Survivor 34 Episode 4 “The Tables Have Turned”

Okay, having watched tonight’s episode of Survivor, I have one question:


Seriously!  First Caleb and now Malcolm.  (And I know that some of my male friends have said they thought that Ciera was hot, too.  I personally don’t see it but hey, whatever.)  If I was Ozzy, Troyzan, Hali, or Sierra, I would be really paranoid because it appears that the better looking you are, the more likely it is that you’re going to get voted off.  What’s especially bad is that all of these attractive people are getting voted off so early that they won’t even be on the jury.  We are potentially looking at the ugliest finale in Survivor history.

Okay, rant over.  Let’s talk about tonight’s episode of Survivor.

Up until that terrible moment when Malcolm’s torch was extinguished, this episode was shaping up to be one of the best in Survivor history.  The producers threw in an interesting twist during the immunity challenge.  Jeff Probst announced that, even though three tribes were competing, only one would win immunity.  Both of the tribes that lost would have to go to tribal council.

The immunity challenge was one of those challenges that drives me crazy because I know I wouldn’t be any good at it.  It was one of those things where each tribe picked a caller and that caller had to shout out directions while the rest of their blindfolded tribe tried to make their way through an obstacle course.  I have a hard time following directions and I get frustrated easily.  If I was on Survivor, I would be totally worthless in that challenge and I’d probably voted out afterward.

The challenge was won by Tavau, which means that Ozzy got a night off from worrying about being blindsided and Troyzan got to hold onto his immunity idol.  As I watched the other two tribes deal with their loss, I was pretty sure I knew what would happen.  Mana would vote out Hali.  Nuku would probably vote out JT.

But then — another twist!  Jeff announced that there would be only one tribal council.  Mana and Nuku would both go to tribal council at the same time and they would vote out one person!

Here’s where things got complicated.  Over on the Nuku Tribe, Sandra wanted to target Sierra because she was the biggest physical threat.  JT said he would go along with whatever the rest of the tribe did but, secretly, he was thinking that maybe he and Malcolm could somehow convince Culpepper and the rest of the Mana Tribe to vote for Sandra.  While Malcolm knew that he might be a target, he also felt that he and Culpepper, a fellow alpha males, had a connection.

Over on the Mana Tribe, Culpepper actually was thinking of targeting Malcolm, though he also seemed to be willing to go after Sandra.  However, in typical Brad Culpepper fashion, he overplayed his hand by trying to bully Hali into voting with her new tribe and against her old tribe.

Then, Tai went off and did some searching and found the immunity idol!  Now, if Tai was smart, he would have kept it for himself.  Instead, he decided to let the entire Mana tribe know.  The Mana Tribe now had an immunity idol but it wouldn’t do them much good unless they figured out who Nuku was going to vote for.  If they played the idol for the wrong person, it wouldn’t matter.  Nuku, with their one person advantage, would still have the numbers to vote out a member of Mana.

When everyone finally arrived for Tribal Council, the scene was complete chaos.  If not for the fact that it led to Malcolm getting voted out, this would have been one of my favorite tribal councils of all time.  Sandra was her usual snarky self, literally taunting Mana with the fact that JT was going to vote with his new tribe.  Meanwhile, Culpepper said that Hali would be in trouble if she didn’t vote for with Mana.  Both Sandra and Culpepper overreached and it backfired on them.

JT suddenly walked over to Culpepper and whispered in his ear, telling Culpepper that he was the target.  Hali whispered to Sandra.  Soon, everyone was whispering to everyone else.  Jeff Probst could only watch in shock as literally everyone scrambled about,  When he finally said that it was time to vote, no one seemed to know what was going to happen.

However, as so often happens when people are suddenly uncertain about what to do in Tribal, everyone stuck to the original plan.  Nuke voted for Sierra.  Mana voted for Malcolm.  Tai gave the immunity idol to Sierra who played it.  None of the votes for Sierra counted.  Malcolm was the fourth person voted out and he was definitely not happy about it.  I wasn’t happy about it either.

So, what does the future hold?  We’re four episodes in and it’s obvious that the show has been edited to emphasize the fact that three people are feeling very confident right now: Ozzy, Sandra, and Culpepper.  Usually, when someone gets the overconfident edit, that means that they’re going to be blindsided at some point in the future.  I’ll hate to see Ozzy go but I’m about done with Sandra and Culpepper.

