Survivor 33.13: Thoughts on a Finale


Hi y’all!

Well, another season of Survivor has been completed!  We started tonight’s finale with 6 castaways left and, by the end of the show, we had three left.  And amazingly enough, it was the three that I predicted in my previous post!  I’m either brilliant or I’m extremely lucky.

I’m going to go with lucky.

Since we started the 2 and a half hour finale with 6 people still left in the game, things occasionally felt a little bit rushed.

In quick order, the following happened:

Knowing that Jay was really good at finding immunity idols, David made a fake one.  Jay found it and believed himself to be safe.  Ken, meanwhile, actually was safe because the legacy advantage gave him immunity.  And David actually won immunity!

So, at tribal council, Jay played his fake idol and was promptly voted out.  To his credit, Jay laughed and took it well.

Adam then managed to find a real immunity idol (and I’m not sure how much I like an immunity idol still being in play that late in the game) and he used it at the next tribal.  Adam was hoping to keep himself safe and vote out Dave.  However, Hannah told Dave about Adam’s plan so Dave, Ken, and Hannah voted out Brett.  Brett threw a little fit on his way out, largely because Brett’s a 40 year-old, 250-pound child.

Ken won the final immunity challenge and, at tribal, he finally made a game move when he betrayed his closest ally and voted to send David to the jury.

That left Ken, Hannah, and Adam as the final three and the outcome was never in doubt.  During the final jury, Ken struggled to point out any moments when he actually played the game.  Hannah tried her best but, again, she most came across as a follower.  In the end, Adam came across as a strong and competent player.  It also helped that he had a compelling personal story.

Adam won.  Adam won unanimously.  Every member of the jury voted for him.

So, to sum up … here’s who would have won in a perfect world…


Here’s who won in the real world…


Congratulations. Adam!

Well, that’s it.  It’s time for me to take a little break from writing about reality television but I’ll be back next year to continue to cover Survivor, The Amazing Race (if it ever returns), and Big Brother!

Thanks for reading everyone!

Lisa Marie

3 thoughts on “Survivor 33.13: Thoughts on a Finale

  1. williamswarriorkb

    I just knew that Ken and Hannah wouldn’t receive any votes regardless if it was Adam or David going to the final tribal council. The smartest thing to do would have been to vote out both of them and take Bret but, it still was a good season.

    Ken didn’t articulate very well last night and well, he didn’t really do anything all season to articulate about. Hannah was more impressed by her game than anyone else and her arguments fell on deaf ears.

    Next season Tony gets to play again!! The one person I never wanted to see and hopefully he will get voted out quickly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wendy St Denis

    Thanks Lisa for all your updates. Your way of compressing the story is amazing and appreciated! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, A fan


  3. tedstrutz

    Another excellent season has ended and thank you for your analysis along the way. You did nail the final three, and it was more than luck. The person who deserved to win, with a little help from Chris at Ponderosa, I think. And his emotional story at Tribal swayed the ones on the fence. As annoying as he was, and thank you so much for posting a photo of him crying here today, he was always thinking and conceiving. He did put his money where his mouth is with the 100K donation. I think he will do some good things.

    Always fun to see all the contestants glammed up. Looking forward to seeing the show next season, 20 returning players. I’m stoked to see the Beast Mode Cowboy back and hope he does well. I don’t know about Sandra, although I really like her, or Cirie & Ozzie having played so much. Glad to see Malcome, JT and most of all Ciera, I love her. Crazy Troyzan, Debbie & Tai back.



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