Suvivor 37.10 “Tribal Lines Are Blurred”

Hey, everyone.  Lisa’s on vacation so I’ll be covering Survivor this week and next.

At first, I thought last night’s episode of Survivor was going to be so easy to write about.  Nick found an idol and, at the end of the hour, the whole tribe voted out Alec because they thought he was too big of a challenge threat.  Alec knew he had to win immunity to stay but he didn’t because he ate so much at the reward challenge that he made himself sick and then Christian started telling one of his stories and Alec gave up.  Jeff snuffed Alec’s torch and he walked away.

But, after Alec left, the show didn’t end.  Instead, it kept going.

That’s when I discovered that last night’s episode was going to be two hours!

The second hour was all about the downfall of Carl.  Ever since using his nullifier to blindside Dan, Carl had been feeling pretty proud of himself.  He decided that he was the tribe’s “godfather” and that he was the one who would say who should be voted out next.  It worked when he wanted to target threats like Dan and Alec.  But then Carl decided that his next target would be Alison, it backfired on him.


After Davie won immunity, Carl thought he had a clear shot at Alison.  The problem is that Kara didn’t want to vote out Alison and both Christian and Gabby were tired of Carl acting like he was in charge. Angelina, Davie, and Nick all voted for Alison but Alison, Kara, Christian, and Gabby voted for Carl.  The swing vote came down to Mike and he decided to vote with the second group, so Carl ended up joining Elizabeth, John, Dan, and Alec on the jury.

Next episode, it looks like Gabby may finally be ready to turn against Christian and start playing for herself.  The same Gabby who can’t go a day without crying is planning on blindsiding the only person who has been keeping her in the game?  I wonder how that will work out for her?

We’ll find out next week!



12 thoughts on “Suvivor 37.10 “Tribal Lines Are Blurred”

  1. betty

    Thanks for the great write up Erin. Survivor sure has been full of blindsides this season. All I can say is I am VERY annoyed with Christian jumping ship with Gabby and leaving Davie in the dark, especially after Davie used his immunity idol to save Christian awhile back.

    I wish Carl had kept his mouth shut instead of trying to be the ‘Godfather’. Any true Survivor fan knows you can’t win if you get too bossy!!

    My favorite player is Davie and I want him to win!!!

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    1. tedstrutz

      I don’t think they thought they could trust Davie, and why wasn’t Nick brought in? We don’t see all that goes on and I’m sure there were reasons. I too would like to see Davie win, Betty, his is a cool story.


  2. deb

    I was a little surprised that Christian didn’t let Davie know but I don’t think Davie, Carl and Nick let Christian know what was going to happen last week. Gabby is foolish if she cuts Christian lose. No one else will put up with her breakdowns like Christian does. He was cracking me up last night during immunity when he talked for hours about nothing I could understand. As Vicki said — Christian is talking, let me get my dictionary.

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    1. tedstrutz

      I’m kind of wondering if that wasn’t a but of Survivor editing to make it look like Gabby is turning on Christian. I’ll have to watch again. I thought early in the game that Christian was playing to the camera to create a Survivor character, but he is the real deal. That was an accomplishment by both those guys to last that long in that challenge. Christian took himself out of his body by his talking, fabulous.

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  3. tedstrutz

    Fabulous recap, Dazzling Erin! Succinct and to the point reporting complete with your famous trademark illustrating. I too was surprised that it was a two hour show and loved every minute, despite the fact I didn’t start watching till after 10. One thing I am liking is that everyone voted out leaves with class. Great season and thank you for filling for your sister.


  4. Susan

    The thing I found most shocking were the previews. . .gabby wanting to cut Christian loose. Had to watch that again. I hope that doesn’t happen. Agree with Deb. . .who else would put up with her tears and insecurity.

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  5. bobovnvet

    Thank you for filling in Erin great job my dear! ❤ Can't believe that Gabby would try & cut Christian I really like this guy! Hope she gets her ass out….. 2 hour show & it was a good one.
    Thanks my friends for all your comments!……………….. :mrgreen:


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