Survivor 33.3 “Your Job Is Recon”


Hi, everyone!

Sorry for the late update!  I’m currently up at Lake Texoma on vacation and I’ve only now had a chance to watch last night’s episode of Survivor.

And what can I say?  I’m not surprised that Paul was voted out.  It seems like every season, a self-styled alpha male and self-appointed tribe leader ends up getting blindsided.  Players like Paul might be helpful when it comes to building a shelter but they always seem to get cocky.  It was unbelievably stupid of Paul to tell the women that he would abandon them if the men started an alliance.  That led to all of the women joining in with David, Ken, and CiCI and voting for Paul.  The final vote was 6-3.  Paul, Bret, and Chris voted for CiCi.  Everyone else voted for Paul.

To be honest, I don’t know how I would have voted in that situation.  Paul may have been a blowhard and a jerk but, at this point in the game, the tribe needs to concentrate on winning challenges.  After all, if the tribe would start working together and actually win the next few immunity challenges, no one would have to worry about who Paul would vote for at tribal council.

Now, I’m not sure that I agree with those who thought CiCi and CiCi alone lost the immunity challenge for Gen X.  Gen X was running pretty far behind before CiCi started doing her thing on the balance beam.  But CiCi’s performance definitely didn’t help.  In fact, it was pretty selfish of her.  She may have felt getting across the beam was a personal triumph but, at this point, Survivor is all about team triumphs.

That’s one reason why the Millennial Tribe is doing well.  Whatever issues they have as a tribe, they work well together as a team.  But that’ll probably cause them trouble after the merge and suddenly, everyone’s playing as an individual.  Gen X could do well, post-merge — assuming that enough of them make it to the merge to prevent the Millennials from picking them off, one-by-one.

The other highlight of last night’s episode: Hannah’s desperate attempt to explain her actions to Zeke.  During the first episode, a lot of viewers thought Hannah would be the new Aubry.  That didn’t last.

Anyway, have a great week everyone!

Lisa Marie


22 thoughts on “Survivor 33.3 “Your Job Is Recon”

  1. tedstrutz


    Hanna is no Aubrey. What is wrong with her? Poor Zeke and Adam.

    Paul deserved what he got, but did go out with class. I think CeCe did lose the challenge for them, as they were real close at the end.

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    1. betty

      I don’t understand why Cece’s tribe members didn’t tell her she is wasting time and literally push her off to let another player take the 40# bag across! Heaven only knows what Cece was thinking, other than the fact she wanted to prove to everyone she could do it!! Big mistake on her part. I am sure her team would have won had it not been for her. Ken blasted those puzzle pieces apart, but unfortunately his tribe was too far behind to catch up.

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  2. Janna

    i agree Bobo, Paul did just that ( open mouth insert foot ) he shouldn’t have told the women that so dumb, he didn’t think about what he said, he said it and maybe thought about it after = dumb ass


  3. betty

    I am confused about the new tribes, Didn’t Paul, David, Ken and Cece go over to the Millennials and Figgy, Taylor, Jay and Will go to the Gen X tribe? That would mean Gen X won the challenge. What am I missing??

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    1. Justaguy (JT)

      Betty….. I thought from last week’s previews that they were mixing up the tribes this week.
      But they didn’t…. all they did was send 4 members from each tribe to a neutral site to have a “Summit Meeting”. So they all just met… ate.. and had some general tribe dynamic chit chat.
      Then they all returned to their own tribe

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      1. betty


        Betty was unnerved by the ringing of her phone, as her friends would never call during her favorite show, Survivor. Upon answering she heard Cheryl screaming and blaming her for Ethel’s frightening experience. The ramblings went on and on until Betty could take them no more. She thought Cheryl was a bit squiffy, for obviously Ethel had eaten too many burritos.

        Unscathed by the rantings of Cheryl, Betty hung up the receiver and returned to her program. The phone immediately rang again, and this time Cheryl was blaming her for Matthew’s demise on Downton Abby. Smacking her hand to her forehead, Betty was in disbelief and thought that maybe it would make Cheryl happy if she just went out and sat in the car after attaching a hose to the exhaust pipe. Tying to get a word in edgewise was impossible, so Betty put the receiver down and continued watching Survivor. During the second TV advertisement Betty checked her phone and was relieved that Cheryl had caught on to the abandonment. She hung up the phone and fixed herself a scotch, as she really needed one!

        Settling back down in her chair she was interrupted again by the telephone. With patience exhaust, she grabbed the phone to give Cheryl a piece of her mind, she heard her say “The Red Wings SUCK”, and then hung up! Betty began to seethe! How dare anyone say such an awful thing about her babies!! She downed her scotch and poured herself another.

        Her rage subsided as her favorite part of Survivor came on, tribal council. Jeff Probst was reading off the votes when the phone rang again! Knowing it was Cheryl calling back, Betty decided to let it ring and go into voice mail. A few seconds later the phone rang again and this time Betty walked over to the phone to unplug it, but before doing so she checked the caller ID and to her surprise…it was Ted!

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  4. williamswarriorkb

    Glad Paul the blowhard is gone and we don’t have to put up with him anymore. I’m hoping they do a tribe shuffle next week or the week after as I think it’ll make the dynamics of the generation gap more interesting. My early pick for final three at this moment is Ken, David and Michelle. Anyone agree with me?

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    1. betty

      I would not be surprised if Ken was in the final three, but I have my doubts about Michelle and David. I just hope Figgy, Jay and Taylor don’t make it!!



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