One final note: for someone who has actually won the game in the past, JT seems to be absolutely terrible when it comes to strategizing.

Anyway — bye, Malcolm!  You and your amazing hair will be missed.

Lisa Marie

P.S. The Amazing Race stars next week!  Yay!  And yes, I will be covering the new season. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Survivor 34 Episode 4 “The Tables Have Turned”

  1. star227

    Hey Lisa!!! I can’t believe our last hottie is gone!!!! Malcom is also competent and smart but it dies seem like good looking Alpha males are on the endangered species list this year. I said the same. He and Caleb won’t even get to be in the jury!!! It’s so not fair!!!! I liked the Nuku tribe and he and JT seemed. To have the comps nailed. Poor Malcom. And poor US!!!🙁
    I don’t remember people talking at tribal line they have last couple of seasons. I keep waiting for Jeff to call them out on it. Like it’s against the rules. But he doesn’t. I guess ratings gold is more important. But I think it’s starting to get outta hand.
    I was thrilled when Malcom and JT were talking either Sandra or Tai. Ones a bossy bitch, who I’ve seen either sit out or blow the comos; and the other is a little Snitch!! That sure backfired tho. SMH.
    Another that’s changed is people getting balls and getting rid of the big guns early. And consistently too. I think that means the Braun isn’t very smart or aren’t using their brains in the game.
    A lot of the fun has gone out of it already for me in the loss of eye candy but I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!!😱😎
    Thanks for the great write up Lisa!! We can go cry in a glass of wine together. Lol

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  2. Sammi O'Leary

    I totally agree with your every opinion this time. Your 3rd paragraph made me wet myself a little so, thanks for that.

    I’m hating Culpepper, Tai, and Sandra. I’m pissed at JT. I can NOT wait for Debbie’s tantrum next week!

    And I also can’t wait for TAR.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. williamswarriorkb

    Tonight the episode was a hoot! It was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Personally, I want everyone that’s played more than twice gone, Sandra included. I can’t wait to find out what got up Debbie’s ass and died. Hali and Andrea? are my eye candy this season, so I hope that they go far. I’d like to see Tai and Sandra go out with a double eviction episode also.


    1. Janna

      I thought Sandra was going home ~~~~ I really hope Ozzy wins ~~ it’s his 3rd time and he plays good and he feeds the people, he is a fisherman


  4. Justaguy (JT)

    What is more exciting than Tribal Council?
    2 tribes going to tribal council!

    And what is more exciting than 2 tribes going to tribal council?
    Well, as it turns out, two tribes going to tribal council at the same time and all voting together for only one person to leave!

    WOW… what a great twist!! Something we have never seen before! It was so much more entertaining than a standard “double eviction”. Chaos everywhere.. everyone whispering back and forth or talking right out in the open!

    Add in an immunity idol found and correctly played.. wow!

    I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the telling 7th vote to be read. We knew whoever’s name was on that one would be leaving. This was one of the best tribals I had seen in a long time… and with this exciting new twist plus the fact that a tie would lead straight to drawing rocks without a revote!!

    7th vote revealed. Malcolm. Ughhhhhh!! I so wanted to see Sandra’s name on that one!
    Episode was great… ending sucked ass.

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  5. sunshine

    JT And Hali went over to their old team mates to conspire so I guess they are the next ones out. OOPS! Why there’s Debbie throwing a fit in the previews. Way to change the game Deb.


    1. Justaguy (JT)

      Ted, JT did tell Brad it was Sierra… that is for sure.
      But I’m pretty sure JT thought they would target Sandra instead of Malcolm.
      Otherwise he wouldn’t have told them. Getting Malcolm out certainly wasn’t JT’s intent.
      It just backfired on him.

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  6. Karlla

    Again…Lisa your review was excellent! I, personally, wanted to see Sandra GO but thought it was going to be Sierra. Tai is a sneaky little snake who also needs to be voted out soon! I’m afraid for Ozzy (as he works his ass off for his tribe) hasn’t faired well in the past. I can’t figure out why they are letting Sandra show her ass and think she is the Leader of it all?!? Thanx again, Lisa.



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