Survivor 35 Episode 3 “My Kisses Are Private”

Hi, y’all!

I’m on vacation right now but I still made sure to catch the latest episode of Survivor.  I was hoping for some drama tonight, maybe a few betrayals, maybe a blindside or two…

And, it must be said, Patrick was certainly blindsided when he got voted out of the Hustler Tribe tonight.  Patrick looked really shocked as Jeff read the votes.  He gave all of his tribemates a truly chilling death stare as he realized that they had decided to keep Lauren after him.  When he stood up to leave, he muttered something under his breath.  When his torch was snuffed, he looked over his shoulder at the tribe.  Then, in his final interview, he said that he was still in a state of shock.

So, Patrick was definitely taken by surprise.  But really, that had less to do with the rest of his tribes being great strategists and more to do with Patrick being an idiot.  Patrick was on thin ice through the entire episode.  Even before the immunity challenge, his obnoxious personality was already turning everyone off.  The only reason they had for keeping him was because he was supposedly good at challenges.  Then, almost single-handed, he managed to lose the challenge for the Hustler Tribe.  Back at camp, he was too quick to assume that the tribe would automatically vote out Lauren.  In many ways, this episode was all about Patrick digging his own grave.

That said, Lauren shouldn’t get too confident.  Her social game is almost as bad as Patrick’s.  Personally, I lost all sympathy for her as soon as she started talking about how she never trusts anyone with red hair.  I mean, seriously, what was going on with that?  Lauren not only said it to Patrick but then repeated it at tribal council.  Apparently, she thought she was saying something really clever.  Speaking as a redhead, I can’t wait for Lauren to be voted out.

Other than the Patrick vs. Lauren conflict, this was a fairly boring episode.  The Hustler Tribe is pretty much helpless and it really wasn’t that much of a shock to see them once again at tribal council.  As for what happened on the other tribes:

On the Hero Tribe, Alan is paranoid.  Ben says that he and Chrissy are in charge of the tribe.  Ashley and JP are scared of being seen together because they’re worried people will see them as being a power couple.

On the Healer Tribe, Joe is being arrogant and unlikable.  Joe is apparently obsessed with voting out Dr. Mike but the rest of the tribe is getting sick of Joe.  Cole and Jessica have a showmance developing, one that would probably be cuter if Cole and Jessica actually had personalities.  Cole told Jessica that Joe has the idol and then proceeded to tell everyone else on the tribe as well.  Cole wants to target joe.

Next week, Jeff will be ordering everyone to drop their buffs!  It’s time for tribal shakeup!  It may seem early in the season but, then again, the Hustlers are such a weak tribe that the producers probably didn’t have much choice but to go ahead and change things up.  Personally, I don’t mind.  It’s time for some of the Healers to experience tribal council.

What did everyone think of tonight’s episode?

Lisa Marie

The third castaway voted out, Patrick.



4 thoughts on “Survivor 35 Episode 3 “My Kisses Are Private”

  1. Marcella

    Good ole red-haired Patrick was the most bitter, early evicted, tribe mate ever! Talk about clueless! As a some redhead myself, I’m with you re: annoying Lauren. With the buff dropping coming next week, her demise may be sooner than later unless she decides to do some serious change up in her gameplay. We know that’s not gonna happen. Next to her, arrogant Joe is equally annoying and unlikeable. Maybe he’ll be next with his idol in his pocket.

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  2. deb

    I’m glad Patrick is gone because he was just awful and his true colors were out once he got evicted. I wonder how they are going to merge the teams since there are 15 people left. Three teams of five? Still learning names but I found it odd that Jessica (?) was happy when Cole told her about Joe having the idol but mad when he told the other two women about the idol. I think he only told the others to get them onboard to blindside Joe with the idol in his pocket since Joe is sure that Mike is going to be evicted first from the tribe.


  3. C'est Moi

    Next time there is a throwing at objects with accuracy challenge, Lauren might be the best choice to do the throwing. I’m a fan of women’s fast pitch softball at all levels and I don’t doubt that center fielder Lauren has the arm to fire the ball from near the fence to the catcher’s glove with or without a relay. But my Rebecca is also a red head, so Lauren best change her tune on that subject.


  4. sammiofusa

    I was hoping Patrick would last longer and be more entertaining. I was happy to see him go last night. As for Lauren, I like her. She does have a poor social game but I think her tribe is figuring her out or she would have been gone. As for the redhead comment, when she was talking to Patrick she said something about being able to read a redhead easily. I assumed that meant he blushed when he lied or got flustered. I know with my pasty skin I have that problem. At tribal she said it differently and it came out as a slam. I’m thinking she meant it more the first way she said it and just got tripped up at tribal. We will see how her personality emerges as the game progresses. I might just want to like her because she’s older, she’s a woman, and she’s chubby.

    I still want Joe gone.

    And, I thought this episode was boring until Patrick reacted to getting voted out.

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