Survivor 34 Episode 3 “Survivor Jackpot”

“My name’s Caleb and I’m perfect!”

Well, that sucked!

In many ways, tonight’s episode of Survivor was a pretty typical episode.  It’s still early in the game and alliances are still being made.  Even though all of these players have been on previous seasons, we’re still getting to know them as far as this season is concerned.  It’s always amazing to me how certain players can be brilliant during their first season and then end totally screwing up during their second season.

Tonight started out with the big tribal shakeup.  The two tribes were split into three tribes.  Personally, I’m never a fan of the whole three tribe thing.  The show has a hard enough time focusing on just two tribes.  When it has to deal with three, that inevitably means that whichever tribe isn’t constantly losing and going to tribal council is going to be shortchanged as far as the show’s attention is concerned.  I also think that they’re doing the shakeup a bit too early this season.

But, no one asked me.  Instead, everyone met on the beach and randomly grabbed new buffs until we ended up with the following three tribes:



Brad Culpepper (Formerly Nuku)


Sierra (Formerly Nuku)

Tai (Formerly Nuku)

Debbie (Formerly Nuku)


Aubry (Formerly Mana)

Michaela (Formerly Mana)

Sandra (Formerly Mana)

Malcolm (Formerly Mana)


Jeff Varner (Formerly Mana)


Andrea (Formerly Nuku)

Cirie (Formerly Nuku)

Sarah (Formerly Nuku)

Ozzy (Formerly Nuku)

Zeke (Formerly Nuku)

Troyzan (Formerly Mana)

The most interesting thing about the new tribes was how lop-sided they were.  On Tavua, Troyzan was the only former member of the Mana Tribe and, as such, was the automatic target of the five former Nuku members.  On the new Nuku tribe, JT was the only previous Nuku member and now found himself being targeted by five former members of Mana.  And finally, on the new Mana tribe, Caleb and Hali found themselves outnumbered by four previous Nuku members.

On the new Tavua Tribe, Troyzan went searching for an idol and he found it.  Or, I should say, he found a clue that informed him where the idol would be hidden during the immunity challenge.  Troyzan managed to grab the idol without anyone noticing, which should give him a little peace of mind.  It’s interesting.  I couldn’t stand Troyzan during his first season but I really liked him during this episode.  Maybe it’s because he’s now the underdog.  It’s hard not to root for someone to survive when they’re outnumbered 5 to 1.

On the new Nuku Tribe, JT had less luck finding an idol.  Sandra, for some reason, was obsessed with eating a goat.  I’m glad that the rest of the tribe did not agree with her.  Don’t get me wrong — if it’s day 26 and you’re out of rice, eat whatever you have to eat to survive.  But this was Day 9!

Add to that, those goats were adorable.

Meanwhile, on the new Mana Tribe, it was pretty obvious that Hali and Caleb were the targets.  After they lost the immunity challenge, they went to tribal council and it really wasn’t a shock that they voted out Caleb.  Obviously, he’s a much stronger player than Hali and Survivor is a game where you have to get rid of the strong players in order to win.


To be honest, I’m not sure if I would have called Caleb a game changer.  If anything, he was a really likable guy who broke everyone’s heart when he had to be medically evacuated during his previous season.  But, regardless of whether he deserved to be called a game changer or not, Caleb is one of those players who you always want to see go far because he just seems to be such a decent human being.  Judging from his two seasons on Survivor, Caleb has matured a lot since his time on Big Brother.

But that’s the way Survivor works.  The likable players don’t always win.  Sometimes, the players that you’re most excited about end up getting voted out early.  If not for the tribal shakeup, Caleb would not have been voted out.  It was bad luck but then again, so much of Survivor is all about luck.

So, goodbye, Caleb.  Peace by with you.

Lisa Marie


25 thoughts on “Survivor 34 Episode 3 “Survivor Jackpot”

  1. betty

    I was devastated Caleb was voted out. The Mana tribe will be sorry, after all see who they have left! I don’t think Tai, Brad, Hali, Debbie and Sierra are the best at challenges, so we may see them eliminated one after another!!

    Did anyone notice Sandra almost salivating when they caught the goat? They have three or four chickens, what more does she want? She makes me sick!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. williamswarriorkb

    I would’ve liked to see how Caleb played the game after the merge but, now we won’t know unless he’s invited back again. I agree with you Lisa in that I don’t care for the 3 tribe gimmick, as it just doesn’t work. As far as the goat goes, if they wait until the game is near the end, they probably won’t have the energy to catch one. They should stick with fish and fruit.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. franniep2

        Not a Tai fan either. As Ted says….he’s a snake-in-the-grass! He does have to go, but there are others that need to go before him.

        Liked by 4 people

      2. star227

        I agree about Tai LIsa! I don’t trust him as far as i could throw him! And that’s prolly pretty far, even for me!!! I’ve never liked him since day 1 and I don’t think Caleb did either. He just put on the act to keep him on his side. I understand every man for themselves, but it’s early days yet and he didn’t need to get Caleb, his BEST buddy who he cried buckets for when he had to go out last time, out yet.
        Thanks for doing the blog again Lisa!! Sorry so late to the party but I have had puter probs with BOTH my laptop and PC and you don’t want to know details, trust Besides, I’ve never been a big Survivor chatter. I mean, it’s only an hour a week. How much is there to say?? lol


  3. franniep2

    Thanks for the write up Lisa. I agree with you regarding the three tribes….and how stupid to have two tribes go to tribal council next week? So unless they have some sort of reward to the 2nd place team, why continue playing for second place? They would have to reward them with something, right?

    I give it 2 weeks, and there will be another change….Back to two tribes.

    Thanks for the list of the three tribes. That makes it easier to follow.

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Karlla

    Tai is very sneaky! He needs to go early in the game. Caleb seemed to have mellowed since Big Brother (and got married since his last Survivor appearance). Agreeing with Lisa…I also dislike the 3 tribes. I don’t believe it makes for an interesting game.
    Thanx to Lisa for her in-depth updates!

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  5. Karlla

    Oh…I forgot to mention the “goat thing”! Sandra was so wrong in wanting to eat the baby goat and/or it’s Mother. She needs to go (like yesterday). No one died and made her Queen of Survivor…she is rude, bossy, and could stand to lose a few lbs. 3 chickens available and she wants to eat a baby goat?!? Not Cool.

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  6. Jedadiah Leland

    Great write-up. If they actually did find themselves stranded on a desert island, Sandra would probably be the first to resort to cannibalism. The quicker they vote her out, the better. Not only might she win the game but she might try to eat them while they’re sleeping too.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Dazzling Erin

    I think the Mana Tribe is going to be in a lot of trouble until they finally merge. They’re going to be picked off one by one. Culpepper might be getting too full of himself, though. I could see Hali starting an alliance with Debbie and Sierra and voting Culpepper off.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. bobovnvet

    Thanks for this page Lisa💜 I don’t like Tai & Sandra was so wrong in wanting to eat the baby goat & it’s mother I can’t take the Queen anymore! Great comments everyone! Have a good weekend my friends………….. :mrgreen:

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