Survivor 38.1 “It Smells Like Success”

Survivor’s back and so is this blog!

So, last night, we watched the first episode of Survivor 38 and we discovered that this season’s theme is going to be Edge of Extinction.  And while Jeff Probst did his best to make it sound like this was something that’s never been done before, it actually just sound like Redemption Island all over again.  Whenever a survivor is voted out, they get a choice.  They can either leave the game or they can get on a boat, go to a remote beach, and wait for an opportunity to reenter the game.  The only big difference between this and Redemption Island is that, so far, the other survivors don’t know that the people who they’re voting out will be given a chance to return.

The other twist is that we have four returning players, all of whom played strong games but didn’t win their season.  The four returnees are: Kelley Wentworth, David from Millennials vs. Gen X, handsome Joe, and neurotic Aubry.  When the other survivors discovered who would be returning, they mostly seemed to be excited about Joe and why not?  Joe’s just as handsome and athletic as ever.  Personally, I would have been excited about David, just because I really enjoyed watching him go from being meek to being a powerhouse over the course of his previous season.

As for the other survivors, some of them made more of an impression than others.  That’s the way it usually is during the first episode.  There’s so many people to keep straight that inevitably a majority of them seem like they’re just there.  Usually, anyone who makes a huge impression during the first episode ends up alienating their tribe and getting voted out.  That’s certainly what happened tonight.

Here’s a few thoughts on this season’s cast:

The Manu Tribe

Reem — Reem was one of this season’s older contestants.  She made the mistake of trying to maintain cleanliness and order around the camp and, for whatever reason, that always seems to backfire.  Reem also proved herself to have next to no social skills and, when it was time to discuss who to vote out, she came on way too strong.  Again, that’s never a good idea during the first 3 days of the game.

Wardog — The main impression that Wardog made is that his name is Wardog.  He’s an ex-military guy who is now a student at law school and he seems like he’s the type who will get voted out right after the merge.

Rick — I thought Rick was going to be in trouble when he announced that he’s watched every episode of Survivor because people who claim to be superfans often get voted out quickly.  However, RIck survived.  I still don’t see him being a huge threat in the game.

Wendy — Wendy has Tourette Syndrome and she got in some trouble last night for being stubborn and refusing to hop on the anti-Reem bandwagon.  I like Wendy but she needs to mend some fences or she’s going to get voted out next.

Lauren — Lauren played soccer in college and she quickly bonded with Kelley Wentworth.  She seems like she could be  strong player but, if everyone turns against Wentworth, she could be in trouble.

Keith — Keith is this season’s 19 year-old.  He started out as a close ally to Reem but then promptly betrayed her.

Chris — Chris is another superfan.  Other than that, he hasn’t made much of an impression yet.

Kelley Wentworth — Kelley’s returning.  Right now, she seems like she’s in a pretty good position but I get the feeling that the tribe is intimidated by her and that could be a problem if they decide that she’s too big a threat to keep around.

David Wright — David, who was terrified of everything during his previous Survivor stint, is back and he doesn’t seem to be scared of anything this time out.

The Kama Tribe

Because Kama won immunity and didn’t go to tribal, we didn’t get to spend too much time with them.  Here’s what little I was able to gather:

Joe Anglim — Joe’s back!  Joe is still a physical powerhouse and everyone seems to automatically like him but, as always, he runs the risk of being viewed as too much of a threat to win.  It’s the Ozzy syndrome, though Joe’s a bit better at connecting with people than Ozzy was.

Victoria — Victoria and I both have red hair so I hope she does well.

Aubry Bracco — I’ve never been as impressed with Aubry as some people.  Everyone always talks about how she went from crying the first night to winning several immunity challenges but what people don’t talk about is that, both seasons she played, she had next to no social game.  Aubry’s getting her third chance so we’ll see how she does this time.

Julia — Julia still hasn’t made much of an impression, one way or the other.

