The Amazing Race 30 Episode 6: All’s Fair In Love and War

Oh, poor Team Arkansas.

Admittedly, when this race started, I didn’t expect much from Eric and Daniel, the firefighting twins from Arkansas.  It was hard to imagine them successfully navigating the globe and outrunning the other teams to the pit stop.

During the first few legs of the race, Eric and Daniel struggled.  If not for the first head-to-head, they would have been eliminated at the end of the 2nd leg.  But, as the race continued, Eric and Daniel finally started to show some strength.  They never managed to get a first place finish but, for three legs in a row, they finished in either 2nd or 3rd place.  They turned out to be a lot smarter than anyone gave them credit for and they worked well as a team.  They kept a positive attitude, which is something that I always appreciate.  Compared to some of the other teams (*cough* Henry *cough* Evan), Eric and Daniel were humble and likable and impossible not to root for.

Unfortunately, at the end of Wednesday’s two-hour episode, Eric and Daniel’s luck ran out.  In Zimbabwe, despite the fact that two other teans u-turned, Eric and Daniel were still the last team to arrive and they were eliminated from the race.  It was their lack of rhythm that tripped them up.  The final detour required racers to sing and dance.  It quickly became apparent that this was not Eric and Daniel’s strong suit.

As for the rest of the episode, the first hour featured a pretty big twist.  After flying from the Czech Republic to Zimbabwe and competing to see who could set up a camp the fastest, the teams were split apart and everyone was forced to complete the first part of the leg with a different partner.  The new teams were:

  1. Cody and Jen
  2. Jessica and Kristi
  3. Lucas and Conor
  4. Brittany and Alex
  5. Henry and Eric
  6. Evan and Daniel

As I said before, I’m not really a big fan of twists when it comes to The Amazing Race.  In the past, the great thing about The Amazing Race was always how straight-forward it was.  Teams raced around the world.  The last team to arrive was eliminated.  It may have been simple but it worked.  This season, there’s been a few too many twists and none of them have really felt necessary.

(That said, I would have loved it if Brittany had ended up falling in love with Alex and throwing away Lucas’s ring.  But mostly that’s just because, when it comes to Brittany and Lucas, I can’t stand either one of those self-righteous phonies.)

Anyway, after completing the first part of the leg with different partners, the teams were reunited as soon as all four of them reached a mat.  Cody and Jen were the first team to arrive but, because Jessica and Kristi were the last team to arrive, they had to stand at the pit stop and watch as every other team checked in.  Though this didn’t lead to anyone getting eliminated, it did put Cody and Jessica so far behind that they ended up getting u-turned during the second hour of the show.

As for the U-turns, Henry and Evan were u-turned by Alex and Conor while Jessica and Cody were u-turned by Brittany and Lucas.  Everyone took it personally and with good reason.  Brittany sincerely dislikes Jessica.  Meanwhile, everyone in the race appears to hate Evan.  (Henry, they like.)

However, despite being u-turned, both Jessica and Cody and Henry and Evan managed to make it to the pit stop and avoid elimination.  Instead, it was Eric and Daniel who were eliminated, leaving just five teams in the race.

Here’s how everyone did, in order of their finish:

Brittany and Lucas came in first.  Brittany announced that, if they win the million dollars, she’s going to spend all of it on her wedding.  Somehow, Lucas and Brittany have emerged as the new front-runners but neither one of them is as likable as the show seems to think they are.

Kristi and Jen came in second.  If the other racers weren’t so petty and concerned with personal slights, they would have u-turned Kristi and Jen because it seems like that’s the only way that this dynamic team could have been slowed down.  At this point, Kristi and Jen have emerged as one of the strongest teams in Amazing Race history.

Coming in third, Alex and Conor.  Team Goofy finally seems to be getting themselves together.

Coming in fourth, Henry and Evan.  At this point, Henry and Evan are a meltdown waiting to happen.  While Evan desperately rambles about how rational she is, Henry meekly follows along behind her.  They both seem like they’re on the verge of snapping.

Coming in fifth, Cody and Jessica.  They’re a strong team but they really do seem to have the worst luck.  Watching Cody pout at the second detour, I was reminded why he struggled in the Big Brother house.  He has a comfort zone and he’s very strong in that zone but ask him to do something different and he resists.

Who will be eliminated next week?  I’m predicting Henry and Evan.  The show seems to be setting them up for a big fall.

Lisa Marie

5 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 30 Episode 6: All’s Fair In Love and War

  1. marcella

    I’m having a bit of a problem with the “twists” myself. I hope AR goes back to its basic format next season. The switch partners thing wasn’t bad… actually kinda enjoyed that, but the head to head thing I can completely love without! I’m team Cody/Jess all the way. I liked him in BB, but she’s growing on me. She certainly shows strength in areas that Cody needs in a partner… both in the Race and in life.

    I love Kristi & Jen too. They’re a super strong team and they’re years of friendship shows through in how well they work together. I’m glad Cody picked them for the flip… that was fun!

    Your summations on Britt & Lucas and Henry & Evan are dead on. I’m ready to see all of them disappear from the race… the next twist will send them both home at the same pitstop. (Though Henry is that likable nerd we all love… maybe he’ll get a gig on Big Bang Theory as Sheldon’s grown up HS buddy Tam! 😳

    Thanks for blogging along for us!


  2. sammiofusa

    The singing at the end looked so very hard. I felt so bad for everyone except Henry and Evan. I would have pee’d my pants for sure on that one. Scariest challenge EVER!

    Lisa, how do I get signed up for anything you are writing about BB Celeb? I think I started out following you on BB but somehow got removed from your emails. If you are covering BB, I’d like to read it. =0)


  3. C'est Moi

    Any respect I may have developed for Cody and Jessica abruptly ended after the first HOH they “shared” on Big Brother. Bullies when they are in control, victims when they are the ones being targeted. I’m hoping the Big “Bother” duo will finish fifth again next week and be gone. I, personally, like the Yalies. They are very intelligent and know it, with credentials to actually prove it. I hope the final three are Henry and Evan (long live Handsome Dan), Kristi and Jen ( Love fellow alpine athletes and Park City), and Brittany and Lucas (not your typical bronze skinned lifeguards). Winner, first to the finish line, no real preference at the end.


  4. judycarr33

    As lifelong fans of the Indianapolis 500 race I am really enjoying the Indy Team. They seem to finally be getting the hang of it and actually enjoying the process. I’m not a fan of the twists either, they just seem unnecessary since there is enough along the way to level the playing field as is… The minute I saw the singing competition I knew that the obstinate Big Brother Cody personality would emerge – and he did! I’m surprised that they made it without elimination!

    Liked by 1 person

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