The Amazing Race 30 Episode 3 “It’s Gonna Be A Fragrant Day”

Hi y’all!

Well, that was quite an episode!

For the third leg of the race, the teams went from Antwerp, Belgium to Tangiers, Morocco.  In Tangiers … well, they had to do a little bit of everything.  They had to pile up slimy fish in a basket.  They had to follow a Travelocity gnome as it zip lined across the maze-like city.  At the detour, they could either dance or they could deliver food.  I would have selected the dancing, no doubt about it.

It was a hard and grueling leg of the race, one that demanded a good deal of effort, both mental and physical.  The lead changed many times.  I was never quite sure who was going to come in last.  In the end, though, it didn’t matter who was the last to arrive.  It was non-elimination and I certainly was happy about that!  Cedric and Shawn are such a likable team that I would have hated to have seen them eliminated while carrying a gnome around Tangiers.

Here’s how each team did, in order of finish:

Coming in first, Henry and Evan.  After getting screwed over by the head-to-head race at the end of the 2nd leg, Henry and Evan finally got their first place finish.  I’m still not a huge Henry and Evan fan, though I no longer dislike them as much as I did when the race started.  They’re a strong team and they’re running a good race.  That said, it’s hard not to roll your eyes whenever Evan starts to brag about how “rational” they are.

Coming in second, Alex and Conor!  That’s quite a comeback for Team Comedic Relief.  Time well tell if they merely got lucky or if they’ve finally come together as a team.

Coming in third, Kristi and Jen!  They’re still in it to win it.  They’re still running a strong race.  And they’re both still just a little bit boring.  Still, tonight, they recovered nicely from the type of taxi driver fiasco that has doomed weaker teams in the past.  They definitely seem to have a good chance to make it to the end.

Coming in fourth, Trevor and Chris.  Though they haven’t really made much of an impression, they’ve managed to come in fourth every leg of the race.  They’re good but will they ever finish in the top three?

Coming in fifth, Jessica and Cody!  They started strong and then they struggled during the zip line challenge.  That said, they still managed a respectable finish.  I imagine some people will say that Jessica should have reminded Brittany to grab her gnome but it’s a race.  Only one team can win and, ultimately, the blame is on Brittany for not keeping track of her stuff.

Coming in sixth, Joey and Tim.  Joey and Tim seem to be permanently mired in the back of the pack.  It’s hard to imagine them sticking around for much longer.

Coming in seventh, Eric and Daniel.  What I said for Joey and Tim goes double for Eric and Daniel.

Coming in eighth, Brittany and Lucas.  I don’t care how much Brittany complains about Jessica not telling her about her gnome.  No team is obligated to help any other team and Jessica didn’t order Brittany to run off without her gnome.  That was all due to Brittany being careless.

Finally, coming in ninth, Shawn and Cedric.  They started out strong but, towards the end of the Roadblock, Cedric’s exhaustion caught up with him.  I like both Shawn and Cedric.  Even though they both have struggled at various points during the race, they’ve kept a good attitude.  Hopefully, things will go better for them during the fourth leg of the race.

As always, we’ll see what happens next week!

Lisa Marie


4 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 30 Episode 3 “It’s Gonna Be A Fragrant Day”

  1. betty

    I enjoyed tonight’s episode and totally agree for you about Brittany. She knew about the gnome rules. I was so happy Shawn and Cedric were not eliminated and hopefully they can pull themselves up to be in the top four next week, although first would be even better! LOL Thanks for another terrific write up. Hope you have a great week!

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  2. tedstrutz

    Nice recap, Lisa. I wonder why Cedric chose to do the challenge with his backpack on? That certainly didn’t help. I don’t think those two were the brightest on the court, but I like them and hope they can get it together. Yes, Brittany can’t blame Jessica. Plus she took off before Jessica, was Jessica supposed to chase after her? It is a competition and Jessica did not cheat.

    Liked by 1 person

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