Survivor 34 Episode 7 “What Happened On Exile, Stays On Exile”

Before this latest season of Survivor began, I heard a rumor about Jeff Varner.

Supposedly, Varner was in therapy and had been since returning to America.  It was said that he was terrified of how people were going to react when they saw something that he did on Game Changers.  Apparently, he felt that he had done something so wrong that he was worried that he would never work again after America saw it.

Now, I have to admit that I was pretty dismissive of those rumors.  I mean, we all know that every season, there are rumors.  It’s rare that they ever turn out to be true.  And I’m not saying that the rumors about Varner being terrified or guilt-ridden were true either.  In his previous seasons, Jeff Varner was such a nasty and vindictive player that it wouldn’t exactly require psychic powers to guess that he was going to do something bad during Game Changers.  Predicting that Jeff Varner would act like a jackass is like predicting that a member of the Hantz Family would end up doing something violent.  It’s kind of an obvious guess.

That said, tonight’s episode of Survivor … well, it’s hard to know where to start.  It certainly wasn’t a typical episode of Survivor.  The immunity challenge and the reward challenge were handled quickly.  We did get some footage of Culpepper bonding with Aubry and Cirie over on the Mana Tribe.  And we got a few scenes of Varner trying to recruit everyone to vote off Ozzy on the Nuku Tribe.

But, once Tribal started, we all knew that Varner would eventually be voted out and the show didn’t make any attempt to convince us otherwise.  This was one of the longest tribal councils that I can remember but there was never any question that Varner was going.  From the moment he asked Zeke why he hadn’t told the tribe that he was trans, I knew Varner was going to go.

Watching Jeff Varner tonight, I found myself wondering how he really qualified as being a game changer.  Varner is not only a nasty and vindictive player but he’s also a rather stupid one.  When you consider that his goal was to get everyone to vote out Ozzy, what did he hope to accomplish by outing Zeke on national television?  Varner apparently felt that, by not coming out to the tribe as trans, Zeke was showing that he was capable of deception but, ultimately, all Varner did was prove himself to be a malicious and desperate player.

I know, I know.  Varner apologized.  Varner cried.  Varner said that he didn’t mean to out Zeke.  I didn’t buy it for a second.  Varner thought that he was going to 1) get the tribe to vote out Ozzy and 2) get the tribe to distrust Zeke so that he would be targeted at the next tribal council.  When Varner cried, it was because his plan had blown up in his face.  Need proof?  Just look at the way he constantly cut off Andrea when she said that she didn’t believe he was truly sorry,

So, no, I have no sympathy for Varner.  He knew what he was trying to do.  His plan backfired.  He was unanimously voted out.  Good riddance,

Next week — the merge!  Yay!

Lisa Marie


19 thoughts on “Survivor 34 Episode 7 “What Happened On Exile, Stays On Exile”

  1. williamswarriorkb

    Yeah, that was the height of stupidity doing what he did. I guarantee that was the last time you see Varner play Survivor. Overall it was a pretty boring episode.


  2. Sammi O'Leary

    OMG! I was so looking forward to your comments. I was so upset during tribal council. I was screaming and crying. I always hated Jeff Varner. Always. Tonight though he showed a whole other side. Malicious is totally the word i would use to describe his actions. I did not accept his apology and I hated that Zeke hugged him. OMG! I am still so upset. I watched tribal council twice.

    I am proud of all the rest of the tribe’s emotional reactions. I love that they all put Jeff in his place. I really wish one or two of them would have jumped up and punched Jeff in the throat. I know, I’m overly emotional and I need to calm down and relax. I’m trying. I can’t wait until after the finale to see what is said then. I wonder how this will effect Zeke’s home life and job?

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  3. Deb

    What a douche move by Varner! It totally backfired on him and I’m glad. Zeke handled it so well. I know I wouldn’t have been able to be so composed. Zeke must have given Survivor permission to air that. Is this the first time the vote was taken verbally? I hope this doesn’t affect Zeke’s game and now I want him to win.

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  4. tedstrutz

    Varner didn’t know what the hell he was doing, obviously. One of the more amazing Tribals ever. First time there was no vote. Amazing.

    Hey, where is Dazzling Erin? I want to steal her gif.

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  5. Karlla

    Whoa…that was one strange show?!? I (also) was thinking Zeke had to give permission for that to be shown. I think Varner lifted a weight off the shoulders of Zeke. Zeke didn’t seem that surprised by Varner’s statement. It seems Varner may not be comfortable in his own skin about his being Gay.

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  6. waxfairy

    Any of you who are also Big Brother watchers, were you reminded of the season Audrey was on? They made such a big deal of her being the first trans player in BB history, and she turned out to be a terrible player, and seemed kind of toxic. Maybe that’s just in the game, not real life, who knows. But production handled her with the absolute softest of kid gloves, even giving her a deux ex machina type of exit, which she didn’t deserve. Zeke went about it an entirely different way, and for that, I respect him immensely.

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    1. smartsenior

      I was just commenting about Audrey on another blog, no one wanted to vote her off for fear of social media. I think Zeke is going to have a very easy time of it from now on because people will want to be seen as trans accepting to the public regardless of actual game play. Just watch. Everyone fears being called a bigot even when they aren’t and a vote against Zeke isn’t worth a lifetime of terror by trolls.



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