Survivor 37.6 “Aren’t Brochachos Just Adorable?”

Hi y’all!

So, next week is the Merge and it really can’t come a minute too soon!  From the start of this game, one tribe has always been obviously weaker than the other tribe.  The members of the David Tribe may have been more likable than the Goliath Tribe but, when it came to immunity challenges, the Davids were pretty much helpless.  Then, after the two big tribes were split into three small tribes, the Tiva Tribe emerged as being essentially unbeatable while the Jabeni Tribe has emerged as clearly the weakest of the new tribes.

Last night, for the second time in a row, Jabeni was sent to Tribal Council.  Though Mike would have personally preferred to have voted out Angelina, he decided to vote for Lyrsa instead.  Mike apparently figured out that, after the Merge, he could justify voting out Natalie to the other former Goliaths but that he wouldn’t be able to justify voting out a second Goliath as well.  Realizing that it would either be him or Lyrsa going home, Nick joined in with Angelina and Mike and Lyrsa was voted out by a vote of 3-1.

While the Jabeni Tribe was suffering through their own drama, there was conflict on the Vuku Tribe as Carl and Davie both got annoyed with Elizabeth and her determination to rebuild the shelter.

Finally, on the Tiva Tribe, Christian continued to bond with the boys (the brochachos, as they called themselves for some reason) while Gabby continued to freak out over practically everything.  Gabby finally approached Alison and tried to get an alliance going with her.  Alison seemed receptive to the idea but, honestly, I don’t trust her.  Alison comes across as being very cold, despite her claim of being the most empathetic person in the world.  And Gabby came across as being way too neurotic to pull off the big move that she was thinking about making.

In the end, it’s probably not going to matter that Elizabeth got into a fight with two former Davids and or Gabby tried to start an alliance with Alison.  Next week is the merge, which means that the entire game is going to reset once again.

Here’s who will be on the new, merged tribe:

Carl (Former David, Former Vuku) — I still don’t feel that I know Carl but he does have one potentially huge advantage.  After going to Exile Island, he has the power to cancel out an immunity idol.

John (Former Goliath, former Tiva) — John is this year’s wrestler.  He’s a charismatic and athletic guy.  He’s the type of guy who always does better before the merge than after because, once it becomes an individual game, he’s going to have a huge target on his back.

Christian (Former David, Former Tiva) — Everyone loves Christian, which could be his downfall.  No one wants to sit next to him in a final three situation.  Christian has got an alliance with Gabby and he had one with Nick before the tribal shakeup.  After the merge, we’ll find out if that alliance still exists.

Kara (Former Goliath, Former Vuku) — Kara was close to Dan before the tribal shakeup and I imagine that, after the merge, she’ll go back to being a strong member of the Goliath alliance.

Angelina (Former Goliath, Former Jabeni) — Will Angelina ever get a jacket?  Angelina’s problem is that she thinks that she’s a lot more clever than she thinks she is.  If anyone’s going to try to betray their alliance and get voted out as a result, it’ll probably be Angelina.

Alec (Former Goliath, former Vuku) — Alec is a wildcard.  He was a member in good standing of the Goliath Tribe but, right after the tribal shakeup, he teamed up with two members of the David Tribe and voted out Natalia.  It’s hard to say where he’ll end up after the merge.

Elizabeth (Former David, former Vuku) — Elizabeth may be in trouble.  Not only was her closest ally, Lyrsa, voted out of the game but she’s also gotten on the nerves of both Davie and Carl.  I have a hard time imagining Elizabeth lasting much longer.  She’s just not very good at the social aspect of this game.

Gabby (Former David, former Tiva) — Gabby managed to make it to the merge!  Gabby needs to calm down a little.  She’s got a strong ally in Christian but her insecurities are her worst enemy.

Alison (Former Goliath, former Tiva) — Last night, Alison assured us that she’s the most empathetic person on the planet but I don’t buy it.  Gabby tried to stat an alliance with Alison so we’ll have to see if that actually happens or if Alison just goes back to her former Goliath tribemates.

Dan (Former Goliath, former Tiva) — Dan has got two immunity idols and an incredibly cocky attitude.  I could easily see him getting blindsided and going home with those two idols still in his pockets.

Davie (Former David, former Vuku) — Davie has got one immunity idol but he may need to work on his social game a little.  His argument with Elizabeth last night was a good example of how not to maintain an alliance.

Mike (Former Goliath, former Jabeni) — We all remember Mike from The Amazing Race.  To be honest, I’m a little surprised that Mike hasn’t really been much of a factor this season.  He’s not good at challenges and he really doesn’t seem to have a good head for strategy, either.  He’s got an alliance going with Nick but will it survive the merge?

Nick (Former David, former Jabeni) — Nick seems like he could be a strong player but I worry that he sometimes comes on a bit too strong.  Before the tribal shakeup, he had the Mason-Dixon alliance with Christian.  After the shakeup, he formed the Rock Star alliance with Mike.  If he can bring Christian and Mike into an alliance with him, he could be in a good spot.  If he can’t, he’s going to struggle after the merge because it’s usually the obvious schemers that are the first ones voted out of a new tribe.

We’ll see what happens next week!

Lisa Marie

5 thoughts on “Survivor 37.6 “Aren’t Brochachos Just Adorable?”

  1. Sammi O'Leary

    Thanks Lisa. I love when you break down each person for us. It helps me to separate them and figure out their names. I only have a few names down and they are the ones I love and hate. I hate Angelina. Too entitled. I love Mike and Christian. Gabby and Elizabeth are nutcases. I know who Carl is but I haven’t figured him out yet. I know who the wrestler is but I didn’t know his name until I read your update. I don’t know anyone else’s names or faces. Hate Angelina. Love Mike and Christian. =0)


  2. tedstrutz

    Nice rundown, LMB, you concisely summed up each person.

    I liked Lyrsa, but don’t really think Survivor is the right fit for her. Still I hated to see her go, but rather her than Angelina, since Angelina is far more interesting a personality, and provides more drama and entertainment. I thought it was pretty funny when Lyrsa said she now dreaded having to sit next to Natalie at the reunion show. And of course at Ponderosa or where ever they put the non jury members voted out first.


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