Survivor 38.8 “Y’all making me crazy”


So, where to begin?

Was last night the greatest tribal council ever?  It’s hard to say, just because there’s been so many tribal councils.  I mean, we’re on our 38th season of Survivor so it’s difficult to definitively say that anything is the best.  I will say that last night’s tribal council was unique in that it was one of the rare times when people actually changed their minds because of what happened at tribal.  The majority of the players went in there planning to vote for either David or Kelley.  Instead, thanks to Rick Devens and (believe it or not) Wardog, everyone changed their mind at the last minute, new alliances were formed, and Julie was voted out.

What happened?

While there were several factors involved in last night’s Tribal chaos, it all basically comes down to Julia and Aurora getting a bit too arrogant and Julie not being mentally prepared for what this game demands.

First off, Julia and Aurora both allowed their successful blindsiding of Eric go to their head.  Julia, thinking that she was now in charge of Kama, basically tried to run things like a dictatorship.  Her insistence that Kelley should be blindsided instead of David ended up alienating Gavin.  Even worse, for her, is that Julia didn’t do anything to soothe the worries of Ron and Julie.  Both Ron and Julie had been left out of the Eric blindside and, as a result, they felt very insecure about their place in the tribe.  Instead of making Ron and Julie feel safe, Julia basically just barked orders at them.

At tribal, both Julia and Aurora made the mistake of talking too much.  The key to Tribal Council, especially before the vote, is to say just enough without actually revealing your plans.  You have to keep things vague.  Instead, Julia essentially revealed that she and Kelley had some sort of plan.  (Kelley though the plan was to blindside David, while Julia was apparently planning on blindsiding Kelley.)  Aurora then went on this long tangent about how you can’t let everyone in on a blindside, which essentially revealed that there was a pan to blindside someone.  (“You’re spilling the beans,” Julia whispered to Aurora.  “No, I’m not,” Aurora whispered back.)

Julie started crying, saying that she hated blindsiding people.  Rick Devens ,seeing an opportunity, mentioned that, if Ron and Julie joined with the five former members of Lesu, they would have a big enough alliance to control the vote.  Wardog immediately pounced on the opportunity, telling Ron that he would be willing to vote out whoever they wanted to vote out.  Knowing that they were on the bottom of their tribe, Ron and Julie said they were open to voting out either Aurora or Julia.  Victoria, realizing that she might now be out of the majority, immediately went over to Wardog, Ron, and Julie and said that she wanted to be a part of their new alliance.

Hearing her name, Julia jumped up and started trying to get in on the conversation.  At this point, Tribal Council descended into chaos and it was glorious to watch.

“Let’s vote!” Wardog said.

“Shut up, Wardog!” Julie snapped.

While all of this was going on, both Kelley and Victoria said that the original plan was to vote out David.  “I’m right here,” David replied, with a grin.

Finally, once everyone was sitting down again, Jeff asked if they were ready to vote and they were.  Showing that they were once again happy to be working with each other, Rick used his immunity idol on David but it turned out to not be necessary.  Aurora voted for David.  Julia voted for Kelley.  Everyone else voted for Julia.

Julia, for her part, decided to go to Edge of Extinction Beach.

All in all, this was a great episode of Survivor.  Though the tribal council dominated the final 30 minutes of the episode, there was a lot of little moments that I enjoyed even before tribal.  For instance, there was that hilariously awkward dinner scene.  If you’ve ever wondered how people act at camp when they’re not scheming and plotting, now you know.  They sit around and try not to look at each other.

One last note: The Amazing Race starts next week, on the 17th!  And yes, we will be covering it here on the site!  I can hardly wait!

‘Til next time,

Lisa Marie


4 thoughts on “Survivor 38.8 “Y’all making me crazy”

  1. deb

    Thanks Lisa Marie. Last night’s tribal was beyond crazy! I loved it so much, I plan to watch it again. The was the most awkward dinner every — no one make eye contact, no one say anything, just keep scraping the pot for the last bit of crispy rice. I say last night it is weird seeing the jury come in all gross when we are used to seeing them all come in clean, showered and looking good.


  2. Susan w

    I LOVED all of the facial expressions and crazy body moves from the players on the actual edge of extinction as they watched tribal council play out.


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