Survivor 33.5 “Idol Search Party”


Last week, when David used his idol to save Jessica, I really thought he was screwed.  I shook my head and I said to myself, “Well, David, your game is done.  Your going to be everyone’s number one target.  Jessica isn’t going to put her neck on the line to repay the favor.  You lasted longer than anyone expected but … buh bye, David!”

Well, that shows you what I know.  David is not a physical threat.  He’s not a strategic mastermind.  His social game is a mess.  BUT HE’S LUCKY!  At the start of last night’s episode, David somehow managed to find the immunity idol for the second time.

Of course, shortly after finding the idol, David also found himself on a new tribe.  Last night started out with a tribal reshuffle.  The two tribes were separated, via random draw, into three tribes!

Here’s your new tribes:


  1. CeCe (former Gen X)
  2. Chris (Former Gen X)
  3. David (Former Gen X)
  4. Michelle (Former Millennial)
  5. Zeke (Former Millennial)


  1. Adam (Former Millennial)
  2. Figgy (Former Millennial)
  3. Taylor (Former Millennial)
  4. Ken (Former Gen X)
  5. Jessica (Former Gen X)


  1. Bret (Former Gen X)
  2. Hannah (Former Millennial)
  3. Jay (Former Millennial)
  4. Michaela (Former Millennial)
  5. Sunday (Former Gen X)
  6. Will (Former Millennial)

The Ikabula Tribe was sent to an entirely new beach and had to build a new shelter from scratch.  (That’s also why they were given an extra member.)  Amazingly — free of the influence of Taylor and Figgy — Jay stepped forward as a leader and shelter builder.  Michaela, who was not happy about the tribal shuffle — stepped up and made fire.  Bret and Sunday did … nothing.

As for the other two tribes, it’s interesting that the same thing seemed to happen at both camps.  On Takali, Taylor and Figgy were happy to be together and confident that they had the numbers but they didn’t seem to notice that Adam appeared to be growing closer to Ken and Jessica.  Since Adam has never liked Taylor or Figgy, I wouldn’t be surprised if he flipped in an upcoming episode.

Meanwhile, on Vanua, the Gen Xers had a numerical advantage but Chris and Zeke immediately started to bond.  And when Vanua lost the immunity challenge, Chris had no trouble voting out his former tribemate, CeCe.  I was a little bit more surprised that David went along with the plan but perhaps he finally realized how little there was to gain from keeping CeCe as his only ally.  In the end, CeCe was finally voted out of Survivor.

What will happen next week?  It looks like there will be yet another medical crisis!  And it looks like Taylor and FIggy might be in some trouble as well!

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie


8 thoughts on “Survivor 33.5 “Idol Search Party”

  1. betty

    Thanks for another great write up Lisa Marie. I was sorry to see Figgy and Taylor end up on the same tribe and I hope one of them goes home if they go to tribal council in the next week or two. Unfortunately I think Team Vanau is the weakest and it would not surprise me at all to see them lose again next week. David cracks me up. He may be one of the weakest players I have ever seen on Survivor, but he does have heart! Won’t Chris, Zeke and Michelle all be surprise if they lose again next week and try to vote him out?

    Liked by 3 people

  2. williamswarriorkb

    Another entertaining episode last night. This season may have the weakest people at challenges in Survivor history! I think David is probably the most useless contestant that they’ve ever had and frankly, I find him annoying as hell. He’s neurotic and a spazz while also being as strong as a cooked spaghetti noodle. Cece had potential game in her head but, that’s about it and was absolutely useless at everything else.

    Figgy and her slave are just not long for this game since I don’t think they really understand how to play, at least he doesn’t.


  3. Janna

    thanks Lisa for a great post 🙂
    I missed last night show 😦 I really forgot Survivor was even on. Glad they made new teams, but I wish they would have made 2 teams ~ but i am not the boss so ~ i just thank yall for the update…OH very happy David found another idol !!! so I guess I am rooting for the under dog, I always do. ~~~ thanks again ~~~~~ Hi Bobo ~~


  4. franniep2

    Thanks for keeping updated on the tribes since the merge. It makes it much easier to follow.

    Great episode, but one tribe seems to be the Weekest Link!! This should be interesting….at least until the next merge. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. tedstrutz

    Sorry to be late for the party. Loved the Idol Search Party… why not? It would have been fun to see all the camera and sound crew chasing them all around. I was afraid David would give CeCe his idol and glad he didn’t. I liked CeCe, but have no idea why she went on the show. I don’t think David is as dumb as everyone thinks. Chris is an interesting guy. Wish Figgy and Taylor were on separate teams, I think he will doom her game.

    Thanks for listing the new teams, Lisa.

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