would not be able to U-turn any of the team’s behind them.  Burnie and Ashley have been a strong team but, personality-wise, they’ve been ciphers.  I don’t feel like I know either one of them.  But what they did with the U-turn was, to me, even more petty than what Tyler and Korey did.  If karma’s a boomerang, Burnie and Ashley might want to duck.

Anyway, with Brodie and Kurt eliminated last night, we are now down to four teams.

Coming in first, Tyler and Korey.  Over the past few episodes, Tyler and Korey have emerged as two of the most annoying racers in the history of the show.  Tyler laughs.  Korey whines.  It’s getting old.

Coming in second, Burnie and Ashley.  Strong racers with zero personality.  Burnie is one of the least charismatic men that I’ve ever seen in my life and Ashley — well, who knows?  Off the top of my head, I couldn’t even tell you what Ashley looks like.  That’s how invisible she’s been during this race.  Even if Team Boring wins, nobody will remember them after this season.

Coming in third, Sheri and Cole.  Literally the only likable people left in the race.

Coming in fourth, Dana and Matt.  Dana and Matt better get their act together because I’m counting on them to move up in the rankings so that Tyler and Korey can come in last and get eliminated.

For the record, I’m still predicting that Tyler and Korey will be eliminated during the next leg of the race.  They’re way too cocky and overconfident and neither one of them deals well with the unexpected.

Here’s hoping that Sheri and Cole pull out a win,

Lisa Marie


One thought on “The Amazing Race 28 Episode 10 “Monkey Dance!”

  1. williamswarriorkb

    Tyler and Korey made a good move from a strategic standpoint but, at the same time it was cowardly. Burnie and Ashley’s move was just cowardly. Dana I’m so over you and I find you one of the most annoying people that the race has ever had. Matt your a saint to put up with that whining, wind bag of a girlfriend. Thumbs up to Sheri and Cole, I hope you win it all.



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