Survivor 37.8 “You Get What You Give”

So, here we are!  We’re 8 episodes into this season of Survivor and I still really can’t say that anyone’s really a front-runner to win.  Unlike previous seasons, no one is really dominating the game.  I guess you could argue that Dan is coming on strong but he has absolutely no social game.  Many of the castaways also view Christian as being a threat to win but it seems to me that Christian’s success has been due more to luck than strong game play.  Angelina is also coming on strong but, if she does make it to the end, the jury is going to hate her.  If I try hard enough, I can imagine either Nick or Davie making a good case for themselves if they make it to the end of the game but still, it’s even easier to imagine them getting voted out over the next couple of weeks.

If there’s anything that is clear after last night’s episode, it is that were back to the game being David vs. Goliath.  Remember the secret, 6-person alliance that looked like it might change the game?  Thanks to Mike, that’s pretty much dead.  Fearful that Gabby couldn’t be trusted, Mike returned to the Goliath side.  While I loved Mike on The Amazing Race, I haven’t been a huge fan of his gameplay on Survivor.  He is just so wishy-washy!  Pick a side and stick with it, Mike.

So now, we’re back to it being the old Goliath Tribe vs the old David Tribe, with only Alec expressing any real reservations about it.  We’re also down two immunity idols.  Davie used his immunity idol last night and then Dan used his.  What’s interesting is that neither immunity idol was used to protect the people who had them.  The Goliaths were planning on blindsiding Christian by saying that they were all going to vote for Angelina.  However, the Goliaths really overplayed their hand in the hours leading up to tribal council and the Davids quickly figured out what their plan actually was.  So, Davie used his idol to save Christian.  Then Angelina, realizing that she now actually was at risk, begged Dan to use one of his immunity idols on her.  In fact, she looked right at him and said, “Dan, please.”  That put Dan in a bad position because it revealed to everyone that he had at least one immunity idol and, naturally enough, that’s the sort of thing that could make him a target of a future blindside.  So, Dan went ahead and played one of his idols for Angelina.

And the end result was that John was voted out.  Arrogantly assuming that the Davids didn’t have any idols, the Goliaths cast all of their votes for Christian.  Unlike the Goliaths, the Davids were smart enough to split their votes between two targets.  Two voted for Angelina and three voted for John.  As a result, John was sent to the jury and both Christian and Angelina get to stay for at least another three days.

Personally, I think Dan and Davie might be miss those immunity idols over the next few tribal councils.

Lisa Marie

The 2nd member of the jury, John


13 thoughts on “Survivor 37.8 “You Get What You Give”

  1. sunshine

    Gabby was protected by the strike force six so should have been quiet at last tribal. The fact that she was sobbing in fear made Mike understand that she wasn’t truly a strike force believer which made him think the three Davids were playing him.

    Gabby’s drama is the entire reason for this week’s vote against Christian, Angelina had zero to do with it although she thinks she did. Dan is always covering his behind but he doesn’t know who to trust. This week he trusted the wrong person so the word got out and he lost a Goliath. I agree with you that he is not playing well at all.

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  2. waxfairy

    Aww, I still like Gabby though. Her gameplay is not great, but,…. the hubs had an interesting observation about her – it seems like maybe she’s never been on a team before, never had a sense of acceptance from others in that context, possibly. And she wears her heart on her sleeve, possibly to her own detriment. But she’s emotionally honest, and that moment at tribal, her team seemed to be under attack, six-person alliance notwithstanding. I hope she can get it under control and hang in there.

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  3. sammiofusa

    So disappointed in Mike. Completely over Dan. Loving Alex, Davie (now that I know who he is), and Nick. Still hating Angelina. Sorry to see John go but loved how classy he made his exit and the idol play at tribal. Good episode.

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  4. sammiofusa

    Although I really REALLY dislike Angelina, I loved her point about when she came up with voting out Christian it wasn’t a good idea but as soon as a guy said it, everyone heard it. That is a sad fact that happens every day to women. I have experienced it often. So frustrating.

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    1. waxfairy

      That was a weird moment. On the one hand, I totally got what she was saying and felt her irritation (why mansplain? 🤦🏻‍♀️) on the other, it seemed like a more skillful player would have realized the value in deflecting blame when the opportunity presents itself.

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      1. Sammi O'Leary

        I thought Angelina only said it to the camera not to the group. I personally would have said it to the group. I hate men taking credit for a woman’s idea. Especially when it has anything to do with getting rid of a David. lol. Maybe I misread the comment she made or your thoughts on it. I felt vindicated as a woman who has been through it more than once. I still hate her though. =0)

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