Survivor 38.3 “Betrayals Are Going To Get Exposed”

Hi y’all.

So, last night’s episode was kind of weird.  Manu continued their immunity losing streak and went to tribal again.  And really, it seemed like Wendy was one of the most obvious targets in Survivor history.  First off, she has a severely injured ankle.  Secondly, she’s been driving everyone at camp crazy with her sudden declaration that she’s a vegetarian and, as a result, no one has the right to eat the chicken that the team won at the reward challenge.  And then, in order to keep the chicken safe, she stole the tribe’s flint.  And while stealing the flint meant that the tribe couldn’t light a fire to cook the chicken, it also meant that the tribe won’t be able to light a fire to stay warm during the night.

I mean, I actually like Wendy.  But I totally would have voted her out for stealing the flint.  That’s just selfish on her part.

Instead, at tribal council, Chris somehow got voted out.  Chris, who is largely harmless, was voted out because he made the mistake of approaching Wardog a few too many times and saying that he wanted to vote out Kelley.  This led to Wardog deciding that Chris was some sort of huge threat who was playing too hard and couldn’t be trusted and so, the target shifted from Kelley to Chris.  Even David and Rick, who were the ones who actually wanted Kelley out in the first place, ended up voting for Chris in order to stay good with Wardog and the rest of the tribe.

And so, the totally harmless Chris was voted out by a vote of 5-2.  (Chris and Wendy voted for Kelley.)  Meanwhile, Kelley — who actually is a huge threat — is still in the game.  And Wendy — who giggled about stealing the flint — is still in the game.

Of course, Chris really isn’t out of the game.  No one’s actually out of the game yet.  As he left tribal council, Chris came across the sign that, last week, so vexed Keith.  Unlike Keith, Chris immediately decided to go to Edge of Extinction beach and wait for his chance to reenter the game.  There, he joined Reem and Keith.  (Despite all of his indecision last week, Keith eventually decided to stay in the game.)

Personally, I think that the whole walking-to-the-sign-and-making-a-decision thing is staged.  I imagine that, after Reem, Keith, and Eric were voted out, someone with production explained the twist and asked them if they wanted to stay in the game or leave.  They then probably filmed them walking down the path and seeing the sign and I imagine that production told the castaways to really play up their reaction.  Last week, Keith really went overboard with his indecision.  Last night, Eric didn’t seem surprised enough.

Meanwhile, over on Kama Beach,, Aubrey finally found an immunity idol so I guess she’s going to be around for a while.  Because they keep winning, we haven’t really gotten a chance to know the Kama Tribe.  Just the fact that Victoria and Ron had a discussion about sending Joe home without realizing that Joe was directly behind him leads me to suspect that the Kama Tribe may not be the smartest.

Next week, it looks like there’s going to be a tribal shuffle.  We’re going from two tribes to three!  Personally, I’m not  huge fan of three tribes but I guess they had to do something before the Manu Tribe dwindled down to nothing.

We’ll see what happens next week,

Lisa Marie



4 thoughts on “Survivor 38.3 “Betrayals Are Going To Get Exposed”

  1. deb

    Thanks for the write-up Lisa Marie.
    Maybe it is just me but so far I have been unimpressed with Survivor this season. I bet next week the tribe will realize the mistake they made by not voting out Wendy once they learn she took the flint and then set the chickens free. I guess I’m hoping that Chris will come back from Extinction and just clean house against his old tribe.

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  2. waxfairy

    Great job, Lisa! Your recap is way more entertaining than the actual show. Although it was hysterical when Victoria was talking about Joe and Aubrey and he was literally right behind her. 🤣🤣 And why is she wearing a heavy winter cap out there anyways? I hope Chris comes back in the game.

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  3. tedstrutz

    I think they are definitely warned that something is ahead on the path and asked to make some kind of comment. Like the Three Bears… Chris was a bit laidback in his response, but I liked what he said, Keith was over the top and Reem was just right, the most honest.
    No one knew Wendy had taken the flint and those sent to check said she had not. So she better sneak it into camp and drop it somewhere for someone to find. But she will probably own up to it, or maybe it won’t happen as they are merging. I like when they do three tribes at a merge. It is unfortunate when one tribe keeps losing and all the focus of the show is on that tribe and there are people we hardly see or get to know.
    I was happy for Aubrey that she found an idol, as now her Survivor journey is complete, except for winning, and she can be voted out. Joe and Kelly can go too, but I do like David and the game he plays and wouldn’t mind seeing him win.
    Note to Chris and everyone else: Don’t cross Wardog.
    I do find Wendy refreshing and she makes for a great interview. Her ankle must not have been as bad as it looked, or the taping up helped greatly. She did not wimp out at the swimming challenge, that was impressive, I think she is a stronger woman that people think. But her whole chicken thing is ridiculous. On one other season someone released the chickens to save them. From the previews looks like she is doing it too. It will be fun to see what happens when she gets caught. She has to, doesn’t she?
    Interesting about the Rice Quest on EoE Island. That is quite a trek in a weakened condition. Having Chris there should help out.
    That was hilarious, Joe being behind Victoria and Ron when they were talking about him. Of course he expects to be targeted, but to hear it like that… how cool was that?

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