Survivor 36.4 “A Diamond In The Rough”

Hi, y’all!

So, as you know, I was on vacation over the past two weeks.  Thank you to my sister for filling in!  I’m back now and I’ve gotten caught up with what’s happened so far on Survivor: Ghost Island.  It’s funny how quickly this game moves, especially when compared to some of the other reality shows.  Last night, for instance, I noticed that we’ve only actually seen 14 days worth of the game.  A lot of alliances have been formed and broken over the course of just two weeks!

Last night’s episode wasn’t particularly exciting.  As soon as Naviti won immunity, it was obvious that either Michael, Stephanie, or Jenna would be voted out.  Even Jeff Probst basically announced, at the end of the immunity challenge, that one of those three would be voted out.  (Personally, I don’t think Jeff should have said anything about that.  It’s not really his role to tell people who to vote for, or at least it shouldn’t be.)  At tribal, Michael argued that he was willing to switch alliances and that he was good in challenges.  Jenna apologized for not being more sociable.  Stephanie cried.  In the end, Stephanie was the one who was voted out.

It’s true that there was a lot of maneuvering going on before the tribal council.  Jenna flirted with Sebastian.  Michael approached Bradley and made his case that he was a good player to have around for challenges.  Only Stephanie didn’t really make much of an effort and perhaps that’s why she was voted out.

But, to be honest, it probably doesn’t matter what Michael or Jenna did to ingratiate themselves with the Naviti 5.  Apparently, next week, there’s going to be another tribal shakeup!  Buffs will be dropped.  Are they merging or are they just going to switch tribes?  It’s hard to say but it’s obvious that something had to change because, for the past few episodes, it’s basically just been the members of the old Naviti Tribe picking off the Malolo Tribe, one after another.

So, in anticipation of the upcoming tribal skakeup or merge or whatever it is, here’s a few thoughts on who is left in the game.  We’ll start with the current Naviti Tribe

Domenick Abbate — Domenick has been on the Naviti Tribe through the entire game.  He’s an outspoken, kinda arrogant blue-collar guy who appears to be hoping that he can be the next Boston Rob.  He has both the legacy advantage and an idol and seems to be the most likely guy to turn on his old alliance.  He hates Chris.

Wendell Holland — Wendell has been on the Naviti Tribe through the entire game.  Wendell is very likable, which might carry him a long way in this game.  He’s close to Domenick and is also not a fan of Chris.

Chris Noble — Chris has been on the Naviti Tribe through the entire game.  He’s a strong player but he’s also cocky and a little bit too quick to give people orders.  He has a long-standing rivalry with Domenick.

Angela Perkins — Angela has been on the Naviti Tribe through the entire game.  She is seen as being strongly loyal to Chris.

Donathan Hurley — Donathan started on Malolo and then switched over to Naviti.  He’s the country boy from Kentucky.  Last night, he and Chris had a bonding moment, which might indicate that Donathan might switch loyalties at some point soon.

Laurel Johnson — Laurel started on Malolo and switched over the Naviti.  She hasn’t made much of an impression so far.

James Lim — James started on Malolo and switched over to Naviti.  He’s a strong physical player but I haven’t seen much of evidence of a good social game yet.

Libby Vincek — Libby started on Malolo and switched over to Naviti.  After the tribal switch, she allied herself with Morgan and then promptly voted Morgan out, which would indicate that she’s either extremely ruthless or extremely flaky.

And now, here’s the current Malolo Tribe:

Jenna Bowman — Jenna has been on Malolo through the entire game.  I felt bad for Jenna last night, as she explained that she’s not very good at dealing with people socially.  Last night, she started flirting with Sebastian.

Michael Yerger — Michael’s been on Malolo through the entire game.  Michael is 18 years old and he’s playing hard.  In fact, I think he has a tendency to play a little bit too hard.  He managed to save himself last night but he needs work on making some strong alliances or he won’t make it much further.

Desiree Afuye — Desiree started out on Naviti and then got moved over to Malolo.  She hasn’t made much of an impression yet.  She seems to be very loyal to the original Naviti.

Kellyn Bechtold — Kelly started out on Naviti and moved over to Malolo.  Kellyn talks.  A lot.  Anyway, Kellyn’s gotten a lot of screentime, which makes me assume that she’ll be around for a while.  But it’s hard for to imagine her ever being a major player in the game.

Bradley Kleihege — Bradley started out on Naviti and moved to Malolo.  So far, I kinda hate Bradley.  He complains a lot.  He barks out a lot of orders.  He’s kind of full of himself.  As far as I’m concerned, the sooner Bradley leaves, the better.

Sebastian Noel — Sebastian started out on Naviti and moved to Malolo.  How can you not love Sebastian?  He’s just so spacey and relaxed.  He seems like he’d be a fun guy to hang out with.  Likability goes a long way in the pre-merge portion of Survivor so he’s in a pretty good spot right now.  Once the tribes merge, though, he could be in trouble.

Chelsea Townsend — Chelsea started out on Naviti and moved to Malolo.  She hasn’t made much of impression yet.

Right now, it’s hard to even make a guess about who is going to end up in the final three.  Chris is strong but he can be annoying.  Domenick has a lot of advantages but he’s always going to be a target.  Wendell and Sebastian are both likable but neither is strong strategically.  Libby might be a strong player but we still really haven’t seen enough of her to say for sure.

One thing’s for sure: next week, the game will change again!

And, as always, we’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie


7 thoughts on “Survivor 36.4 “A Diamond In The Rough”

  1. sunshine

    Bradley is that obnoxious little twit that you hated in high school: His parents spoiled him and he never learned how to make a friend. He just hangs around saying exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time and has no idea how offensive he is. Can’t wait for him to be the first out at this new merge.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. betty

    Thanks for the great write up and your personal rundown on the players. I agree with everything. I am not a fan of Bradley or Chris and Domineck sometimes dances on my last nerve! Have a great week Lisa Marie!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. waxfairy

    Erin was great, but it’s nice to have you back!

    Thanks for the great descriptions – I agree with you about all of them, and it looks like everyone is in agreement that Bradley is kind of a tool. I would like to give a special shoutout to Sebastian’s eyebrows; they are perfect.

    Liked by 1 person

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