Survivor 37.7 “There’s Gonna Be Tears Shed”

Hi y’all!

Well, last night was the merge.  Three tribes are now one big tribe.  Tribal immunity is dead and now, it’s all about the individual game.

Still, there are alliances.  As soon as the tribes came together, all of the former Goliaths pretty much got back together while all of the former Davids found themselves on the bottom of the new tribe.  There were 7 Goliaths and 6 Davids on this new tribe and many Goliaths — especially Dan and Kara — assumed that they would pick the Davids off one-by-one.

Still, as soon as the merge happened, other sub-alliances started to form and old dramas continued to play out.  Carl continued to get annoyed with Elizabeth.  Dan was so happy to be reunited with Kara that he promptly revealed that he now has two immunity idols.  Angelina decided that she was the new head of the Goliath alliance and started trying to give orders about who should be targeted, much to the annoyance of Dan.  Meanwhile, Alec, Christian, Mike, Gabby, Alison, and Nick formed a 6-person alliance.

The immunity challenge was a good one and one that I don’t think the show has ever done before.  The castaways had to swing a long pendulum through a frame around a statue while standing on a beam.  If the pendulum ever stopped swinging or if the statue fell off the frame, you were out of the competition.  The challenge ultimately came down to Elizabeth and Alison, with Alison holding on long enough to pull out the win.  In fact, Alison looked so strong in the challenge that I’m starting to think that I may have underestimated her during the first few episodes of this season.  Based on last night, she’s looking like she could be a strong enough player to make it to the final three.

After the challenge, Angelina decided that the Goliaths should target Christian.  However, back when they were divided into three tribes, Christian previously bonded with all of the men on the Goliath Tribe and Dan decided that he didn’t want to vote out Christian.  (As well, Dan resented Angelina telling him what to do.)  So, Dan changed the target to Elizabeth.  Angelina got mad because she wasn’t consulted so she promptly went to Elizabeth and told her that the Goliaths were targeting her.

Elizabeth decided that her best bet would be to blow up Angelina’s game at tribal council.  Elizabeth not only revealed that Angelina had told her that she was the target but she also encouraged all the members of the Goliath Tribe to punish Angelina by voting her out of the game.  Of course, it didn’t work.  Every member of the Goliath Tribe voted for Angelina.  Oddly, so do every other David.  I mean, the Davids really had nothing to lose by at least voting with Elizabeth.  If one member of the Goliath Tribe — like Alec, for instance — had flipped, they could have voted Angelina out.  So, I’m a little bit surprised that none of the Davids, with the exception of Elizabeth, were willing to at least make the effort to pull off a blindside.

Then again, when Lyrsa was voted out, Elizabeth lost her only strong ally in the game.  Much like Natalie, she just seemed to rub people the wrong way.  Traditionally, the first person voted out after the merge is usually someone who hasn’t bonded with any of the members of the new tribe.  This season, that person was Elizabeth.

So, Elizabeth becomes our first juror but, judging from the preview of next week’s episode, it appears that she has succeeded in putting a target on Angelina’s back.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

The first member of the jury, Elizabeth Olsen


8 thoughts on “Survivor 37.7 “There’s Gonna Be Tears Shed”

  1. tedstrutz

    Another good episode. This is an excellent season and full of real people, not models and bartenders for T&A. And take John, not at all what you expect, I like that guy.

    I like how Alex is playing, and the Davids voted to send Liz packing because 3 of them were sticking to the Alex plan and the other two couldn’t stand Liz. It will be fun to see what happens when they start picking off the G’s, if that works. There really isn’t a leader there.

    Angelina is so much fun to watch and the whole interaction with her tribe was great. Yep, Dan, what an idiot. I like the guy, but he doesn’t really have much strategy going on.

    I loved the challenge too. They did that for quite some time, can you imagine focusing for that long with all the stress? I think Gabby is so cute the way she acts, she is pretty smart when not paranoid. I liked her thoughts at the lunch, guess no hidden clue there. I wonder how many of the castaways thought of looking for something?

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  2. waxfairy

    Thanks Lisa! You’re so astute; I look forward to your recaps and have to read them out loud to my husband. He loves them, too.

    Is anyone else shipping Christian and Gabby? I think they would make a cute couple.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. sunshine

    Carl betrayed his David team by working with Goliaths to vote out Elizabeth, thereby reducing the David tribe even more. Who does he think he is connected with on the other side, I sure didn’t see him forming any commitments or alliances. It seemed like he just had a personal dislike for her which is no reason to decimate your own tribe. It looked like a stupid play to me with no particular reward except to put himself in more danger.

    Angelina is almost as big a problem for the other side since she too is only working for herself and can’t stand it when she isn’t the boss of everyone. She is really full of herself and antagonizes people which will be the catalyst to tear the G’s apart. No one would want to team up with her and three of the G’s are already teamed up in the “strike force six”. She too betrayed her team by blabbing to Elizabeth on purpose just because they were going against her wishes.

    Both of these players have a short life in the game I think. Gabby is an easy out too especially with the crying.

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    1. tedstrutz

      Not really. Three of the Davids in the Alex alliance were voting for Liz to throw off the G’s so they can beat them later. Carl and Davie can’t stand her, and I am sure there was talk among all the Davids, excluding Elizabeth of course, to vote her out. So there really wasn’t any betrayal.

      I agree with you regarding Angelina. But the Davids should want to keep her and get one of the other G’s out, as she is her own worst enemy. There really isn’t a leader on the G’s.

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