The Amazing Race 29.3 “Bucket List Type Stuff”

Things change quickly on The Amazing Race.

At the end of the first leg, I thought that Seth and Olive were the team to beat and that Liz and Michael were obviously doomed.  Now, two legs later, Seth and Olive have been eliminated and Liz and Michael are quickly emerging as the team to beat.

Last night’s episode saw our teams going from Brazil (home of my friend, Alexandre Rothier — hi, Alex, if you’re reading!) to Tanzania.  The episode also saw this season’s first appearance of a Blind Double U-Turn.  Ashton and Vanck used the U-Turn on Matt and Redmond, largely because Ashton is still mad over … well, nothing.  (Ashton is convinced that Matt and Redmond went back on a promise they had made but the fact of the matter is that, when Matt and Redmond arrived at that travel office, Ashton was nowhere to be seen and…AGCK!  I get annoyed just writing about it.)  Tara and Joey used the U-turn on Seth and Olive and essentially knocked them out of the race.

This was supposed to be a blind U-turn but it didn’t work out that way.  Matt and Redmond figured out that Ashton and Vanck u-turned them and, since Ashton and Vanck were the 2nd team to arrive at the u-turn, that meant that the first team — Tara and Joey — must have u-turned Seth and Olive.

Matt and Redmond were not happy about being u-turned and they quickly showed how scary a team they can actually be.  They not only flew through both tasks in the detour but then managed to finish in fourth place.  For no good reason, Ashton and Vanck have now made permanent enemies.

Seth and Olive were less successful.  In fact, they almost seemed to give up once they saw that they were u-turned.  A final mistake — Seth deciding to run to the pit stop instead of taking a taxi — sealed their last place finish.  Despite the fact that there was a delay in checking in Becca and Floyd (as a result of Floyd temporarily misplacing his passport), Seth and Olive were eliminated from the race.

Here’s how each team finished, along with a few thoughts:

In first place, Liz and Michael.  After a terrible first leg, they are working well together and are now the new front-runners to win it all.  Who would’ve guessed?

In second place, Tara and Joey.  They’re not an exciting team but they are emerging as a strong one.  Playing the U-turn paid off for them.

In third place, Vanck and Ashton.  They’ve run two good legs but it’s hard not to feel that they’re about to fall apart.  Ashton is way too hung up on Matt and Redmond’s supposed betrayal.  Meanwhile, Vanck remains as detached as ever.

In fourth, Matt and Redmond.  In must be said, Matt and Redmond went a little bit overboard when it came to getting upset about the U-turn.  It really is just a part of the game.  But it was hard not to be impressed by the fact that the U-turn didn’t even slow them down.  They are a scary team and definitely contenders to win it all.

In fifth, London and Logan.  So far, they’ve shown no personality but they’re just so pretty!

In sixth, Brooke and Scott.  They seem like they a strong team but they are perennially stuck in the back of the pack.

In seventh, Shamir and Sara.  I’m tempted to call them Team Whiny Little Bitch but that’s not fair to Sara.  There’s only one whiny little bitch in this team and it’s not her.  Sara’s strong but she’s found herself stuck with one of the worst partners in the history of the Amazing Race.  What’s funny is that, every time they check in, you can tell that Phil absolutely loathes Shamir.

In eighth, Becca and Floyd!  They would have been in fifth place but Floyd misplaced his passport.  Oh, how I was hoping to see Team Fun eliminated.

In ninth, Seth and Olive.  Bye bye, former front runners.

Who will be eliminated next?  I’m going to guess Shamir and Sara because it’s going to have to happen at some point.  Poor Sara.

Lisa Marie


3 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 29.3 “Bucket List Type Stuff”

  1. williamswarriorkb

    Team Whiny Little Bitch, I love it!!! This guy would pair up well with that wench that won season 2. If you remember that one she wanted to quit all the time and called her partner all sorts of names and I hated her guts and still do.

    Team Peg Leg are just assholes! They’re really good at the race but their personalities are the worst. Right now I’m liking Team Red Beard and Team Fun and Fun is only mentioned since I haven’t seen anything from anyone else at the moment. This is subject to change.


  2. betty

    Thanks for the great write up. Last night’s show had me looking at Michael in a different light. He was kind and considerate to the locals and he took the time to make sure he thanked everyone. He is still not my favorite, but he is growing on me. Ashton is a witch! I don’t know what crawled up her butt and died, but she sure is a PITA and unfortunately poor Vanek has to put up with all her shenanigans. I still can’t figure out what Matt and Redmond did to Ashton, but I bet she regrets u-turning them, especially after seeing them come in 4th. I hope Matt and Redmond get even with her soon! Oh no Lisa Marie! Why don’t you like Floyd and Becca? I just adore them and find it refreshing to see a couple in the race who not only want to win, but to have fun along the way. I agree with you Seth and Olive, they both seemed to give up, which totally surprised me. I like Sara, but my loathing of Shamir has me wanting to see them eliminated next week!! Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Deb

    I feel bad for Sara being stuck with Shamir and I feel sorry for Scott being stuck with Brooke. I think they should switch and have Sara and Scott as a team and Shamir and Brooke as a team and eliminate them. First it is Shamir’s junk and now a splinter. Suck it up buttercup! I disagree with you about Ashton. Sure she whines but Redmond/Matt made a pact about the helicopter ride but Redmond/Matt arrived first and just took the first slot. I understand but you did make a pact and totally blew it off since you arrived first. I’m sure if Ashton/Vance arrived first, Redmond/Matt would remind them of their pact. Then when it was time to get the ferry tickets, Redmond/Matt jumped to the front of the line and no one seemed to say anything but Ashton. Redmond is just an asshole but Matt seems okay so far.

    And as always, thanks for the great write-up Lisa Marie.

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