Survivor 33: My Finale Predictions

Hi everyone!


Well, I have to apologize.  Last week, I had to take care of some personal business and, while I watched the show, I did not get a chance to do a write up.  For the record, Will was voted out and then Sunday was voted out.  Will was voted out because he started to get a big head.  I don’t think anyone was surprised when that happened.  Sunday was voted out because … well, I’m not sure why they decided to get rid of Sunday as opposed to an actual threat, like Dave.  Hannah seemed to be really desperate to get rid of Sunday, largely because she realized that Sunday would probably get taken to the end because everyone knew that they could beat her.  Apparently, Hannah wants to be the largely useless third wheel who is taken to the end because there’s no threat of her actually winning.

So, tomorrow is the finale!  I’m really excited to see who wins.  Despite the fact that I’m not a big fan of the Gen X vs. Millennial theme, this has been a pretty good season of Survivor.  We’ve heard memorable players, dramatic tribal councils, and unexpected blindsides!  What more could you want?

So, here are my thoughts on the 6 finalists:

David — Oh my God, who would have guessed that the neurotic and seemingly fragile David would somehow emerge as this season’s power player?  By any and all logic, Dave deserves to win this season.  Not only has he had the most interesting journey in the game but he’s also proven himself to be a surprisingly good strategist.  If nothing else, he deserves a lot of credit for surviving despite being everyone’s number one target.  Sadly, I think Dave might have trouble making it to the final three.  He’s too much of a threat to win.  If he can’t win immunity tomorrow night, he’s going to have to hope that Ken stays loyal to him.  Speaking of which…

Ken — I love Ken.  I can’t help.  He’s totally full of himself and he’s kind of flaky but seriously, he’s such a character.  He’ll be discovering the details of his “advantage” and it’ll be interesting to see if it will help him or if it will just prove to be one of those anti-climatic Survivor twists that don’t really do much to change the game.  Because Ken has been such an aloof player and has no head for strategy, it wouldn’t surprise me if he made it to the final three.  I imagine that everyone feels that they can beat Ken.

Brett — Brett has somehow made it to the final 6, despite not being a very smart or very good player.  If Brett somehow manages to win, I’m sure the first thing that he’ll do is go out and get a drink.  And then another drink…and another…and another…

Hannah — The last woman standing is the epitome of someone you bring to the end because you know you can beat her.  The only question about Hannah is whether or not she’ll be able to get through the final tribal council without having a panic attack.

Adam — The jury may hate Adam but he’s still a real threat to win.  Adam has been ruthless.  Adam has been a jerk.  Adam talks too much for his own good.  But Adam has a compelling personal story.  With his mother dying, can anyone blame him for playing hard?  If the remaining players are smart, they’ll get rid of Adam before they reach the final three but I think the rest of tribe has consistently underestimated him.

Jay — Jay may not be the most likable person on the tribe but he’s definitely a strong contender.  He’s played hard.  He’s won challenges.  He’s survived, despite being everyone’s target.  If Jay makes it to the final three, he’ll definitely start out with the votes of Michelle and Taylor and he’ll be a real threat to win.  Since Jay gave up his idol, he’s going to need to win immunity because, if he doesn’t, he’s going to be everyone’s number one target.

So, who do I think will win?  It depends who makes it to the final three.  The strongest final three would definitely be David, Adam, and Jay.  The weakest would be Brett, Hannah, and Ken.  My prediction is that everyone’s going to come after David and Jay, which will allow Adam to slip by.  Of the remaining players, I think Adam will feel that he has a better chance to beat Ken and Hannah than Brett.

So, I’m predicting the following final three:




And my guess is that Adam will ultimately win.

We’ll see if I’m right tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Survivor 33: My Finale Predictions

  1. williamswarriorkb

    Your right in that I just don’t see David making the final cut, even though I think he deserves the win the most. Adam would be next followed by Jay. Ken and the rest of the crew didn’t do much of anything this season except stay on the right side of the numbers.

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  2. tedstrutz

    Thank you so much, Lisa for hosting this blog and making the game more interesting with your solid insight. I think you pretty much nailed it. I think that if Adam makes it to final three he will win. He is an interesting guy. David also has a good chance. In fact, I think they all do. Everyone dismisses Hanna, but if she can pull it together and make some moves and win an immunity, I think she whould have a shot. Ken has been my favorite, but he has absolutely no idea how to play Survivor… too honest for his own good. Can’t wait for tonight!

    I would love to see you on Survivor, I think you would have a solid game and not be a baby when it poured rain.

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    1. tedstrutz

      p.s. Your comment about Hannah making it through final tribal without a panic attack is hilarious, but like David, she has grown and it shows how being on Survivor can have a positive effect for personal growth. I think David will be a much better television writer now, and Hannah will face life with more confidence. Interestingly, I think she has gotten sexier as the show has progressed.

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  3. star227

    You were right Lisa!! Way to go!!!👍🏻 You really need to get into a different line of work. Like being a bookie. Or a psychic. Lol. Great show this year. I didnt comment but I read. Thanks for being such a great blogger!!👏🏻💖💕😊

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