Survivor 33.10 “Million Dollar Gamble”


Hi y’all!

Well, first off, I apologize for the late update.  Today was not only Thanksgiving but it was also my sister Erin’s birthday!  It’s a double holiday!  Depending on what this day may mean to you, I hope that everyone reading this had a great Thanksgiving, birthday, or Thursday!

As for the latest episode of Survivor, it was an action-packed, two-hour extravaganza.  In the past, I’ve actually been disappointed with the double-long episodes of Survivor but not this season!  While the first hour was pretty much a typical hour of Survivor, the 2nd hour is destined to be remembered as a classic.  Not only did it feature two strong alliances competing against each other but it all concluded with a tribal council that it destined to go down in Survivor history!

Unfortunately, that tribal council did not end in a good way.  But we’ll get to that in a minute.

The first half of this double-sized episode ended with Chris being sent to the jury.  I wasn’t surprised to see Chris voted out.  Chris is a self-styled alpha male and he often came on way too strong.  He got cocky.  He occasionally got bossy.  That said, I never disliked Chris and I don’t think the rest of the tribe did either.  It didn’t feel like a personal vote.  Instead, it just made strategic sense to vote out Chris.  We all knew it was going to happen eventually.

For the record, the vote broke down as follows:

Bret, Jay, Sunday, and Chris voted for Jessica.  (I have yet to figure out why Jessica has inspired so much animosity from Bret, Chris, and especially Sunday.)

The rest of the tribe — Adam, David, Hannah, Zeke, Ken, Will, and Jessica — voted for Chris.

Chris was sent to jury by a vote of 7 to 4.

The second half hour was a lot more exciting.  After joining forces to take out Chris, David and Zeke both suddenly got paranoid and started targeting each other.  During a reward, Zeke and Bret bonded over being gay and discussed how times had changed.  It was actually a nice moment between the two of them but it doesn’t change the fact that Bret is a bit of a jerk and Zeke is starting to get awfully full of himself.  Following the reward, a new alliance formed as Zeke joined up with Bret, Sunday, Jay, and Will.

Meanwhile, David formed an alliance with his fellow neurotics: Hannah, Adam, Jessica, and Ken.  David decided to target Zeke but Zeke, at the same time, decided to target David.  Or, at least he did until he realized that Hannah was more interested in working with David than with him.  Zeke then decided to target Hannah.

However, at tribal council, Zeke dramatically whispered to Bret that they were going to vote for Ken.  Tricked, David used his immunity idol to keep Ken safe.  The vote was then tallied and it turned out that no one was voting for Ken.

Instead, Hannah received 5 votes.  Zeke received 5.

As everyone revoted, Hannah begged Jessica not to change her vote.  “But we’ll got to rocks,” Jessica replied, fully aware that a tie would lead to a random rock draw.

However, Jessica didn’t change her vote.  The revote was another tie.

Jeff told the tribe that they must now unanimously decide whether to evict Zeke or Hannah.  David pointed out that Zeke was unbeatable but Bret and the others refused to vote for him.  Since the tribe could not come to a unanimous decision, the rocks were brought out.

Here’s how this worked:

Because the tie could not be broken, Hannah and Zeke now had immunity and would not have to pull rocks.  Because Jay won immunity, he would not have to pick a rock.  Because David played the immunity idol for him, Ken would not have to pick a rock.

Everyone else had to pull a rock out of a bag and whoever got the black vote would be sent to the jury.

And, of course, Jessica go the black rock.

I FELT SO BAD FOR HER!  Alone among the castaways, Jessica seemed to understand the risk associated with pulling rocks at tribal.  And after being targeted so many times, Jessica was finally kicked out of the game by a random stroke of luck.  Jessica started sobbing and I don’t blame her.

What made it even worse was that Bret yelled out, “I’m sorry, Jessica — David wanted to pull rocks!”

Seriously, Bret?  SHUT UP!

Anyway, Jessica earlier won the legacy advantage, which means that she was due to get a mysterious advantage in just a few days.  Since she got voted out, she had to give the advantage to someone else.  She gave it to Ken.

