Survivor 36 Episode 2: Only Time Well Tell

Hi, everyone.  Lisa’s on vacation.  My name is Erin and I’ll be filling in for her this week and next.

Last night’s episode started with Jeff Probst telling everyone to drop their buffs.  Is this the earliest that they’ve ever done a tribe swap?  Everyone was crying about having to switch and talking about how they felt like they were leaving family but they’ve only been together for a week.  With how much Naviti outnumbers Malolo, it would have made more sense to divided them into three tribes of six but instead, they do two tribes of 9.  Both tribes have 5 Naviti and 4 Malolo.

The new Malolo tribe consisted of Bradley, Brendan, Chelsea, Desiree, Jenna, Kellyn, Michael, Sebastian, and Stephanie. The new Naviti tribe consisted of Angela, Chris, Domenick, Donathan, James, Laurel, Libby, Morgan, and Wendell.

On the new Naviti Tribe, Chris tried to rally everyone to vote out Domenick but went overboard with telling everyone what to do.  Morgan switched her allegiance from Chris to Dom and hit it off with Libby.  Angela stayed loyal to Chris but still wasn’t sold on his plan.  On the new Malolo Tribe, Bradley got on everyone’s nerves by complaining about how much he hated his new camp while Michael and Brendan found one of James’s old idols from Survivor: China.

Malolo won immunity and because the new tribe couldn’t agree on who to send to Ghost Island, the Naviti Tribe had to pull rocks.  Chris got the white rock and went to Ghost Island.  He broke the urn and got a message that he wasn’t getting a game.  So, what’s the point of Ghost Island?  So far, only one person has gotten any advantage from going to Ghost Island and all the idols are being found around camp.

Because Chris was on Ghost Island, he didn’t have to go to Tribal.  WIth all of the old Naviti turning on each other, Wendell wanted to target Angela while Dom tried to win everyone over by showing them his fake idol.  James wanted to target Morgan.

At tribal, it looked like Angela was going to be blindsided but then Probst started reading votes for Morgan.  It was 4 votes for Morgan, 3 for Angela, and 1 for Libby and Morgan was voted out.  It was a good move by the Malolo team because it got ride of a big Naviti player and it also revealed that Dom and Wendell were trying to target Chris’s allies.

Morgan willed her legacy advantage to Dom so he gets the curse next.


3 thoughts on “Survivor 36 Episode 2: Only Time Well Tell

  1. bobovnvet

    Thanks for your write up Erin ❤ good to see you my dear………. Good show last night but I still need to see who I like just yet! ………….. :mrgreen:

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