The Amazing Race 29.7 “Have Fun and Get It Done”

Last night’s episode of The Amazing Race was a bit anti-climatic, just because it turned to be a non-elimination leg.  Even though Michael and Liz came in last, they were not eliminated.  Instead, they’ll just have to do a speed bump during the next leg of the race.

It’s interesting that, both times that Liz and Michael have come in last, it’s been a non-elimination leg.  Michael and Liz obviously have a lot of luck on their side and they need it because they’re always either great or terrible.  There’s no in-between when it comes to Liz and Michael.  For a while, I thought that Liz and Michael might make it to the finale.  After watching them over the past few legs, I’ve decided that they’ll probably finish in fourth place.  In many ways, they’re a strong team but they’re hardly perfect.  Liz occasionally get overwhelmed.  Whenever he gets frustrated, Michael turns into a stubborn jerk.  They’re strong enough to survive multiple legs but I don’t know if they’re strong enough to make it to the end.

As for the rest of last night’s episode, it was dominated by the beauty of Venice and some rather foolish melodrama over London and Logan not helping the other teams.  I always find it silly when teams get upset when another team doesn’t stick around to help them.  It’s a race.  You can’t win a race if you’re constantly stopping to help your competitors.  Michael’s constant whining — and there’s really no other way to describe it — about London and Logan not helping him made me lose some respect for him as a competitor.

That said, I’m always happy whenever the Amazing Race reaches Venice.  I spent the summer after high school graduation in Italy and I absolutely love Venice.  Last night’s episode brought back a lot of good memories.

Here’s how the teams did, in order of their finish:

Coming in first, Matt and Redmond!  They finally got their first place finish.  Perhaps it helped that they were no longer being distracted by their feud with Vanck and Ashton.

Coming in second, Becca and Floyd!  I’ve grown to actually like Floyd but Becca still drives me up the wall.  At least Becca has stopped talking about her fun meter.

Coming in third, Tara and Joey!  Team Boring is still running a strong race.

Coming in fourth, Brooke and Scott!  Brooke is still annoying and Scott is still trying to grin and bear it.  That everyone was shocked by Brooke’s success at the Roadblock shows you how little regard the rest of the teams have for Team Brooke and Scott.

Coming in fifth, London and Logan!  Everyone got so upset over London and Logan not helping anyone else find the first clue in Venice but I probably wouldn’t have helped either.  It’s a race and they’re getting way too close to the end to worry about anyone other than themselves.  Considering that London and Logan have always been at the back of the pack, I don’t blame them for looking out for themselves.

Coming in sixth, Liz and Michael!  It was a non-eliminated but they’ll have to do an extra task during the next leg. Also, the next leg will feature a double u-turn.  So, they’re success will largely depend on Michael not overreacting and getting frustrated.  Good luck with that.

As always, we’ll see what happens next week!

Lisa Marie



4 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 29.7 “Have Fun and Get It Done”

  1. jsd412

    I really like Becca and Floyd. Their persona might be corny but it is so refreshing and a joy to see. They keep reminding me how I need to lighten up. I would like to see them win just because of that. They don’t have a mean bone in their bodies.

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  2. williamswarriorkb

    Tara and Joey are just the team that will usually sneak up from behind and win the race. Liz and Michael, team [Redbeard] are falling apart and I am disappointed in that fact as they are/were my favorite team. According to the previews they really have problems during the next leg, but with the way previews are they probably will pull it together and place decently. Matt and Redmond seem like a well oiled machine, but the machines usually falter in the last or next to last leg.

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  3. tedstrutz

    It was disappointing to hear Phil say team Redbeard were still racing. I am so over that guy. But I guess every reality show needs a real jerk and casting knew what they were getting. Interesting that both times they hit the mat it was a non-elimination leg. But, that all has to be planned way in advance I’m sure and not fixed. I like all the people on the other teams and enjoying the sights and competitions. I love London, she has a beautiful smile and is always upbeat, I think that’s my team to root for to win.

    On the next Amazing Race, I am writing Phil to suggest they team Becca with bloggers Lisa Marie and Dazzling Erin… Now that would be a team! Looking forward to Thursday and hoping the speed bump is a big one.

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