Survivor 38.5 “It’s Like The Worst Cocktail Party Ever”

What did we learn from last night’s two-hour episode of Survivor?

First off, we learned that the key to winning immunity is having Joe on your tribe.  We’re five episodes into this season of Survivor and Joe has yet to go to tribal council.  Last night, the Kama Tribe won immunity twice and it was pretty much all due to Joe.  While his tribemates are concerned that Joe might be too strong a player and they often talk about blindsiding him, they also know that he’s the only reason they’re not going to tribal.  I mean, there’s a reason why Kama is so strong and it’s not Ron Clark.

Secondly, we discovered that Aubry is still terrible at reading people.  This is third time that Aubry has played Survivor and, in every season, her downfall has been due to her inability to connect with other people.  Everyone seems to like Aubry but, whenever she tries to make a deal or play a social game, her natural awkwardness is her downfall.

This season, Aubry tried to make a big move early.  During the first hour of last night’s episode, the Lesu Tribe lost their first immunity challenge.  Aubry immediately decided that this would be a good time to form a Girl’s Alliance with Victoria and Wendy and take out one of the guys.  Aubry’s plan never made sense to me.  It’s way too early in the game to start betraying your alliance and Wendy was the obvious person to vote out.  My personal theory is that finding that immunity idol kind of went to Aubry’s head.  It also didn’t help that the folks at Edge of Extinction Beach decided to send Aubry an extra advantage.  Thanks to them, Aubry received an extra vote and became even more convinced of her own invulnerability.

Feeling totally confident in her ability to control the game, Aubry tried to convince Wendy and Victoria to join with her.  When Wendy kinda dithered about (as she usually does), Aubry changed her mind and decided to vote out Wendy.  However, by this point, it was too late.  Victoria has wanted Aubry gone since the game began and she, Wendy, Eric, and Gavin teamed up to blindside her.

Aubry went to Edge of Extinction Beach, which she later described as being the most “dysfunctional family” that she’s ever been a part of.  On Edge of Extinction Beach, Reem is still bitter about getting voted out, Keith is still babbling about redemption, Chris is still something of a blank, and Rick and Aubry are simply trying to keep out of the way.  When Chris and Keith both found clues that would help them out in the upcoming challenge to see who would reenter the game, Reem started screaming about how unfairly she’s been treated.  What game does Reem think that she’s playing?  This is Survivor, Reem.  No one owes you anything.

The other big lesson that we learned last week is that Wendy is always cheerful.  She finally got voted out at the end of last night’s episode and she giggled through the entire experience.  From what I’ve seen on twitter, people seem to be divided as to whether Wendy is adorkable or just annoying as Hell.  I tend to fall in the latter camp.

The tribal council was an interesting one, just because both Lesu and Manu lost immunity but there was only one tribal council.  Both tribes went to council at the same time.  With the first vote, both tribes stuck together.  All four members of Manu voted for Lauren while all four members of Lesu voted for Wendy.  When it went to a revote, everyone decided to avoid drawing rocks by voting for Wendy.  And so, Wendy ended up going to Extinction Beach.

In other big news, Kelley found an immunity idol so now, both she and Lauren have one.  Here’s a question:  When Aubry was voted out, did she get to take her immunity idol and her extra vote with her?  If she reenters the game, will she still have those advantages?  And if she doesn’t, will the idol be hidden again?  I’m no sure what the answer is to any of that.  Hopefully, we’ll find out soon.

Next week, it looks like we might have a merge.  Judging from the previews, the secret of Edge of Extinction Beach will finally be revealed to the other castaways.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie


16 thoughts on “Survivor 38.5 “It’s Like The Worst Cocktail Party Ever”

  1. Sammi O'Leary

    So I am confused by this blog entry. I must have missed something because I thought Victoria went to the boys and suggested she “pretend” to start an all girls alliance to keep Aubry from using an idol if she had one. Both boys said that would be a good move. She talked to Aubrey about it and it was Aubrey who brought it up to Wendy. Wendy was uncertain if she wanted to do that which solidified her bond with Victoria. I don’t know anyone’s names except for Wendy, Reem, and the returnees so maybe I read it all wrong. I’m just confused now. I don’t care for Aubrey but I’m not seeing her as controlling or arrogant with her game play. So weird.

    Very happy Wendy left. I hope she doesn’t come back. I can’t wait to see how the merging goes next week. Can they keep everyone? I wonder when the show ends?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lisa Marie Bowman Post author

      As far as Aubry blindside is concerned, I think we’re both right. The boys did talk to Victoria about tricking Aubry. Aubry, at the same time, did get a little bit of a big head. In the end, Aubry still got blindsided because she’s always had trouble reading the intentions of others. I kinda relate to Aubry a little in that regard. Sometimes, you get so lost in your own head that you don’t realize that not everyone is going to have the same plan that you do.

      I don’t know how the merge is going to go. A part of me is wondering if they’re going to go back to having two tribes and then have two people from Edge of Extinction Beach reenter the game, one for each tribe. That’s what they did with Pearl Islands. We’ll see! 🙂

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    2. Lisa Marie Bowman Post author

      Also, I too am still struggling to keep track of everyone’s names. For instance, I keep saying “Julia’ whenever I mean to say “Victoria.” It always seems like we don’t really get to know these people are individuals until after the merge.


  2. deb

    Thanks for the recap Lisa Marie. Great as always.
    I read that Aubry lost both the immunity idol and the advantage when she was voted off.
    Can someone please take Reem, Keith and Wendy far, far, far away. I think Wendy was just there for the adventure. She had no plan to win and had no idea how to even go about winning the game. I hope Devens gets back in the game. Wardog was beyond pathetic in the challenge where he had to throw the bag to spin the disk to lower the flag. I think a five year old could have done just as good as Wardog did. I like David but for someone who practices puzzles, he still sucks at them. I feel bad for Joe but at least he knows he is on the island alone and can only count on himself.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. waxfairy

        I loved it when he said something about how he and Kelley, I think it was, are the only ones pulling their weight in the challenges. Riiight. He couldn’t hit the side of a barn with a basketball.

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  3. Paula

    Does anyone notice how they all want Joe out but they aren’t even considering letting him sit out from s challenge. We’ll see what happens with the merge

    Liked by 2 people

  4. tedstrutz

    It will be fun to see how they work out the EofE folks. Will it be a battle royal thing with last woman or man standing? Will they let more than one back? I’d laugh like hell if it was a fire making contest.

    Liked by 1 person

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