The Amazing Race 29.8 “Good Job, Donkey”

After watching last night’s episode of The Amazing Race, I have two thoughts:

First off, Team Fun has finally won me over.  I’ve spent most of this season annoyed with them and wondering what everyone else saw in them but, last night, they finally won me over.  Even though they got lost and then got u-turned, they remained positive.  They didn’t turn on each other.  They didn’t whine about it.  Team Fun may go overboard with the fun but they can work hard when they need to.  I was actually happy that they managed to avoid elimination.

Secondly, I am so over Team Michael and Liz.  For a while, I really liked them.  They appeared to be the front-runners and I was happy about it.  But, over the past few episodes, I have really gotten tired of having to listen to Michael whine about how he helps everyone but no one helps him.  It’s a race.  It was dumb to help those other people.  No one held a gun to Michael’s head and said, “Go offer encouragement to the other teams!  Do it now!”  Michael has many good qualities but there’s only so much whining that I can take.

That said, I do understand why he was upset over being u-turned.  If I was on the Amazing Race, I would like to think that I would never u-turn another team, unless it was absolutely necessary.  Brooke and Scott were in first place and Liz and Michael were at the very back of the pack.  (Add to that, Liz and Michael already had a speedbump coming up, which was going to slow them down regardless.)  There was really no need to u-turn anyone.

I’m also not sure why Tara and Joey decided to go after Team Fun.  It’s not like the racers are required to u-turn anyone.  Last night was the third double u-turn on this season and I hope it’s the last.

But anyway, Liz and Michael have now been eliminated.  Michael says that he views Liz as being his sister.  They both said they would keep in touch.  I bet neither hears from the other ever again.

Here’s how the teams did, in order of finish:

Coming in first, Tara and Joey!  Team Boring strikes again!  I think the secret of their success is that, since neither one of them appears to have a personality, there are no personality conflicts.  They’re like robots, specifically designed to team up and run the race.

Coming in second, Matt and Redmond!  The boys continue to run a good and positive race.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see them win it all.

Coming in third, Brooke and Scott!  Team Whiny is still in the race.  It’s funny that they’re doing well but they both always look absolutely miserable about having to spend any time together.

Coming in fourth, London and Logan!  London and Logan have somehow not been eliminated yet, despite always being in the back of the pack.  They’re a lucky team.  What if they somehow win?  Stranger things have happened.

Coming in firth, Becca and Floyd!  Team Fun finally won me over.  Actually, to be honest, Floyd won me over and Becca’s kind of along for the ride.

Coming in sixth, Michael and Liz!  Bye, guys.  You had some good moments but there’s only so much time anyone can spend listening to Michael complain.

There’s four legs of the race left and we’ve only got five teams.  That means that we’ve got one more non-elimination leg coming up.  Despite struggling last night, I think Team Fun will make it to the finale.  I also think that Brooke and Scott will be the next to be eliminated, followed by London and Logan.  It’s just a feeling I have.

So, here’s my prediction for the finale:

Coming in third, Becca and Floyd.

Coming in second, Tara and Joey.

Coming in first, Matt and Redmond.

We’ll see if I’m right!

Lisa Marie


6 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 29.8 “Good Job, Donkey”

  1. williamswarriorkb

    Team Red Beard was my favorite at the start, but Michael’s continuous bitching made me waver. I blame him completely for being eliminated since he wouldn’t turn the car around!! I mean, who in their right mind continues the wrong way all the way up a mountain and back down to loop back to where you started when you could’ve just turned around and went back a mile or two?? Being a stubborn jackass was his downfall and Liz deserved better than what he gave.

    Two hour episode next week FYI.

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  2. betty

    It was unbelievable Scott and Brooke u-turned Michael and Liz, but then thinking about this, I really wasn’t that surprised, as Brooke is the type who would kick a dog when it’s down. When they reached the finished line, you could see Phil was a bit upset with them for doing this, as Michael and Liz already had to face a speed bump! SMH I just can’t stand Brooke and I hope next week we will see her and Scott eliminated. Tara and Joey also disappointed me when they u-turned the fun team? I just didn’t understand this, but they said they wanted to give Michael and Liz a chance to stay in the race. BS, they did it because Becca and Floyd are a strong team and well liked by the other teams! I have liked Floyd and Becca from the start. They work so well together and we have never seen them turn on each other, which I find totally refreshing! I am so glad you now like them Lisa Marie. They are my favorites, along with Matt and Redmond.

    The only good thing that came out of the Michael and Liz u-turn and them also having to do a speed bump, it kept Becca and Floyd in the game. Thanks for another great write up. Hope you have a great week!

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  3. tedstrutz

    The elimination of Team Redbeard rests solely on Michael’s shoulders instead of a goat. I he hadn’t been such a donkey and behaved like an ass not turning around when Liz said all the other teams turned right and she thinks she made a mistake, Team Fun would be heading to the airport and back to the USA. Team fun better pay a little more attention to their map reading. And It is so nice to see a team with their attitude toward the game. I’m rooting for them.

    I disagree, LM, I think Michael and Liz will stay in touch. In spite of his bluster I think he is a nice guy.

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