Survivor 38. 7 “I’m The Puppet Master”

Well, so much for “Kama Strong.”

For all the talk about how important it is to have “the numbers” when it comes to playing Survivor, it’s also true that big alliances always seem to fall apart right after the merge.  The Kama Tribe came into the merge with a huge advantage as far as the numbers were concerned.  Not only were there enough of them that they could have easily picked off the five remains members of the Manu Tribe, one-by-one, but it looked they also had an advantage in that the remaining Manu Tribemembers were split into two separate alliances.

So, what happened?

Well, the first tribal council after the merge, Ron Clark decided that it would be a great idea to vote out one of their own.  And so, Joe was blindsided.

Then, last night, Kama continued to turn on itself.  Ron and Eric decided to split their votes between Kelley Wentworth and Lauren, with Kelley being the ultimate target.  They managed to get Julie and RIck to vote their way.  However, the rest of the Kama Tribe, along with David, Kelley, Wardog, and Lauren, decided vote out Eric instead.  And so, yet another members of the old Kama Tribe was sent to Edge of Extinction Beach.  Eric will now join Reem, Aubry, Chris, and Joe in waiting for a chance to return to the game.

How did this happen?  Basically, both Ron and Eric — but especially Ron — overplayed their hand.  From the minute that Ron announced that he was “the puppet master,” I knew that the Survivor Gods were setting him up for a big fall.  The rest of Kama — with a little help from Wardog — figured out that Ron and Eric were looking to set up a secret alliance with David and Rick so that they could use the two of them to eventually blindside the other members of the Kama Six.  Ron got cocky and gave too many orders and, in the end, Eric is the one who suffered for it.

Why was Eric voted out and not Ron?  I imagine that Eric was viewed as being more a threat in challenges but, at the same time, Eric also has a better chance of winning the chance to reenter the game.  Personally, I would have voted out Ron.  He’s the smarter of the two and he probably wouldn’t be able to win any Edge of Extinction challenges.

Meanwhile, on Edge of Extinction Beach, everyone’s still in a crappy mood.  Aubry, however, did find a secret advantage and, as a result, she can now practice for the upcoming challenge.  She also received the opportunity to give someone in the game an extra vote.  She sent it to Aurora.

Speaking of Aurora, she won the immunity challenge but she managed to upset a lot of people by how she did it.  Basically, it was an endurance challenge, one of those things where the castaways had to stand on their tip toes and balance something on their head.  The final three people in the challenge were Victoria, Aurora, and Lauren.  Lauren ended up fainting and while the Survivor medical team was checking her out, Aurora decided to try to make a deal with Victoria.

A lot of the people on the tribe — especially Julie — acted like they were scandalized by Aurora’s actions.  Personally, I think that Aurora was playing the game and she shouldn’t be judged too harshly for that.  That said, asking someone to voluntarily give you immunity is not a good look.  Aurora’s argument was that, since she was left out of the loop on the last vote, Victoria owed her immunity.  To be honest, it was a moment and a strategy that seemed more appropriate for Big Brother than for Survivor.  Victoria ignored Aurora but she still ended up slipping so Aurora won immunity anyway.

The other big development from last night is that the David/Rick bromance is apparently over.  David wanted to stay loyal to the old Manu Tribe.  Rick wanted to accept Ron’s offer to join the Kama Tribe.  Unfortunately, David and Rick have two halves of an immunity idol.  For the idol to work, both halves must be joined together.  When Rick asked for David to give him back his half, David said that he’d rather hold onto it.

So, as of now, here’s how the advantages break down:

Rick — Half an immunity idol

David — Half an immunity idol

Kelley — Immunity idol

Lauren — immunity idol

Aurora — An extra vote

Aubry — An opportunity to practice ahead of time for the Edge of Extinction Challenge

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie



6 thoughts on “Survivor 38. 7 “I’m The Puppet Master”

  1. Susan w

    I’ve never been so out of Survivor. I watch every week and here we are at the merge and I still don’t know who’s who by name for most of them. It’s weird.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rosie

    I can’t wait for Ron to get voted out. He is way too cocky. Puppet master bahahahaha., more like bossy. and we know how far that goes.


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