Survivor 33.6 “The Truth Works Well”


To be honest, I really don’t have much to say about last night’s episode of Survivor.

Well, I do have one thing to say: It was extremely satisfying.

Seriously, has there been a Survivor showmance as teeth-grindingly annoying as Taylor and Figgy?  Of course, As individuals, both Taylor and Figgy were fairly annoying from the beginning.  Taylor is the guy who struggles to speak in complete sentences.  Figgy was the girl who simply could not seem to believe that anyone would not want to just give her a million dollars.  When they got together as a couple, it was a perfect storm of annoying entitlement.

And really, from the minute that this episode started, it was obvious that Figgy was being set up for a big and (hopefully) humbling fall.

It’s true that we did get a few non-Figgy developments.  At Iakbula, Jay and Will found a hidden immunity idol, a triumph that was only slightly marred when Michaela stumbled upon them celebrating.  At Vanua, Zeke realized that, once they reached the merge, he would be at the bottom of any Millennial alliance and it’s obvious that he’s thinking about flipping over to the Gen X alliance.  Interestingly, David did a terrible job at the reward challenge but then came back and was truly impressive at the immunity challenge.  It’s difficult to predict what’s going to happen with David.

Hannah, meanwhile, had an anxiety attack at the reward challenge and had to be checked out by medical.  She’s now worried that she’ll be perceived as weak and she probably will be.

But, for the most part, the show was dominated by Figgy and Taylor.  At Takali, Figgy and Taylor made a big deal about revealing their “big” secret to Jessica and Ken and were shocked to discover that everyone already knew that they were a couple.

At the immunity challenge, Taylor got upset when — after leading her tribe to victory — Michaela coached Vanua to victory.  Michaela explained that she wanted to keep the Millennials in the game and since Vanua had only two Millennials left on the tribe, it was important that they win immunity.

“There’s Millennials on this tribe too!” Taylor said.

“There’s three of you,” Michaela replied, “If you can’t work together, you deserve to go home.”

And Michaela was absolutely right.  At tribal, Figgy and Taylor both assumed that Adam would vote with them.  However, Adam decided to vote with Ken and Jessica.  As a result, by a 3-2 vote, Figgy was voted out.

Figgy sobbed as she walked away.

The lesson?  Don’t get too cocky or comfortable.  Hubris has been the downfall of many and we saw that last night with Taylor and Figgy.

Lisa Marie

16 thoughts on “Survivor 33.6 “The Truth Works Well”

  1. deb

    I absolutely loved watching Figgy’s torch get snuffed and hearing her cry on her way down the lonely path to nowhere! I think Adam did the right thing. He knew he was near the bottom of the MilIennials so he eliminated one. I love Michaela but I think she is putting a huge target on her back with her bluntness. Of course, if you ever want to know where Michaela stands, just ask her and she will tell you straight up (I think). I’m liking Zeke although I’m not sure why — he seems “too old” to be a Millennial but “too young” to be a Gen Xer. I do like his “unique” sense of style though. ;o)


  2. two

    Lisa Marie! I don’t think anyone pays as much attention to an episode than you do. Most of what you mentioned I didn’t remember until you said it. Maybe I should say, you pay more attention to each episode than I do. : )
    Deb! I was pressing back on my couch cringing while Jeff read the final vote – so sure was I that it would be Ken. Then….happy me! Adam will never be able to explain his vote change to Taylor’s satisfaction so he might as well just get used to having Taylor dedicated to getting him out.
    As Lisa said, that couple was more annoying than even Boston Rob and what’s her name. I hope Michalea wins,,,at this point anyway. Figgy made that comment about truth and Michalea exposes what she thinks with no apologies. That might get her cast off the island, but she’s refreshing.
    I am liking Zeke more and more too.

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  3. williamswarriorkb

    Fantastic finish to a great episode last night. The fact that Figgy was voted off and she lost the reward challenge for her team earlier was just icing on the cake. Adam doesn’t owe Taylor anything so I hope he doesn’t sweat it too much. David continues to be useless in my eyes but, he is setting himself up well in the game. I’m still sticking with Ken, Michelle and David or Zeke as my final three.

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  4. sunshine

    Figgy lost both challenges for her team and then went strutting around camp and tribal council with a big grin and lots of arrogant comments. She thought she was indestructible and that’s why her ouster was so satisfying. I was on pins during the vote, I can’t remember hoping so hard for anyone to go in years. The editors really set this one up perfectly, all that chatter about her “mance” to Jess and Ken instead of strategizing, saying she forgave Adam like she was the queen, laughing and talking wedding during tribal without a care in the world…then bam. I loved it.

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  5. betty

    I agree, both Taylor and Figgy were very annoying and needless to say STUPID!! I couldn’t be happier seeing Figgy voted off the island last night. Taylor better watch his back because if he makes a big deal to Adam about his vote, he may find himself the next one voted out, should his tribe lose again!!

    Nice write up Lisa Marie. Thank you!

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  6. tammera70

    As usual Lisa and an excellent write up.
    I haven’t been around to comment because I had my daughter home from college and then I had to drive her back. Then of course with the Cubs being in the play offs and now world series I didn’t get to watch my regular programs. Now that I am caught up…
    I was so happy to see Figgy go. She has a smug look that you just want to smack off her face. I hope she realizes that Taylor comments or lack there of about get married were very telling. He isn’t as into her as she thinks/hopes he is. Shes in for a very rude awaking and quite honestly i think she deserves it. She needs to learn she cant always get her way.
    I hope Zeke, David and big red (I forgot his name) form an alliance. It think they could go far together. David and Zeke are so quirky they deserve each other and Big Red is the muscle they need. Actually they would do very well with Michelle too. Hopefully they dont go to tribal again before the merge so that they stay together.
    Thats all I can remember for now. See ya next week.

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