The Amazing Race 30 Episode 5: The Claws Are Out

Hi y’all!

Tonight, on The Amazing Race, the drama continued as the racers flew to Prague and dealt with the first double U-turn of the season.  In previous seasons, a u-turn usually meant that the leg would turn out to be a non-elimination leg.  That didn’t happen tonight.  Trevor and Chris got u-turned, were the last to arrive at the pit stop, and were eliminated from the race.

I was sorry to see them go.  Over the past few episodes, the violinists had really started to grow on me.  I never thought they would make it to the end of the race but, at the same time, I was hoping they would at least outlast Lucas and Brittany.

There really wasn’t much doubt that Trevor and Chris would be eliminated.  Tonight’s show was edited to make it look as if the race was tighter than it actually was but, in the end, Trevor and Chris were pretty much doomed as soon as Cody and Jessica u-turned them.

As for Cody and Jessica, they have now managed to alienate everyone in the race.  At the Kafka Detour, Jessica worked with Brittany and Alex but still made sure that she was the first one to give the judges the correct phrase.  Brittany, of course, got upset about it but you know what?  This is a race and Jessica did what she had to do.  Brittany needs to get over herself.

Here’s how the teams did tonight, in order of finish:

Coming in first, Kristi and Jen.  Kristi and Jen are an amazingly strong team.  Are they ever going to have a bad leg?  A part of me suspects that they’re being set up for a big fall.  But right now, Kristi and Jen really do seem to be the team to beat.

Coming in second, Eric and Daniel.  Suddenly, I’m starting to like Eric and Daniel.  They’ve suddenly emerged as a strong team.  I love their positive attitude and their refusal to even consider giving up.

Coming in third, Henry and Evan.  They had some rough spots tonight but still managed to finish in third place.  That said, I’m getting a little tired of listening to Evan brag about how rational she is.

Coming in fourth, Alex and Conor.  Team Goofy did fairly well during this leg of the race.

Coming in fifth, Brittany and Lucas.  Brittany and Lucas struggled with direction during tonight’s episode and they fell from 1st place to 5th.  As of right now, they appear to be destined to be a very boring married couple.

Coming in sixth, Cody and Jessica.  They’re a strong team but, for the past few legs, they’ve had bad luck.  There’s another U-turn next week and I get the feeling that everyone’s going to be targeting them.

Coming in seventh, Trevor and Chris.  Bye bye, violinists.  At least they appeared to have had a good time while they were on the race.

Next week should be interesting!  Not only will there be a double u-turn but there will also be a some sort of team shake-up.  Next week, The Amazing Race moves to 9 eastern, 8 central.  It will air immediately after the premiere of Celebrity Big Brother, which I will be covering over on the Big Brother Blog!

Lisa Marie

4 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 30 Episode 5: The Claws Are Out

  1. star227

    Lisa. Thanks for always having the deets. And always love hearing your personal takes too. Got home late tonight and was playing catch up so I had it on but wasn’t really paying attention.
    I was going to say I don’t think Jody make friends easily or play well with others!! Lol but I think a lot of people are intimidated by and jealous of them. Plus like you said, they’re trying to win! No time for hurt feelings.
    And SO happy to hear you will be doing BB! I don’t was just about to ask. Lots of big personalities will be in the house and most of them could use the money!!!! Lol. Can’t wait to see how they manage this. It’s going to be in turbo charge mode for two weeks!!
    Anyway thanks for all you do. Cya Wed!!😎😁

    Liked by 1 person

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