Survivor 35 Episode 10/11 “Buy One, Get One Free”

Hi, everyone!

Forgive me, I’m running behind.  I only now got a chance to watch last night’s 2-hour episode of Survivor.  I’m just going to share a few thoughts because, honestly, there’s not much to say about these people:

This season is shaping up to be a strange one.  I’m not going to say that it’s a disappointing season because it’s not over yet and sometimes, a good finale can make up for a weak season.  Plus, I still like Ryan and Ben and Dr. Mike is intriguingly weird.

That said, the season so far hasn’t offered up much for viewers who were hoping to see a lot of great strategy.  Chrissy, Lauren, Joe, Ben, and Dr. Mike all claim to be brilliant strategists but so far, most of their game moves have been baffling.  By virtue of being two hours, last night’s episode revealed just how strange and random most of their moves have been.

The first hour started with Dr. Mike finally admitting that he wasted his immunity idol and that he didn’t really succeed in accomplishing anything at the previous tribal council.  (At least, he admitted it.)   He and Joe decided to deal with being on the bottom of the tribe by being as obnoxious as possible.  They even nicknamed themselves the Coconuts.  (“He’s coco.  I’m nuts!”)

Meanwhile, in the alliance of seven, Lauren, Ben, Devon, and Ashley decided that it was time to break the alliance and take out Chrissy, Ryan, and JP.  In itself, that’s not bad strategy.  Chrissy, Ryan, and JP are all bigger threats to win than either Joe or Mike.  Furthermore, Devon came up with the idea to use Ben as double agent.  At tribal, Ben voted for Mike and pretended to be just as blindsided as anyone when JP went home instead.

So far, so good.

As the second hour started, it seemed as if the dynamics in the tribe had changed.  Chrissy and Ryan were now on the bottom.  Lauren, Devon, and Ashley were in charge.  Ben was still pretending to be allied with Chrissy.  Joe and Mike were both aligned with Lauren.

The obvious targets were Chrissy and Ryan.  However, Chrissy won immunity and everyone knew that Ryan had an immunity idol.  (What they didn’t know was that Ben also had an immunity idol.  He found during the first hour.)

Knowing that Ryan would probably play his idol, Lauren, Devon, and Ashley had to decide who to vote for.  (Because they didn’t know that Ben was a double agent, Joe and Mike assumed that Ben would be voted out.)  Lauren decided that they might as well vote out Joe.

Around this time, Ashley suddenly realized that Ben was a far bigger threat than Joe.  Both Lauren and Devon admitted that she was right.  Now, the strategic movie, at this point, would have been to get rid of Ben because it’s not like Joe would have had a chance to win if he made it to the end.  Ben, on the other hand, is pretty much the front runner to win the whole thing.  Taking out the biggest threat is pretty much Survivor 101.

Instead, at tribal, Ryan played his idol and Lauren, Ben, Devon, and Ashley all voted for Joe.  So now, Joe has finally been sent to the jury and yet another alliance has been exposed as a lie.

So now, Lauren, Devon, and Ashley have not only lost the trust of Chrissy, Ryan, and Mike but, by refusing to vote for him, they’ve also revealed that Ben was a double agent.  It would have made so much more sense to go ahead and get rid of Ben.  Instead, they’ve kept the strongest player in the game and they’ve also created a situation where there’s going to be so much paranoia in the tribe that it’s easy to imagine it ultimately backfiring on Lauren and Devon.  All that Chrissy, Ryan, and Mike have to do to change the dynamic once again is convince just one player to betray Lauren and Ashley did spend most of last night’s episode talking about how she needs to make a big move and she needs to make it soon.

If I was Ashley, I would immediately try to make a new alliance with Chrissy, Ryan, and Dr. Mike and so that we could take out the three biggest threats in the game.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

The Third Member of the Jury, JP!

The Fourth Member of the Jury, Joe


4 thoughts on “Survivor 35 Episode 10/11 “Buy One, Get One Free”

  1. sammiofusa

    Can’t believe JP spoke! I don’t remember him speaking before. His game plan was probably to be the Survivor who spoke the least.

    I was so afraid Ben was gone. I was freaking.

    As much as I wanted Joe gone, I felt bad for him. Pretty sure I won’t miss him though.

    I still love Lauren. I want her and Ben in the finale.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. sunshine

    I like this season a lot, the cast is mature and interesting, there’s no fake drama except Joe, and the teams are forming and reforming to keep my interest. I even like Chrissy because she’s always in there playing hard. I know I’m against the grain here but I’m having fun with the whole show.

    Liked by 1 person


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