The Amazing Race 30 Episode 2 “You’re The Best French Fry Ever!”

My favorite reality show did something different tonight and I’m not totally sure how I feel about it.

Tonight’s episode started out like a typical episode of The Amazing Race.  The racers left Iceland and flew to Amsterdam.  From there, they caught a train to Belgium.  So far, so good.  I spent a day and a very fun night in Belgium during a trip to Europe.  It’s a beautiful country full of nice people.

Once they arrived in Belgium, they dealt with the usual roadblocks and detours.  For the roadblock, they had to climb a ladder and retrieve a clue.  That would have freaked me out because I’m scared to death of heights.  The detour looked like it would have been a little more fun.  You could either use a printing press or appraise a diamond.  With the exception of the Goat Yoga Moms and the Twin Firefighters, no one had much trouble at either of the roadblocks.

(I totally would have done the diamonds.)

But then, when the racers reached the pit stop, the show tried something new.  Up until now, all a team has ever had to do is jump on the mat and then learn, from Phil, whether they’re the first team to arrive or if they’ve been eliminated.  Tonight, though, the teams had to do an obstacle course while wearing a big french fry costume.  So, the first team to arrive (Shawn and Cedric) had to wait until the second team (Cody and Jessica) showed up.  Then Shawn and Cody raced each other through the obstacle course.  The winner was allowed to check in.  The loser would had to go back and race the next team to arrive.

I get that the show was trying to create a little more suspense than usual and they certainly succeeded.  But  it just didn’t feel right to me.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching this show since the first season and I love it that way it is, but I really hope this is not something they plan to do at every pit stop.

For instance, Henry and Evan were the third team to arrive but, because neither one of them is particularly athletic, they had to run the race four times before they were finally allowed to check in.  Henry and Evan may not be the most likable people on the show this season and I imagine that they probably would have started calling themselves Team Yale on their own if Phil hadn’t done it first.  But still, it seemed unfair that, after doing extremely well over the past two legs of the race, they were nearly eliminated because they couldn’t run through an obstacle course in a french fry costume.

Am I making too big a deal about this?  Maybe.  It could just be that I don’t like change.  Or maybe seeing everyone in those stupid costume just triggered Big Brother flashbacks.

Anyway, here’s how everyone did, in order of their finish:

Coming in first, Jessica and Cody.  So far, Jessica and Cody are doing a lot better on The Amazing Race than they ever did on Big Brother.  Cody even came close to smiling a few times.

Coming in second, Cedric and Shawn.  If not for the head-to-head race, they would have been the first team to arrive.  Still, second is quite a comeback for a team that was nearly eliminated at the end of the last leg.  They’re a likable team and I hope they do well.

Coming in third, Kristi and Jen.  The skiers are still coming on strong.  Still, one of them was ill (from the “Black Death” that they had to drink during the previous leg) at the start of tonight’s episode and, by the laws of reality show foreshadowing, that’s not a good sign.

Coming in fourth, Trevor and Chris.  Fourth the first leg.  Fourth this leg.  They seem strong but haven’t really made much of an impression just yet.

Coming in fifth, Alex and Conor.  Fifth the last leg.  Fifth this leg.  Again, they haven’t made much of an impression beyond occasionally providing comedic relief.

Coming in sixth, Lucas and Brittany.  They were seventh last week so the lifeguards managed to move up a ranking.  I still don’t see them lasting more than three more legs, though.

Coming in seventh, Joey and Tim.  The competitive eaters.  Previously, they were sixth.  Now they’re seventh.  I don’t see them lasting much longer, which means that, soon, Phil will no longer be able to make jokes about what they do for a living.

Coming in eighth, Henry and Evan.  I felt bad for them but there was another part of me that did think, “Imagine Team Yale getting eliminated while dressed up like french fries.”

Coming in ninth, Eric and Daniel.  If not for the head-to-head race at the end, they would have been eliminated.  Personally, I still find myself getting them mixed up with Joey and Tim.

And getting eliminated — the Goat Yoga Moms, April and Sarah.  I actually predicted that they would get eliminated at the end of the second leg but I figured it would be because they had an emotional meltdown, not because they couldn’t make it through an obstacle course.

What does everyone else think about tonight’s twist?  Did it feel wrong to you or am I just overreacting?

Lisa Marie

4 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 30 Episode 2 “You’re The Best French Fry Ever!”

  1. sammiofusa

    I’m uncertain as well of how I feel over the twist. It was exciting but…

    I was excited to see Team Yale doing so poorly but then I just felt extremely sorry for them both. They actually ran it 5 times. I was happy when Henry pulled out the win. I think Goat yoga might have won if Sarah had taken a turn and not made April run it twice. I hope they both have regrets over that that even a Snickers bar can’t fix.

    Still loving the basketball players and still freaked out that I love Team Big Brother. Love the skiers.


  2. marlou21

    Nice write up Lisa! I’m not sure how I feel about the obstacle course race to check in either. It seemed to me to take up a lot of time and could have been replaced with a more interesting competition. The only other thought I had was that there should have been a time limit, if the next team didn’t show up in say 20 minutes, the team that was already there should have been allowed to check in.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. theycallmetater

    I don’t mind the idea of a head to head thing, but it should not be at the pit stop. It didn’t really matter how long you took to do the detour. All you had to do was win the race. What was the point of even having a pit stop. Do a head to head roadblock followed by a detour so the losing team has a chance to get back in the game and then maybe I could buy it. I was not sad to see Goat Yoga go.


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