Ron Clark — This season, only one survivor can say that Matthew Perry played him in a movie and that’s Ron Clark.  Ron is a teacher who has devoted his career to working with economically disadvantaged students.  He also started the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta.  Ron seemed to be having a blast last night.  He found the “advantage menu,” which he can use either as an immunity idol or steal someone else’s vote.  It’s only good for the first three tribal councils.

Eric — Eric didn’t make much of an impression.

Aurora — Aurora is another one who didn’t make much of an impression last night.

Julie — Was Julie the one who chopped the bamboo in half with the machete?  I was really worried when I first saw her holding that machete, to be honest.  But, good for her for not losing a finger.

Gavin — Gavin seems like he might emerge as a power, especially if something happens to Joe.

As for last night’s tribal council, the Manu Tribe lost immunity and went to tribal.  Reem, who alienated everyone by generally being in a bad mood and trying way too hard to convince everyone to vote out Wenworth, was voted out by a vote of 4-3-1-1.  The other three votes went to Wendy, who upset Wardog when she reused to vote for Reem.  (Lauren and Wenworth got one vote each.)

So, Reem cursed everyone on her tribe and left.  However, she came across a sign that told her that she could either leave the game or get on a boat and spend a while on a deserted beach while waiting for a chance to reenter the game.  Reem decided to get on the boat.

So, Manu is down a member and Reem is sitting on a beach and dreaming of revenge.  What will happen next?  We’ll find out in a week!

And I look forward to writing about it!

Lisa Marie


22 thoughts on “Survivor 38.1 “It Smells Like Success”

  1. waxfairy

    Thanks Lisa! It is hard to keep them straight this early, but you have a knack for giving just the right broad streaks that help me remember them. It was nice to see Joe and David; I’m with you on Aubrey, and my husband couldn’t even remember Kelley Wentworth to save his life. Here’s hoping the new group is good!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. tedstrutz

      Hi Everyone! Almost didn’t make it before the next episode. I enjoyed the first one. In our Survivor Pool I got both David and Aburey. Go figure, I didn’t want any returnees and I got two. One of our other pool members got the other two. I do like David and think he is an interesting guy and might do well as long as he keeps his head down and plays real. They will keep Joe around and then get rid of him. That was an interesting vote. It will be interesting to see how the twist plays out. I liked how they filmed Reem going there and her reaction, it was real. I like all the castaways and that’s always nice. Good challenge, close. The Manu tribe seems a bit more fractured that the Kamu tribe, although we didn’t see that much of them, I hope this isn’t one of those times when one team wins every time. Looking forward to tonight, thanks, Lisa. See you guys tomorrow.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Janice Davidow

    It’s going to take time to keep their names straight. I’m really surprised that Reem was targeted. She was a hard worker despite her being the older one there and not enough time to really judge her. I really thought they would go for one of the returning ones. They are definitely the big threats. I hope she gets back in. It’s never fair for the first ones voted out. Looking forward to next week.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Lisa Marie Bowman Post author

      Thank you! I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when the next person is voted out. I’m assuming that they’ll have a comp between Reem and the latest castaway to see who gets to stay on the beach and maybe reenter the game later.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. sunshine

    Thanks for the rundown of the cast, I can’t keep any of them straight this early in the show. Putting wet clothes on sand is a terrible idea, you wind up with sticky itchy clothes. I’d tell her to buzz off too (and vote her out).

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Susan

    Excellent recap, Lisa. Thanks! I still can’t remember who most of them are but your recap helped me with a couple. I do like David. . . I liked him before and am glad to see him get another chance. Always feel sorry for the first one voted out although Reem was probably the logical one just because she came across as angry and confrontational. She put an easy target on her back for the first eviction.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Lisa Marie Bowman Post author

      Thank you, Susan! I liked David during his previous season so I’ll be interested to see if he does as well this time. (The last time he was on, no one really understood what a good player he was until the game was nearly over,)

      Liked by 1 person

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