Survivor 36.5 “Fate is The Homie”

Hi y’all!

So, I guess the old saying is true.  The more things change, the more they remain the same.

The latest episode of Survivor opened with Jeff once again telling the castaways to drop their buffs and to do a redraw.  This time, they were divided up into three separate tribes — Naviti, Malolo, and Yanuya.  While the Domenick and Chris feud was finally brought to a temporary end when they ended up on different tribes, that was about the only thing that changed.  On all three tribes, there were three original Navitis and 2 original Malolos.  That pretty much guaranteed, from the start, that — regardless of who won the immunity challenge — it would be a member of the original Malolo Tribe going home.

As well, no one was sent to Ghost Island this episode, which seems like a missed opportunity to me.  What’s the point of having Ghost Island if you’re not going to use it?

Anyway, here’s the latest tribal breakdown:

The New Malolo Tribe

  1. James (Original Malolo)
  2. Michael (Original Malolo)
  3. Desiree (Original Naviti)
  4. Kellyn (Original Naviti)
  5. Angela (Original Naviti)

The New Naviti Tribe:

  1. Domenick (Original Naviti)
  2. Bradley (Original Naviti)
  3. Chelsea (Original Naviti)
  4. Donathan (Original Malolo)
  5. Libby (Original Malolo)

The Yanuya Tribe

  1. Jenna (Original Malolo)
  2. Laurel (Original Malolo)
  3. Wendell (Original Naviti)
  4. Chris (Original Naviti)
  5. Sebastian (Original Naviti)

The immunity challenge was one of those challenges where 4 tribe members were blindfolded and had to solve a puzzle by listening to the directions being shouted at them by the remaining unblindfolded tribemate.  This is the type of immunity challenge that always stresses me out, largely because I know that I’d be terrible at it.  I have a hard time following directions and I’m not really patient enough to be the one shouting out instructions.

Anyway, Malolo once again lost immunity and went to tribal council.  At tribal, Jeff announced that Malolo had one of the worst win/loss records in Survivor history but that’s really not quite fair.  With all of the tribal reshuffles, it’s not like anyone’s really had a chance to learn how to work together.  Add to that, the makeup of the Malolo Tribe has been changed a total of three times now.

Though the crafty Survivor editors did their best to try to convince us that Angela might end up getting voted out, it was actually pretty obvious that the original Naviti members would get rid of one of the two Malolo members.  In the end, James was targeted because no one felt close to him.  I felt bad for James, as I always do whenever anyone is voted out because they didn’t fit in socially.  Unfortunately, some people are just better at talking to people than others.  If you’re naturally shy, Survivor can be a difficult game.  Personally, I thought James had the potential to be an interesting player so I’m sorry to see him go.

What will happen next week?  Hopefully something surprising!  So far, this season has been a bit too predictable.  As of right now, it just looks like it’ll be the former Naviti members picking off the Malolos until the merge.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

Best of luck, James!


7 thoughts on “Survivor 36.5 “Fate is The Homie”

  1. marcellagwin

    The best tidbit of the entire hour was James’ assertion/observation that the whole “tribal alliance” thing was based upon randomness. Well, maybe the second & third tribal buff draws.. but that first tribe you find yourself on… not random at all…. but rather, Well thought out by the casting gurus of the Survivor production team. After 36 seasons of survivors… there is nothing random about which tribe you end up on in the beginning…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. betty

    I was so disappointed to see James voted out last night. To be honest I was shocked Angela stuck with her Naviti Tribe, after they voted against her a couple of week ago. It wouldn’t shock me one bit to see Desiree and Kellyn vote Angela out and keep Michael at their next TC, which will probably be next week. Angela seems to be completely lost without Chris and almost on the verge of a breakdown. I was surprised Michael voted James out. I didn’t see this coming, so there must have been a lot of behind the scene discussions they didn’t show us. I don’t see this Malolo tribe going anywhere in this game, just to one TC after another!!

    I couldn’t have picked a worst tribe for Michael to be on. Desiree seems to be all talk and no show, Kellyn is a complete fruit cake and Angela hasn’t the sense to come in out of the rain!!

    Thanks for the great write up Lisa Marie. Hope you have a great week!!

    Liked by 1 person

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