Survivor 33.4 “I Need A Dance Partner”

Tonight, we had the most anti-climatic tribal swap in Survivor history.  At the start of the show, the two tribes were divided into three tribes of five.  Everyone randomly picked colors.  Amazingly, the new Kama Tribe was made up of five members of the old Kama Tribe.  The new Lesu Tribe was made up of five members of the old Manu Tribe.  And the new Manu Tribe was made up for four former members of the old Kama Tribe, along with Wendy.

So, our new tribes pretty much look just like our old tribes:






Kelley Wentworth









Julie Rosenberg



Julia Carter

After the tribal swap, it occurred to me that I’m over a lot of the people on the show.  For instance, I’m definitely over Wendy.  I liked her when this season began but no, I’m definitely over her now.  I get that Wendy likes the chickens but stealing the flint was stupid.  Releasing the chickens in the middle of the night was stupid.  Whatever sympathy I had for Wendy pretty much vanished as soon she started jumping up and down.  My fear is that Wendy is going to sneak into the top three, if just because everyone will assume she’s so unlikable that there’s no way she’ll win.

I want to like Ron Clark but he seems to be getting awfully full of himself.  Ordering Victoria to search Joe’s stuff and then gloating about it was just not a good look for him.

Kelly Wentworth is one that I was over before this season even began.  Has there ever been a more overrated Survivor player?

I’m definitely over both Keith and Reem.  Perhaps the only thing worse than being stuck with Wendy on Manu would be being stuck on Edge of Extinction Beach, listening to Reem and Keith whine about how they weren’t treated fairly.

Despite the fact that we now have three tribes, the immunity challenge was more of the same.  The two tribes made up of former Kama members ended up winning immunity.  The members of Lesu ended up going to tribal council for the fourth time in a row!  The only difference is that, for the first time since the game began, Wendy didn’t have to go with them.

As a fan of the Rick/David alliance, I was disappointed by what happened at tribal council.  While Lauren, who is ill and depressed, was the obvious choice, it was Rick who ended up getting voted out by a vote of 3-2.  In the end, Wardog decided to vote the way that Wentworth wanted him to vote.  Wardog always votes the way that Wentworth wants him too.  If Lesu doesn’t win immunity next week, David’s in trouble.

(Rick, to his credit, handled being voted out well.  He certainly showed a lot more class than Reem, Keith, or Chris did.)

Of course, technically, no one’s been voted out.  Everyone’s just headed over to Extinction Beach.  Rick chose to stay in the game.  As soon as he arrived at the beach, Reem announced, “You’re not in good standing here!”

Seriously, Reem — SHUT UP!

Anyway,, we’ll see what happens next week.  With the new Kama tribe apparently unstoppable (largely thanks to Joe), it seems probable that either Wendy or David is going to be in trouble.

Lisa Marie


6 thoughts on “Survivor 33.4 “I Need A Dance Partner”

  1. star227

    Hey Lisa! I always love reading your Survivor summations because they help me keep everyone straight. Right now, your opinions are basically mine as I nodded all the way thru the blog. I hated seeing Rick go too. I liked he and David together. But so far the season has been pretty predictable/ boring! I wonder how long before they are going to do something with the island ?
    Well it’s early days. Hoping for some drama ahead!!

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  2. waxfairy

    Thanks, Lisa! Spot-on recap, as usual. I have to agree with you on all points. Wendy can leave any time now, she’s on my last nerve. I was really sorry to see Rick go. And Reem and Keith are so whiny! I had to remind myself that Keith is only 19 years old, so he gets a bit more latitude on expectations of maturity, but Reem is just a bitter pill. I hope Chris or Rick come back in the game, probably at merge, right? I guess we’ll see.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sushine

    Wendy came on the show to become a “celebrity” and knows you have to hog the camera to be remembered. Sad but true. Everything about her is screaming “attention hog”, she isn’t playing the game nor making any sense. I agree, she can go now.

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  4. Sammi O'Leary

    Lisa! I have never agreed with one of your posts more. I agree with every little detail. All your thoughts were in my head during the show. Holy cow. I was a David/Rick supporter and was extremely disappointed. I screamed at my TV during the whole chicken fiasco. Wendy had my blood pressure soaring. OMG! I didn’t like that guy telling that chick (I don’t know their names because they aren’t my faves.) to dig through Joe’s bag. I doubt Joe would leave an idol sitting in camp like that though. Never liked Kelly. Really wanted the chick who wasn’t eating to go home. Damn it. Thanks Lisa.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. waxfairy

    It looks like we all agree about a lot of things. The one thing about Lauren, though, the one who was sick, is that she is the first one in a looooong time who actually didn’t tell anyone, not even her bff Kelley Wentworth (who I keep accidentally calling Wigglesworth – wishful thinking) that she found an idol. I agree, keeping someone who seems sick and possibly depressed isn’t good gameplay, but the way she’s kept the idol a secret shows she’s not dumb.

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