Survivor 37.13 “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”

In the end, the right guy won.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Would I have preferred to see Christian or Davie take the million dollars?  I would have.  If they had made it to the final three, I totally would have wanted either one of them to win and I imagine that they probably would have.

But, as so often happens on Survivor, they didn’t make it to the final three precisely because their tribemates realized they were unbeatable.  Nick wouldn’t have made it to the final three if he hadn’t won the final two immunity contests.  Fortunately, Nick did make it and he I don’t think his victory was ever in doubt.

At the final tribal council, the jury was respectful.  I was expecting a bit more bitterness but, instead, the majority of the questions were intelligent and Nick and Mike both offered some compelling arguments about why they felt they deserved the title of sole survivor.  Less impressive was Angelina, who was selected for the final three solely because everyone knew that they could beat her.  Angelina talked about the rice, again.  (I was proud of Davie for calling her out.)  She talked about how she nearly killed herself getting the immunity idol that she would later use in an effort to humiliate Alison. That “hundred foot ladder” was actually an eight foot ladder and she didn’t find the immunity idol as much as Mike and Nick just let her have it.)  Angelina ended up with zero votes.  Mike got three votes, from Alison, Kara, and Christian.  (Alison and Kara had been allied with Mike from the start while I think that Christian …. well, I’m not sure why Christian voted the way that he did.)  The rest of the votes went to Nick.

All in all, it was a good ending.  Considering that the season’s theme was David vs. Goliath it seems appropriate that the last David standing won!

With Survivor coming to an end, that means we’re going to have a month without any reality tv shows to cover.  Celebrity Big Brother starts on January 21st and will run through February 13th and I’ll be covering it over on the Big Brother Blog.  Then, the 38th season of Survivor will start on February 20th, and I’ll be covering it on this site.  Finally, the latest season of the Amazing Race will finally premiere on May 22nd and, again, I’ll be covering it on this site.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting this season!  I was pretty skeptical when the season began but it turned out to be a memorable one and, most importantly, it featured a good winner.

Have a great holiday season and I’ll see all of you next year!

Lisa Marie

The winner of Big Brother 37, Nick!


7 thoughts on “Survivor 37.13 “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”

  1. deb

    I agree — the cast was great this year. It’s been a while since we have had that. I wanted Christian to win but he was voted out. Going into last night, Davie was my first choice and Nick my second choice. It sure didn’t take Angelina long to mention the rice. I loved Jeff calling her out on the 100 foot ladder. Natalie seems a little bitter. I was hoping she would have given Angelina her jacket last night. Oh well.

    Lisa Marie (and Erin) great job as always. Wishing everyone the merriest of christmases and the happiest of new years.

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  2. sammiofusa

    Loved that Nick won since Davie didn’t make it. So glad it wasn’t Mike and very very ecstatic it wasn’t Angelina. Life Of Elliott had it right that she’s a legend in her own mind.

    I had to Google during the show because of her. “A woman of color.”? She’s Latina. I doubt she has had any issues with being Latina since she looks as though she has enjoyed white privilege. I’m a pasty grey/white color but I got offended at her calling herself a woman of color. I was actually a tad bit embarrassed that she was happy to be the last woman standing. I disagree with Jeff Probst that if a guy acted like her we wouldn’t have judge him as harshly. I would have. Especially with the fake idol. She totally was trying to embarrass Alison. I still don’t understand how and why Alison became such a target.

    Can’t wait for celebrity BB and Survivor 38. Also can’t wait to be able to read everyone’s thoughts. Thank you Lisa for bringing us all together with your words.

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    1. waxfairy

      I agree with you about Angelina – if she had been a man, and the same lack of self awareness, we wouldn’t let him off the hook. And the “person of color” comment surprised me, too. Although, her mother looked possibly Hispanic, so, could be.


  3. marcella

    I was also glad that the last David standing won. You’re right, he had to win those last two immunities or he would have been a goner. Christian was my favorite all season, but Nick was my #2. I was disappointed in Christians final vote… and I was bewildered by it as well. I couldn’t help but think that he held a little animosity when it came to Nick due to his betrayal, but Mike stabbed Christian more than once… so maybe that wasn’t it… Maybe he wrote it out on the white board and Mike just was the most logical winner based upon the algorithms. 😂

    Merry Christmas everyone. I’m off to Christmas break today… exams are done and graded… I need a vacation!

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