Survivor 35 Episode 4 “I Don’t Like Having Snakes Around”

Hi y’all!

So, I finally got to watch last night’s episode of Survivor.  I still feel like we’re kind of waiting for this season to really kick into high gear but last night’s episode was still more exciting than the one that came before it.

Things started with a tribal shake-up and not a minute too soon because the Hustlers were getting close to extinction.  Before the reward challenge, Jeff had everyone randomly draw new buffs and split into three new tribes.

(I have to admit that I was hoping the reshuffle would result in two big tribes instead of three little tribes.  Tribal council is always more fun when it’s a big group of people, instead of when its only five.)

Here the new tribes:

Levu Tribe (Formerly The Heroes Tribe)

  1. Alan (Former Hero)
  2. Ashley (Former Hero)
  3. Devon (Former Hustler)
  4. Joe (Former Healer)
  5. Desi (Former Healer)

Yawa (Formerly The Hustlers Tribe)

  1. Ben (Former Hero)
  2. Jessica (Former Healer)
  3. Cole (Former Healer)
  4. Mike (Former Healer)
  5. Lauren (Former Hustler)

Soko (Formerly The Healers Tribe)

  1. Ali (Former Hustler)
  2. Ryan (Former Hustler)
  3. JP (Former Hero)
  4. Chrissy (Former Hero)
  5. Roark (Former Healer)

The majority of the show deal with the new tribes getting to know each other.

On the Soko Tribe, Ryan let Chrissy know that he was the one who gave her the secret advantage and they had a bonding moment.  Seeing as how both of them seem to be underestimated by the rest of their tribemates, I actually like the idea of a Ryan/Chrissy alliance.

On the Yawa Tribe, we were provided with yet more evidence that Cole and Jessica are possibly the stupidest people to ever appear on Survivor.  As a result of winning the reward challenge, each member of the tribe won a peanut butter sandwich and a bag of potato chips.  Inside her bag, Jessica discovered a new secret advantage.  The advantage gave Jessica the ability to take away a person’s vote at tribal council.  Like the previous advantage, it was only good for the upcoming tribal and, if the Yawa Tribe won immunity, Jessica would be required to use the advantage on someone else on the tribe that didn’t.

Of course, Jessica told her fellow Healers, Cole and Mike.  Cole, being an idiot, decided that the best way to win over Lauren and Ben would be to tell them about the advantage, even though there was no strategic reason to do so.  Lauren then mentioned to Mike that she knew about the advantage and Mike got paranoid about whether Cole and Jessica were planning on blindsiding him.

This all led to Jessica telling Cole to stop being an idiot.  If Jessica was smart, she’d realize that Cole is an unreliable ally.  But, because she’s crushing on him, she just kind of laughed it off.  “Oh, Cole…”

However, both the Yawa Tribe and the Soko Tribe won immunity so Jessica was spared any more drama.  Instead, the new Levu Tribe was sent to tribal and we got our season’s first blindside.

On the new Levu Tribe, it was two heroes and two healers with Hustler Devon as the deciding vote.  However, in order to help out her former tribemates, Jessica canceled out Devon’s vote.  Joe, having gone out of his way to be obnoxious so that the he would be targeted at tribal, played his immunity idol.  This turned out to be a smart move because both Ashley and Alan voted for Joe.  Meanwhile, Joe and Desi voted for Alan.  By a vote of 2-0, Alan was voted out of the game.

I thought this was a pretty good episode,  The tribal was fun and it was nice to see someone finally use an immunity idol correctly for once.  I’m not a huge Joe fan but he has every right to be proud of himself after that vote.

What did everyone else think?

Lisa Marie

Fourth to be voted out of Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers, Alan Ball


5 thoughts on “Survivor 35 Episode 4 “I Don’t Like Having Snakes Around”

  1. sammiofusa

    Glad to see Alan gone even though he wasn’t being his freaky self last night. I almost forgot he was a paranoid delusional player.

    Stupid is as stupid does…Jessica and Cole.

    Joe made a good play. Still want him gone.

    I really hope the game gets exciting soon. Survivor posted on Facebook that the tribal was going to be super exciting. Guess I was expecting more. I should know better than to even read their posts. They always set me up for a let down.

    Thanks Lisa. =0)


  2. Marcella

    lol be happy when we get to 2 tribes… maybe a couple of weeks away? Alan or Joe gone this week was fine with me. Now that idol is gone too, for now… those competitions were brutal!
    Thanks for the synopsis Lisa Marie!


  3. deb

    Alan was almost likeable this week. I would have preferred Joe left but it is what it is. What was the purpose of Cole telling Ben and Lauren about the secret advantage. I was confused with the secret advantage. I thought when she read it it said she could cancel someone’s vote at tribal. I didn’t hear her say when she passed it on, it would prevent the receiver’s vote to not count. Did she know that part and purposely wanted Devon to not vote?


    1. sammiofusa

      I’m not certain but I think she gifted it to someone on the other tribe and they picked whose vote would be blocked. That person chose Devon. I could be wrong.
      Also, Jessica wanted to weaken the other tribe so I’m guessing she gave it to one of the women.



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