Survivor 32 Episode 12 “Now Is The Time To Start Scheming”


Finally, it has happened!

Since this season started, Jason has been my least favorite guy on the beach.  Even the few attempts that the show made to humanize him — like when he talked about his children — tended to backfire and only make me dislike me more.  I would find myself thinking, “If you really want to help your kids, how about not acting like a totally misogynistic jackass on national television!?”  Jason has been rude, crude, and just amazingly annoying.  Whether he was talking down to the other castaways, bullying the members of his own tribe, bragging about his superiority, or proudly announcing his laziness, Jason always found new ways to be unlikable.

And, up until the end of the tonight’s episode, I was really worried that Jason was going to make it to the end.  Strategically, it would make sense to take someone like Jason to the end because, seriously, who couldn’t beat Jason?  With the exception of Scot and maybe Julia, who does Jason have on the jury?  Strategically, it would be a lot smarter to get rid of genuine threat, like Aubrey or Tai.  I was sure that Jason would be carried to the end.

But that didn’t happen.  Jason was finally voted out tonight.  There are now five castaways left and I can’t wait to see them start turning on each other.  All of the five left have their good traits but, at the same time, they’re all jerks as well.  After spending most of this season as everyone’s favorite player, Tai allowed his power to go to his head and we saw a really ugly side of him tonight.  Aubry has played a good game but, for all of her bragging about logic, it’s still hard not to feel that most of her decisions in the game are based on bitterness that she’s been carrying around since high school.  (There’s a reason why, for the most part, Aubry has been obsessed with getting the former members of the Beauty Tribe out of the game.)  Joe is a waste of space.  As I watched him in the reward challenge tonight, I found myself wondering if anyone would notice if he drowned.  As of right now, I’m hoping that the final two (and I do believe it will be a final two) will be made up of Cydney and Michele.  They deserve it and neither one of them annoys me.

What’s funny is that, up until the votes were read, I really thought that either Tai or Michele would go home.  It appeared as if everyone had forgotten about Jason.  That certainly seems to be what Jason was assuming, considering how laid back he was at Tribal.

If Tai had his way, it would have been Michele going to jury.  He told everyone in his alliance to vote for Michele.  Actually, he didn’t just tell them.  He ordered them and, as opposed to trying to make a case for voting her out, he just seemed to assume that everyone would automatically go along with him.  Tai even wasted his extra vote on Michele.  He assumed that he would at least get Aubry to vote with him, which would have led to a 3-3 tie between Jason and Michele.

But no.  Aubry did not join with him and neither did Cydney.  Jason voted for old man Joe.  Tai cast two votes for Michele.  Everyone else voted for Jason and, finally, the bounty hunter was sent to jury….

So, what’s the situation now?  Well, Tai has managed to upset a lot of people and he wasted one of his advantages.  Aubry did not vote with him, which will definitely alter their previously close alliance.  Michele survived and, judging from the previews, it looks like she might finally come after Aubry next week.

And what about Joe?  Rumor has it that one more castaway is going to be removed by the medical team before the end of the season.  Over the past few episodes, whenever we’ve seen Joe, he’s been struggling to catch his breath.  He looks terrible and I honestly was surprised that he didn’t drown tonight.  If someone is going to be removed by medical, it’ll be Joe and it’ll probably happen next week.

But for now, the important thing is that Jason is gone and we can all be happy about that.

Speaking of happy…


Lisa Marie


6 thoughts on “Survivor 32 Episode 12 “Now Is The Time To Start Scheming”

  1. pantsukudasai56

    They still haven’t given everyone knives and told them last person standing wins? Why is this still called Survivor?


  2. williamswarriorkb

    It was a good episode last night and now I can watch in comfort knowing the people I genuinely dislike are not going to be in the finale. Tai shot himself in the foot tonight and now can’t possibly win this game. I think Michelle and Cydney will be the last one standing but, I’m curious as the previews seem to have Tai wanting to work with Michelle? Tai proved that he really doesn’t have the game that I thought he had because it’s obvious that he is terrible at reading people and he wasted a powerful advantage. In fact, he’s the only one who voted for Michelle.



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