Survivor 35 Episode 12 “Not Going To Roll Over And Die”

Hi, everyone!  I apologize for this late recap, I’m running a bit behind.  ‘Tis the season and all…

Anyway, I liked last night’s episode of Survivor.  This has been a strange season but I finally feel like I’m getting to know these people and I’m starting to understand why they’re doing some of the things that they do.  That certainly helped with last night’s episode, which was pretty much all about big personalities.

It’s interesting just how personal this game has gotten.  Chrissy and Ben absolutely hate each other, which is leading to both of them acting in ways that are more than a little reckless when you’re playing for a million dollars.  Last night started with Ben making a fake immunity idol, specifically so he could humiliate Chrissy at the next Tribal.  It ended with Ben offering to work with Chrissy and Chrissy conflicted because she couldn’t look past her hated of Ben to see that she desperately needs an ally other than just Ryan.

Last night was also the loved ones challenge.  It was a simple challenge, one that simply required that the castaways and their loved ones pick the same rock out of a bag.  Chrissy won and, without hesitation, she invited Ryan, Dr. Mike, and Ashley to join her on the reward.  Chrissy made a pitch to Ashley, trying to pull her into a new alliance.  Both Chrissy and Ashley want Ben gone so it seemed like a good idea.

Except, of course, none of them realized that Ben had an immunity idol.  Though Ben tried to get everyone to join him in voting out Lauren, every one still ended up voting for Ben.  But then Ben played his idol and Lauren was sent to jury.  One vote.  That was all it took to end Lauren’s game.  It was a great Survivor blindside.

It was also a great tribal.  Lauren made the mistake of allowing Dr. Mike to hold onto half of her immunity idol.  She thought it would prove her trustworthiness.  Dr. Mike responded by tossing it into the fire.  In the end, Ben survived but he’s now in a terrible spot.  No one trusts him.  No one wants to take him to the end.  And he no longer has an idol.  If he doesn’t win the next immunity challenge, he’s in trouble.

Things are coming to a close.  So, who is left now that Lauren has been voted out and what are their chances of being the sole survivor?

  1. Ashley.  After a few missteps at the start of the game, Ashley has kept a low profile and is now in a good position to make it to the end.  She’s obsessed with making a big move and that could be her downfall.  Big moves can backfire if they’re not necessary.
  2. Ben.  If Ben makes it to the end, he will probably win.  He’s got a great story and he’s played a good game.  But Ben is literally going to have to win every immunity from here on out to stay in the game.  No one wants to be sitting next to him at the end.
  3. Chrissy.  I can make a pretty strong case for why Chrissy might win if she makes it to the end.  At the same time, she has the same problem that Aubry had a few seasons ago.  Yes, she’s played a good game and she can legitimately say that she proved herself to be strongrt than anyone realized.  But the only real personal relationship that she seems to have is with Ryan.  The jurors may not feel particularly compelled to reward someone who has spent most of the game snubbing them.
  4. Devon.  Devon is definitely a threat to win.  He’s likable, he’s athletic, and he really hasn’t angered anyone on the jury.  I could easily imagine his coasting to the end.
  5. Dr. Mike.  Over the last few episodes, Mike has reinvented himself as a crazy man.  You never know what he’s going to do.  How will that play with the jury?  Mike can legitimately argue that he survived longer than anyone thought he would and that a lot of his “craziness” was actually strategy.  But will the jury see it that way?
  6. Ryan.  I like Ryan.  However, if he makes it to the end, he’s going to have to explain what he did other than follow Chrissy’s orders.

So, who will win?  If I had to guess, I’d say it’ll be Devon, Ashley, and Mike in the final and I would pick Devon will win.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

The newest member of the jury, Lauren!

2 thoughts on “Survivor 35 Episode 12 “Not Going To Roll Over And Die”

  1. marlou21

    I think last night’s episode was the best one so far. I always enjoy this time of the season when there is only 1 tribe and 6 or so contestants to follow. When there are 3 tribes and so many people competing, it’s difficult to get to know any of them well. I enjoy the dynamics right about now, not so much when the tribes are mixed up so early and so often. I also think that if things continue as they are, Devon just might win it all.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sammiofusa

    I think Chrissy over reacted. It’s Survivor. Hello!?!

    I love when the loved ones come but I bawl like a baby. Even with the people I hate. I kept expecting someone to say that they smelled bad but no one did. My eyes were all red and my nose was running. I was a complete basket case.

    I’m so sad to see Lauren go. Her, Ashley, and Devon brought Ben’s name up last week and were throwing it around this week. Do they think he’s stupid? I don’t think he should have told all of Lauren’s secrets but maybe he had to just to get people to think about voting with him. Didn’t end up working but he had a secret of his own. I was so afraid he wasn’t going to use it. Phew! Also, I think Chrissy forgot that Ashley, Devon, and Lauren were working together. Why was she so upset with only Ben? They all lied.

    Hopefully Chrissy gets over herself and her and Ryan and Dr. Mike decide to work with Ben. Looks like that could happen. It’s getting exciting. Pretty sure the jury enjoyed tribal. =0)

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