The Amazing Race 30 Episode 1 “You’re A Champion! Prove it!”

The Amazing Race is back!

Though it never quite gets as much attention as either Survivor or Big Brother, The Amazing Race has long been my favorite reality show.  What can I say?  I like watching all of the teams trip over themselves as they attempt to adjust to different cultures and different languages.  I enjoy those rare moments when a racer will pause and look at where they are and have an epiphany.  It’s also always fun to try to predict which team will so alienate their taxi driver that they end up coming in last.

The best seasons of The Amazing Race have always been simple and straight-forward.  The only gimmick that the Amazing Race needs is the fact that it’s a race across the world.  Whenever the show has tried to change things up — the infamous all-family edition, the recent season where they tried to turn it into a dating show — the results have been disappointing.  Fortunately, it appears that the show’s producers may have finally learned that lesson because this first episode was pretty much classic Amazing Race.  The racers gathered in New York, they flew to Iceland, some struggled with directions, some struggled with spelling, and the last team to arrive was eliminated.

It’s still very early in the race but here are my initial impressions of the teams, in order of their finish tonight:

Coming in first, Team Extreme!  Kristi and Jen are professional skiers and they do seem to be a pretty strong team.  They ran a good first leg and I have yet to really see any weaknesses that could derail them.

Coming in second, Team Big Brother!  That’s right — Cody and Jessica are back!  Personally, I think that The Amazing Race might be a better fit for them than Big Brother.  Neither one of them is really a good social player but you don’t have to be social in The Amazing Race.  They would have won tonight’s leg except they got lost at the last minute.  Otherwise, Cody and Jessica seem to be a strong team, even if neither one appears to have much of a personality.

Coming in third, Team Yale!  Henry and Evan are champion debaters.  They’re also dating debaters.  They seem to be one of those teams that will start strong and then end up falling apart.  They’re both so uptight that I really can’t imagine them getting through the race without having one major fight.

Coming in fourth, Trevor and Chris!  They’re Team Well Strung, which … yeah, okay.  Anyway, they’re dating violinists and they didn’t make much of an impression.

Coming in fifth, Team Indycar!  Alex and Conor!  Alex is a champion race car driver.  Conor lives on his couch.  So far, they appear to mostly be on the show to provide goofy comedic relief.

Coming in sixth, Team Chomp!  Joey and Tim are competitive eaters.  Phil seemed to find that fact a lot more interesting than I did.  Joey and Tim seem to be another team that was selected for their potential to be goofy but I think that role has already been taken over by Alex and Conor.  How many goofy teams can run the race in one season?

Coming in seventh, Lucas and Brittany!  They’re lifeguards and … well, that’s about as much of an impression as they made tonight.

Coming in eighth, Eric and Daniel!  Eric and Daniel are twins and they’re both firefighters.  They both look a lot like a Scottish actor named Ewen Bremner.

Ewen Bremner as Spud in T2: Trainspotting

Coming in ninth, Cedric and Shawn!  Cedric and Shawn had a really difficult leg.  Not only did they struggle with the spelling comp but they also incurred a 30 minute penalty, as the result of Cedric “providing illegal assistance at the roadblock.”  Cedric wasn’t trying to cheat.  He was just watching Shawn try to spell an Icelandic word and he said, aloud, that Shawn needed to move around the O’s.  He was mostly talking to himself and he certainly didn’t yell it out.  But the rule is that you can’t say anything that could potentially help your teammate during a roadblock.  As Phil explained it, it didn’t matter that Shawn didn’t hear what Cedric said.  If not for the penalty, they would have been team number 8.  I like Cedric and Shawn so hopefully, their luck will improve.

Coming in tenth, April and Sarah!  April and Sarah teach yoga and raise goats.  Judging by what we saw of them tonight, April and Sarah might as well be called Team Doomed.  They don’t work well together.  They didn’t really seem to be paying much attention to what they were doing.  They nearly got eliminated tonight, managing to beat the last team to the mat by a split second.

And finally, eliminated — this year’s models, Dessie and Kayla.  To be honest, from the minute they introduced themselves, I had a feeling that Dessie and Kayla would be eliminated at the end of the first leg so I’m always glad to be proven right.  Dessie and Kalya didn’t really get much of a chance to make any sort of impression.  In fact, I had kinda forgotten about them up until they got eliminated.

And those are my thoughts so far.  Right now, I’d probably have to say that I consider Kristi and Jen to be the front runners.  And if I had to guess who will be eliminated next, I’d have to go with April and Sarah.

For now, I’m just happy The Amazing Race is back!

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie


10 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 30 Episode 1 “You’re A Champion! Prove it!”

  1. Justaguy (JT)

    I used to watch AR all the time, but haven’t watched it once since they moved it from Sunday. But I might have to check this season out.
    Sounds like our hopes that Cody grew a personality have been squashed. Oh well, they can’t all do a 180 like Caleb

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  2. deb

    I liked last night’s episode but it appears Cody has learned nothing. Jessica was trying to tell it to go by lake, he refused to listen to her and the pit stop was by the lake. She was right and it cost them first place. I did laugh when Cody said “these people aren’t dumb” and then Jessica said something like the people on Big Brother were dumb and Cody pointed out that they lost Big Brother. The Yoga Goat girls will be eliminated next.

    I must have missed something. How come at the end everyone was carrying white bags with lettering? Some had more bags than others but I think everyone had at least one bag. Any ideas?

    Lisa Marie — great write-up as usual.

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  3. sammiofusa

    I hated the goat yoga ladies. They can’t possibly make it too far since they don’t seem to even like each other. I thought yoga was supposed to relax you.
    I actually enjoyed Cody and Jess. I hated them on Big Brother but I like the way they seem to respect each other.
    I like the basketball guys.
    Hated the Yale couple. Hope it doesn’t rain. With their noses that high in the air, they could drown.
    The race car driver seemed nice but the two together made me uncomfortable. I have no clue why. Not a fan.
    Love the ski ladies.
    I’m sure my opinions will change as we get to know everyone. Not towards the yoga ladies though. =0)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lisa Marie Bowman Post author

      I doubt the Yoga Ladies will be around much longer. I like the ski ladies. The race car guys are going to get on my nerves, eventually. As for Cody and Jessica, I think Amazing Race is a better fit for them than Big Brother was.

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