Survivor 33.11 “About To Have A Rumble”


Hi y’all!

Well, on Wednesday, I was at a movie when Survivor aired so I have just now finally gotten a chance to sit down and watch the latest  episode.  About To Have A Rumble featured not only another great tribal council but it also featured the seasonal Loved Ones challenge.  This is the challenge where the castaways compete for an opportunity to spend the day with a loved one.

This is always an emotional episode but that was especially true last night.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen so many tears shed during an episode of Survivor.  What was interesting is that it really did change the way that I felt about some of the castaways.  I’ve spent this season hating on Jay but his tears and emotions were so sincere that, as I watched the episode, I couldn’t help but start to like him.

(Seriously, is it me or has Jay become a lot more likable now that Michelle, Taylor, and Figgy are no longer around?)

I’ve also been pretty dismissive of Adam but he brought tears to my eyes, both with his refusal to use his advantage and his conversation with his brother about his mother’s health.  (Sadly, Adam’s mom died two days after the Survivor finale was filmed.)

This season, the visit from the loved ones served to remind us that, regardless of whether we like how they have played the game up to this point, all of the castaways are still human beings.  None of them are 100% good and none of them are 100% evil.  Instead, they’re all human.

For the record, Jay won the reward challenge.  He shared his reward with Will, Sunday, Adam, and their loved ones.  Jay said that he had to reward Sunday because she kept her word to him and it would seem that Jay and her are a lot closer than has been shown up to this point.  Will was rewarded because he has been Jay’s ally since the season began.  Adam was rewarded for refusing to use his advantage.

The rest of the episode was pretty much dominated by Will.  After spending almost the entire season as a sort of mascot for the Millennials, Will has decided that he wants to be taken seriously.  As a result, he came up with a plan to flip the vote and blindside Zeke.

It was a good plan and it made a lot of sense because Zeke was obviously the biggest threat in the game.  It nearly didn’t work, however.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love Ken.  Ken makes me smile.  But he’s not the best player in the game.  He often seems to be in his own little world.  As a result of this, Ken nearly destroyed the plan to get rid of Zeke.

What happened is that Will told Ken that Zeke and his allies were planning on voting for him.  Despite the fact that Ken had the numbers to stay, he still felt the need to confront Zeke’s alliance about their plans.  By doing so, he revealed that Will was planning on betraying Zeke.

Instead of automatically switching their target over to Will, Zeke and his alliance decided to target Hannah instead.  (They were worried that, if David had another idol, he would play it for Ken.)  Zeke felt that he had brought Will back into his alliance.

Well, Zeke was mistaken.  At the start of this season, Zeke came across as being neurotic but likable but, over the course of the last two episodes, he revealed himself to be very cocky and very arrogant and that cockiness did him in.  At tribal council, both of the alliances argued that Will should vote with them.  In the end, Will voted for Zeke.

As a result, Zeke would have been voted out regardless of whether or not Adam played his idol.  However, Adam did play his idol for Hannah.

And so, Zeke left.  Seeing as how Zeke was previously the most powerful castaway in the game, it’ll be interesting to see who steps into the power vacuum next week!  I have a feeling that Will’s going to try and it’s going to backfire on him.

By the way, am I the only one who finds Will to be hilarious?  He is so melodramatic!

We’ll see what happens next week!

Lisa Marie

6 thoughts on “Survivor 33.11 “About To Have A Rumble”

  1. Keith E. Benton

    I don’t particularly like the family visit episode as I find it rather dorky. I come from a family with a lot of military service and quite frankly, you can not see loved ones for up to a year. Also, they might not know if they will see each other ever again but, they do fine. These people act like 30 days is an eternity!

    Ken did the most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen on Survivor I believe. Someone flips sides and offers to help you and in your arrogance you go over to the opposition and ask them, really Ken? After that I’m really not wanting him to win or make final tribal, just because of him being stupid.

    I was happy that Zeke got voted out, because he deserved it after the way he has acted the last couple of episodes. David has played the best game believe it or not. Go David!!


    1. bobovnvet

      You know Keith you sound like me about the family! I was in Vietnam & got my R&R in Hawaii & was able to spend a week with my wife, it was great but took me a long time to get my mind back when I had to go back….. After 30 days, come on now…… :mrgreen:

      Liked by 1 person

  2. tammera70

    I thought for sure Dave was going home after last weeks tribal and at the beginning of Wednesday nights show. Oh how the tables turn so quickly in this game. I still think he is going home soon since he has made sure no one trust him. (well maybe Hannah and ken do).
    I was glad to see Zeke go, he was getting too cocky and arrogant.
    What can i say about Ken except “isn’t he pretty”.He may be as dumb as a bag of rocks but he is nice to look at.


  3. sunshine

    I guess Ken is the stereotype male model after all, he’s just quieter than the surfer dude was so we didn’t notice it. Dumb and self centered is a bad combo.


  4. betty

    I so agree with you about Ken. What the hell was he thinking? Jay is another story, I haven’t warmed up to him at all. The heat seems to be off him at the moment and it looks like he has a strong alliance with Sunday. She has been chummy with Jay for the past few weeks and if I were Bret, I would be a bit worried about this. Will is a typical millennial with his me, me, me attitude and I agree, this will probably backfire in his face, especially if his next target is Jay. It will be interesting to see how things work out next week.

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