So, after that double episode, here’s what I think of the remaining castaways:

Adam — Adam seemed strong during the first half of the season but now I think he might be one of the dumbest people to ever play Survivor.  He still has his immunity idol but I can imagine him easily being voted out with it in his pocket.

Bret — Bret’s an alcoholic jerk and I can do without him and his commentary.

David — I know that David drives some people crazy but he’s one of my favorites.  I’m just sad that he wasted his immunity idol.

Hannah — Somehow, Hannah has yet to be voted out.  At this point, she’s such a basketcase that she might be taken to the end just because everyone figures they can easily beat her.

Jay — After being a huge target, Jay has somehow managed to achieve a position of safety.  He’s still got his idol.  Probably the smartest thing Jay can do is keep quiet and lay low.

Ken — I love Ken and I hope he wins it all!  That said, the Ken/Hannah showmance needs to end before it begins.

Sunday — Who are you, Sunday!?  Deep into the season, Sunday remains a cipher.

Will — Wow!  Will is aging fast!  He looks like he’s 20 now!

Zeke — Zeke is a definite contender to win but he’s getting way too cocky and full of himself.  He’s got a big target on his back and it gets bigger with each episode.

So, I guess I hope Ken wins!

How about you?


Lisa Marie


9 thoughts on “Survivor 33.10 “Million Dollar Gamble”

  1. Sammi O'Leary

    Totally agree with EVERYTHING you said Lisa. Adam gets dumber every show. Seek who I loved gets cockier every show. Bret gets more obnoxious. Hannah gets creepier. David gets more awesome. And Jay, Damn it. Jay gets safer.
    Loved that they went to rocks but I, too, started sobbing when Jess did. Great show.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. betty

    Another great write up Lisa Marie, thank you.

    I was very proud of David when he won the immunity challenge, but it didn’t take long to see it go to his head. By the end of the 2nd episode I was totally against David, Hannah and Adam. They are all losers and talk too much and the sad part is I believe they have totally screwed up Ken’s game. Ken is my favorite, but as things stand now, I don’t see much hope in him winning.

    I agree with your thoughts on Zeke and Bret. It will be interesting to see how long it will take before the remaining Gen X and Millennials turn against them.


  3. Keith E. Benton

    Zeke has turned into a raging ass and Bret has always been an ass. Those two need to go quickly. Your right Lisa, Adam is as dumb as a stump and is nothing more than an albatross that will hinder any alliance that he’s on. I liked Zeke in the beginning but, now I want him out in the worst way. When Michelle was voted out I put Zeke in my final three with David and Ken. Now, I’m putting Jay of all people in my final three, which is still subject to change but, he’s become much more likable since Figgy and Taylor got the heave ho. Look out for Will he may turn out to be this seasons big sleeper.


  4. sunshine

    Bret has a pleasant face but a nasty personality and a drinking problem. When he was raging at nothing during tribal I was wondering if he was still drunk from the reward since I don’t have a notion about when these things are filmed timewise.


  5. two

    Wonderful, as usual, Lisa! I hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday, Erin!

    David kind of creeps me out. If he was determined to get out of his comfort zone, there were a lot of things he should have tried before going on Survivor. Giving away his immunity idols accomplished nothing for him except for making him look even more unbalanced. I don’t buy the whole “I’m not good at anything” vibe. Everything he has done/said was devised to promote himself as someone who would sacrifice for everybody else so you need to like and protect him. I know because I was just like David and that’s what I did for most of my life.

    So ragging on David doesn’t mean I want him out. I think the rest of the people will take care of that before too long.

    I, too, didn’t get why Jess was such a target and it broke my heart too when she drew the black rock. She was going to be in my final 3 just because she hadn’t done anything and the rest flip flopped around so much. The convo between Zeke and Bret was a very nice thing to see. I approved wholeheartedly until I realized all this proved is whatever your sexual orientation or age, you can still be as big jerk.

    I’d like to vote Taylor completely off the island.

    Go, Ken!


  6. bobovnvet

    Thanks for your write up Lisa💕 This was the best Survivor show in along time!Thanks for all of the comments my friends, It’s Sunday & I am just getting around to talk to you all….:mrgreen:💜…..



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