Survivor 33.8 “I’m The Kingpin”


Hi, everyone!

Sorry for the late update!  Yesterday was my birthday so I was out celebrating and I’ve spent most of today recovering! 🙂  However, I finally got a chance to watch last night’s episode of Survivor and here’s a few thoughts on I’m The Kingpin.

So, this was the merge episode.  The new tribe started out with 13 castways: 7 millennials and 6 Gen Xers.  In theory, the Millennials should have been able to come together and pick off the Gen Xers one-by-one but it didn’t work out that way.  It didn’t take long for it to become obvious that the Millennials were actually far more divided than the Gen Xers.

Essentially, the merge started with two Millennial Alliances.

There were the cool kids alliance: Jay, Taylor, Michelle, and Will.  Jay is the unquestioned leader of that alliance, with Will as a his main henchman.  Taylor, meanwhile, is still obsessed with getting revenge for Figgy and also stealing all of the tribe’s food.  And finally, there’s Michelle who … well, Michelle was just kind of there.

And then there was the nerdy alliance: Zeke, Hannah, and Adam.  All three of these Millennials realized that they were on the bottom of the Millennial Tribe and they sought to even things out by teaming up with the Gen Xers.  Though they originally targeted Will, plans changed when Will won immunity.  So, instead, they voted out Michelle and, by a vote of 9-4, Michelle became the first member of the jury.

To be honest, it wasn’t really a surprising result.  Jay and Taylor are both so cocky and so full-of-themselves that it never occurred to them that they needed to any sort of damage control after blind-siding Michaela.

What’s funny is that, even if Michelle hadn’t been voted out, the Millennials would have lost a player.  Jay and Taylor were targeting Adam.  Why?  Mostly, it came down to the fact that nether of them cared for Adam personally.  Taylor wanted revenge for Figgy.  Jay saw Adam as a threat.  Instead of trying to stick with Adam just long enough to take out the remaining Gen Xers, Jay and Taylor let their personal feelings get the better of them,  And now, they’re on the bottom of the new tribe.

That said, it’s apparent that Adam is not as strong of a player as I thought he was.  Last night, he was totally erratic and nervous.  Foolishly, he attempted to bond with Taylor and ended up sharing way too much information with him.  Though he was ultimately saved at tribal council, Adam came close to alienating even his allies.  Adam is fortunate to have an immunity idol but he needs to start playing smarter or he might end up going to the jury with that idol still in his pocket.

The great thing about Survivor is that the entire game can change in just a day!  So, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode!

Lisa Marie



10 thoughts on “Survivor 33.8 “I’m The Kingpin”

  1. williamswarriorkb

    Disappointed that Michelle was voted off last night but, that’s what you get when choose loyalty over numbers in this game. Taylor is just as stupid by himself as he was with Figgy so, I don’t see him lasting much longer. Jay is not as cunning as I thought he was and the rest of the cool kids are falling apart.

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  2. betty

    Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday!! Great write up Lisa Marie.

    I was a little sorry to see Michelle go, although she has no one to blame but herself for siding up with Jay, Taylor and Will. I was really hoping people would have listened to Ken and voted out Taylor. It will be interesting to see what these three stooges will do next. I hope they are picked off one by one, although Jay does have an immunity idol. Taylor stealing food would have done it for me and he would have been on the top of my eviction list! What a scumbag!

    I see you share a birthday with one of my favorite actors of all time, Claude Rains! They just don’t make them like him anymore in Hollywood!! Happy Birthday again!!

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  3. waxfairy

    i hope you had a wonderful and happy birthday! Thanks for the blog, insightful as always. Taylor’s a tool, I hope to see him go soon. But his utter cluelessness and lack of self-awareness is amusing to watch. I’m rooting for David, Chris, and … I’m too tired to remember his name; Zeke? Zane? I think of him as Mustache Millenial anyways. I’d like to see that group go far.


  4. tammera70

    I knew the Millennials would self destruct. That’s what they tend to do on any reality tv show. (especially Big Bother and Survivor). And Taylor has ever negative stereo type that is attached to Millennials . He is the poster boy for how not to raise your child. I don’t mean to bash Millennials. I do have a daughter that is one and she turned out pretty well as did most of her friends. It is people like Taylor and Figgy that come along and ruin it for the whole bunch. and unfortunately there are a lot of them out there.
    Any one else want to smack Taylors smug face when he was laughing about steeling the food?

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  5. two

    Tamera! I’ve wanted to slap Taylor’s smug face since before Figgy went home. He has such an inflated opinion of himself and acts as if he’s just entitled to whatever he wants. I fault the rest of the tribe for not voting him out for just those reasons or at least giving him a stern calling out because of it. My next slapee is Adam. I dislike those two so much I can’t even try to decide the one I want to win. I’m just focusing on the ones I want gone.

    Happy belated birthday, Lisa! Your write up was amazing as usual. What a gift you have. I loved the comma cartoon on the side. There’s a t-shirt that says commas save lives….Let’s eat, Grandma / Let’s eat Grandma. : )

    And let’s wish a proud and thankful Veteran’s Day to all who serve or served!

    Betty, I’ve always loved Claude Raines too. What a class act(or)!

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