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The Amazing Race 29.12 “We’re Going To Victory Lane”

Last night, despite what I was expecting to happen, Brooke and Scott won season 29 of The Amazing Race.  Despite the show’s best attempts to create some suspense about who would be the first to reach the finish line, it really wasn’t even close.  Brooke and Scott were in front from the minute that the final three teams arrived in Chicago.  Despite all of Brooke’s whining, they ran a pretty much perfect final leg.

I have mixed feelings and I’m sure I’m not alone.

One the one hand, Brooke drove me crazy.  I think she drove almost everyone watching crazy.  While I eventually reached the point that I could tolerate Scott, Brooke’s nonstop whining was just as irritating during last night’s episode aa it was during the premiere.  Scott may have earned his victory but it’s hard not to feel that he basically carried Brooke across that finish line.  When Brooke and Scott came running up, none of the other teams looked particularly happy.  Even Phil seemed more subdued than usual.

At the same time, of the final three, Brooke and Scott were the only team who had really made any sort of impression at all.  Tara and Joey seemed to be nice people but, other than Tara serving in the army and Joey being from Boston, what else did we ever learn about them?  Joey did more talking last night than he had done in the entire race up until that point.

As for Logan and London — again, nice people but who were they?  They were both pretty.  That’s always a good thing but that’s about the only thing we really learned about them.

If Team Fun or Matt and Redmond had been in the finale, I would have had a far different reaction.  But they both got eliminated.  That’s the way the Race works.  That’s what distinguishes it from scripted television.  Sometimes, likable people lose.  Sometimes, the team you’ve spent an entire season actively disliking still manages to win.  That’s life.  That’s The Amazing Race.

Though I was worried that this would be the last season, The Amazing Race was recently renewed.  Hopefully, for the next race, the producers will abandon all the gimmicks and concentrate on what made the Race great to begin with.  No more attempts to turn it into a dating show.  No more forcing strangers to race together.  No more second chance or all-star seasons.

No.  The Amazing Race doesn’t need any of that.  It’s amazing on its own.

Until next season, everyone!

Lisa Marie